Table Size Chart and Dimensions Guide by Space and People

Tables are common household items that serve different purposes, including dining, enhancing the look of your house, and storage. While there is a fair market for classy accents and dining tables, it is essential to buy one that does not need additional space (skip straight to the Table Size Chart).

Table Size Chart and Dimensions Guide by Space and People
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Why is the right table size important? The right-size table fits perfectly in your dining or living room space. Hence, you don’t have to move other eligible household items to create space for it. Its height requirements also suit your entire family, including your children under age. As a result, you can be sure everyone in the house will have a good time dining or sipping some coffee!

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Table Size Chart

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table size chart
table size chart Image Source: Chair Source

Dining Table Size Chart

Rectangular Dining Room Table Size Chart

Seating CapacityWithout Shared Area
Minimum Size
Recommended Size
2 people2 ft x 2 ft 6 in 61 x 76 cm2 ft x 3 ft 61 x 91 cmN/A N/A
4 people4 ft x 2 ft 6 in 122 x 76 cm4 ft x 3 ft 122 x 91 cm5 ft x 4 ft 6 in 152 x 137 cm
6 people6 ft x 2 ft 6 in 183 x 76 cm6 ft 6 in x 3 ft 198 x 91 cm8 ft x 4 ft 6 in 244 x 137 cm
8 people8 ft x 2 ft 6 in 244 x 76 cm8 ft 6 in x 3 ft 259 x 91 cm10 ft 6 in x 4 ft 6 in 320 x 137 cm
10 people10 ft x 2 ft 6 in 305 x 76 cm10 ft 6 in x 3 ft 320 x 91 cm11 ft 6 in x 4 ft 6 in 350 x 137 cm
12 people12 ft x 2 ft  in 366 x 76 cm10 ft 6 in x 4 ft 320 x 122 cm11 ft 6 in x 5 ft 350 x 152 cm

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Round Table Size Chart

You can also apply these dimensions for hexagons or octagons by measuring flat to flat sides via the table’s center.

Seating CapacityMinimum SizeRecommended Size
22 ft 6 in 76 cm3 ft 92cm
43 ft 92 cm5 ft 152 cm
64 ft 6 in 137 cm6 ft 183 cm
85 ft  152 cm7 ft 213 cm
107 ft  183 cm8 ft  244 cm
128 ft 244 cm9 ft  274 cm

Square Table Size Chart

Seating CapacityMinimum SizeRecommended Size
2 peopleN/A2 ft 6 in 76 cm
4 people3 ft 92 cm3 ft 6 in 107 cm
8 people6 ft 183 cm7 ft 214 cm

Coffee Table Book Size Chart

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Coffee TableWidthDepthHeightWeight
Amazon Lift Top Table18 in 45.7 cm40 in 101.6 cm19 in 48.26 cm39 lbs 17.7 kgs
Henn&Hart Contemporary Round Coffee Table36 in 91.4 cm36 in 91.4 cm15 in 38.1 cm31.1 lbs 14.1 kgs
StyleCraft Badang Carving28 in 71.1 cm40 in 101.6 cm17 in 43.2 cm30 lbs 13.6 kgs
Christopher Knight Home 308945 Rache Modern26 in 66.0 cm26 in 66.0 cm17 in 43.2 cm15.21 lbs 6.9 kgs
Carrie Modern Aluminum Mesh27.5 in 69.9 cm27.5 in 69.9 cm12.5 in 31.8 cm16.16 lbs 7.3 kgs
GreenForest Coffee Table Round35.83 in 91.0 cm35.83 in 129.5 cm18.11 in 45.9 cm34 lbs 15.4 kgs
Mango Wood Rectangular Coffee Table36 in 91.4 cm54 in 137.2 cm18 in 45.7 cm108.9 lbs 49.4 kgs
Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table20.50 in 52.1 cm31.50 in 80.0 cm16.54 in 42.0 cm23.9 lbs 10.8 kgs
SAYGOER Marble Coffee Table27.6 in 70.0 cm27.6 in 70.0 cm15.7 in 39.9 cm19.36 lbs 8.8 kgs
WELLAND Rustic Round Old Elm Wooden Coffee Table27 in 68.6 cm27 in 68.6 cm16 in 40.6 cm30.7 lbs 13.9 kgs
Ameriwood Home Carver Coffee Table35.4 in 89.9 cm35 in 88.9 cm17 in 43.2 cm64.2 lbs 29.1 kgs
AZL1 Life Concept Modern Coffee Table22 in 55.9 cm44 in 111.8 cm17 in 43.2 cm37 lbs 16.9 kgs
ASYA 2-Tier Round Coffee Table36 in 91.4 cm36 in 91.4 cm17.7 in 44.9 cm36.37 lbs 16.5 kgs
SIMPLIHOME Warm Shaker SOLID WOOD24 in 60.9 cm48 in 121.9 cm18 in 45.7 cm48 lbs 21.8 kgs
Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Hairpin Coffee Table29 in 73.7 cm32 in 81.28 cm18 in 45.7 cm75 lbs 34.0 kgs
SIMPLIHOME Harding SOLID MANGO WOOD32 in 81.3 cm32 in 81.3 cm18 in 45.7 cm44.1 lbs 20.0 kgs
Madison Park Parker Coffee Tables24 in 60.9 cm48 in 121.9 cm17 in 43.2 cm49.5 lbs 22.5 kgs
Convenience Concepts Oxford21.75 in 55.2 cm39.25 in 99.7 cm18 in 45.7 cm34 lbs 15.4 kgs
Kate and Laurel Celia Round Metal Coffee Table28 in 71.1 cm28 in 71.1 cm19 in 48.3 cm16.87 lbs 7.7 kgs
Coventry 36″ W Wood Coffee Table36 in 91.4 cm22 in 55.9 cm18 in 45.7 cm45 lbs 20.4 kgs
Wynora Contemporary Round Coffee Table32 in 81.3 cm33 in 83.8 cm16 in 40.6 cm41 lbs 18.6 kgs
Rustic Distressed Metal Accent Cocktail Table26 in 66.0 cm26 in 66.0 cm19.75 in 50.2 cm19.86 lbs 9.0 kgs
Hillsdale Marsala Metal Coffee Table36 in 91.4 cm36 in 91.4 cm18 in 45.7 cm50 lbs 22.7 kgs
Walker Edison Mid Century Modern Round Coffee Table30 in 76.2 cm30 in 76.2 cm17 in 43.2 cm75 lbs 34.0 kgs
ZYWH Coffee Table21.6 in 54.9 cm21.6 in 54.9 cm20 in 50.8 cm135 lbs 61.2 kgs
ASYA 2-Tier Round Coffee Table31.9 in 81.0 cm31.9 in 81.0 cm18.2 in 46.2 cm25.2 lbs 11.4 kgs
YECHEN Coffee Table31.6 in 80.3 cm31.6 in 80.3 cm18 in 45.7 cm120 lbs 54.4 kgs
Furinno Simple Design Coffee Table35.5 in 90.2 cm21.6 in 54.9 cm15.7 in 39.9 cm18 lbs 8.2 kgs

How To Choose the Right Table Size

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Apart from double-checking whether the coffee table or dining table measurements match your real property space, you need to consider the acquisition price before buying it. Some tables can be artistic and light but expensive, which can be strenuous financially. You can always compare the average prices online to find a suitable one!

You also need to evaluate the quality of the table before parting with your cash. Remember, similar to other types of property; you don’t purchase tables often; hence you need one that will offer great service in the long run.

Do you need some storage space for your beverage near the living room? Some coffee tables offer enough storage space for different items, including small gadgets and drinks. So, if you prefer a table with storage space, check out the Amazon Basic Lift Top Coffee Table or the SIMPLIHOME Warm Shaker SOLID WOOD.

The market offers unique shapes and materials, depending on your taste. While some are expensive, you can find used tables in good physical condition that will serve you for a long period. If you’re replacing your old table, comparing the round dining table rug size chart with the available tables online is essential.

Other relevant factors you should evaluate before purchasing a table are the color and whether it blends with your exterior wall (for outdoor tables). You also need to confirm forms of payment such as advance payments and online payment, to avoid fraud for online purchases.

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How to choose the right table size? by crownlivin

Frequently Asked Questions

How to decide which table to get?

To get the right table for your family, compare the table size chart measurements with your dining or living room space. This will eliminate the need to move other items to create additional space.

Are there different heights of tables?

Yes, there are different heights of tables you can choose from depending on your needs. For instance, the Amazon Lift-Top Coffee Table has a height of 19 inches, while the Henn&Hart Contemporary Round Table measures 15 inches.

When should you buy a round table or a square one?

Round tables take less space than squared tables. Hence they are suitable for a minimal house. However, squared tables are flexible and can be moved next to the wall, unlike round ones.

So, if you have a small space in the corner of your house, you should buy a round table. In contrast, a square table is a great buy if you need a table that will touch the wall.

What’s the difference between a dining table and a banquette one?

A banquette table is an upholstered bench that provides an extra table adjacent to the seating area in the banquette. In contrast, a dining table is a household item where meals are served.


Finding the right coffee or dining table size for your space is quite relieving. It fits perfectly, adds more glamor to your space, and offers long-lasting service to you and your loved ones. So, whether you need a shiny or rusty table, you can use the above dining table size guide cm and inches to make a great purchase.

Suppose you get stuck using the dining table size seating chart or the round coffee table size chart diameter; you can request professional help in the comments below. Our experts will help you get the ideal table for your space!

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