Chair Size Chart: Find Your Perfect Fit!

Why is chair size important? The user’s specific dimensions must determine chair sizes. The chair setup must be right; otherwise, it might cause more harm than good. How the chair is set up affects placement, increasing the risk of secondary issues such as postural decline and pressure damage (skip straight to the Chair Size Chart).

Seats should, in general, enable your body to move freely and comfortably. The seat height should not be so high that your legs dangle. It would put a strain on the sensitive tissues underneath your thighs. This pressure prevents blood from returning from the lower limbs, causing tingling and numbness in the thighs owing to strain on blood vessels and nerves.

Chair Size Chart perfect fit
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The seat depth should give room at the back of your knees to avoid strain on the network of blood vessels and nerves. The angle and back of the seat should accommodate the natural curvature of your spine (in particular, your lower back).

The ischial tuberosities (the bony regions of your buttocks) and the top half of your thighs should carry most of the weight.

Furthermore, a chair should allow you to adjust your position at regular intervals, ensuring that you may use multiple groups of muscles for support and that no one set of muscles becomes exhausted. The effects of improper sitting include discomfort, weariness, and inefficiency in your work.

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Chair Size Chart Full-Summary

Chair Size Chart

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Here is our chair size chart and height and breadth measurements for the dining room, home bar, and kitchen.

Chair TypeSeat Width (inches)Seat Depth (inches)Seat Height (inches)Additional Seat Height (inches)
Dining, Side19191836
Dining, Arm24181836
Kitchen Stool12122742

Chair Size Chart In cm

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Chair TypeSeat Width (cm)Seat Depth (cm)Seat Height (cm)Additional Seat Height (cm)
Dining, Side48.2648.2645.7291.44
Dining, Arm60.9645.7245.7291.44
Kitchen Stool30.4830.4868.58106.68

How To Choose The Right Chair Size

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Chairs are essential items of furniture in our houses. We use them when eating supper, drinking with friends, watching TV, reading, etc.

To understand how to choose a chair, it is fair to note that chair dimensions can vary significantly from design to design, especially given the wide range of stylistic alternatives available. For example, a bar stool’s seat height might differ substantially from a conventional kitchen chair.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when shopping for a new chair is the chair size. You don’t want your knees rubbing against the underside of the countertop or table, and you don’t want to be so low to the ground that your knees collapse into your chest.

Too-low seating concentrates pressure on your pelvis rather than dispersing it equally throughout your thighs. Furthermore, the ease with which you can get in and out of a chair is determined by its size.

Check out our chair size chart to help you identify the correct chair size based on your purchasing chair or stool. Overall height includes the back of the chair or stool, which is more about the aesthetic you desire than correct ergonomics or utility with countertops or tables.

Check out this video to learn more about getting the right chair measurements

Dining table and chair measurement guide | Standard Size and Shape for 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 Seater by Civil Engineering Forum

How To Measure Chair Size

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There are a few essential factors to consider while sizing a chair. It covers the size of your area, your table, and your guests’ comfort. A chair ideal for one table may not be suitable for another. It is why it’s critical to pick a chair that works for you and your environment. That being stated, below are the essential chair measurements:

  • Height. It is measured from the very top of the chair to the floor. This measurement will vary significantly from chair to chair, so double-check. A higher chair creates a more formal, contained appearance, whereas seats with lower backs open up your dining room.
  • Seat Width. It is the width of the seat from side to side. It determines how big the chair is and how many chairs may fit around your table.
  • Sitting Height. This is the chair’s height from the floor to the bottom of the seat. Determining how well your chairs will fit beneath your chosen table is critical.
  • Depth. Seat depth is measured from the front to the rear of the seat or as far back as you can sit.
  • Back Height. It is not the whole seat height but rather the backrest height. The design and support of the chair will vary substantially based on the size of the seat back.
  • Footprint. It is the amount of floor area or footprint the seat takes up. It, like seat width, can help determine how many chairs will fit around your table.

How To Find Your Chair Size

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Look for chairs that have a variety of characteristics. They must be comfortable to sit on, robust enough to withstand the weight and antics of both elderly and young people for years, and attractive enough to suit the other family room furniture while effectively highlighting the space’s style and interior décor.

These are the procedures to take while looking for your chair size:

Step 1. Measurements

  • Width: Measure the whole width of the chair’s seat.
  • Depth: Determine the seat depth of the chair.
  • Back Width: Measure the overall width of the chair’s back support.
  • Back Height: Determine the height of the back support on the chair.

Step 2. Thickness

Choose the thickness of your cushion. Depending on the cushion, chair cushions range in thickness from 2 to 8 inches (in 1-inch increments). If you don’t remove the thickness of the seat cushion from the height of the back dimension of your bench, the back cushion will be taller than the chair back when it’s in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are chairs sized mostly the same across the world?

Most chair seats are around the same height (18 inches), but the size of the chair’s back varies widely, and this is the feature that truly defines the style of the space. Three main chair heights are designed to match a particular eating environment.

2. What is the standard size of a chair?

The standard chair height is between 32 and 34 inches, with a seat height 18 inches above the floor. A chair’s average width ranges from 16 to 20 inches.

3. How do you size a chair?

For the most accurate results, use a hard (carpenter’s) tape measure rather than a flexible (tailor’s) measuring tape when measuring your chair.

  • Take the whole breadth of the seat of the chair.
  • Take the seat depth of the chair.
  • Take the complete width of the back support of the chair.
  • You should measure the height of the chair’s back support.

4. What size chair do I need for my height?

Below is the ideal chair height chart for you to look at:

Person’s Height (feet)Ideal Chair Height (inches)Person’s Height (cm)Ideal Chair Height (cm)

5. What is the standard size of a dining chair?

The average seat height is 16-22 inches. The average seat width in the back is 15.5 inches and 18 inches in the front. Meanwhile, the average seat depth is 16-18 inches.

6. What seat depth do I need?

Seat depth varies—usually, it’s between 21 and 24 inches (although some pieces go even deeper than that). Your appropriate seat depth is determined by your height and how you want to use your furniture.

7. What size chair do I need for a 30-inch desk?

Most desks are 30 inches tall by default. It indicates that your seat height should be between 17 and 19 inches.

8. How do you read a chair size?

You can use seat depth (measured from the front of the seat to the rear cushion) and seat height to read chair size (measurement from the floor to the top of the seat).


Choosing a chair that fits your body and surroundings is critical, and seat height is only one factor to consider while looking for the appropriate chair. You should also consider seat size and depth, back height, arm height, chair height, and tilt tension. Check out our chair size chart to determine the perfect chair size for you!

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