Helly Hansen Workwear Size Charts

It’s becoming difficult to find high-quality performance skiing, sailing apparel, or workwear. Most professionals are complaining about how much discomfort they experience from their outfits. However, Helly Hansen workwear has consistently maintained high-quality design and quality for decades now.

Currently, more than 60 thousand professionals trust the brand and patronize it as their staple sporting outfit and workwear.

How do you decide the Helly Hansen size that fits you?

No matter the quality or durability of your sporting wear, it would do you no good if it doesn’t provide the flexibility you need for maneuver or movement during performance or work. Wearing a tight or oversized outfit could spell calamity for you and your team in the field, track, pitch, workplace, or resort.

Below is a collection of Helly Hansen workwear size guides, product details, and charts to help you understand the available sizes on the market and how to pick the size that’s perfect for you.

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H.H. Men’s Garment Size Chart

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2XS33.1 in 84 cm28.3 in 72 cm
XS34.5 in 88 cm30 in 76 cm
S36 in 91 cm31 in 79 cm
M37.5 – 39 in 95 – 99 cm33-34 in 84-86 cm
L41 – 42.5 in 104 – 108 cm36-38 in 91-97 cm
XL44 – 45.5 in 112 – 115 cm39-41 in 99-104 cm

H. H. Men’s Garment Plus Size Chart

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XL44 – 45.5 in 112 – 115 cm39-41 in 99-104 cm
2XL47-48.5 in 119-123 cm42-44 in 107-112 cm
3XL50-51.5 in 127-131 cm45-47 in 114-119 cm
4XL53-54.5 in 135-138 cm48-50 122-127
5XL57.5 in 142-146 cm51-53 in 130-135 cm
6XL58-60 in 147-152 cm54-56 in 137-142 cm

H. H. Men’s Pants Size Chart 

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2XS35.4 in 90 cm29.9 in 76 cm
XS37 in 94 cm30.5 in 77 cm
S38.5 in 98 cm31.5 in 80 cm
M40-41.5 in 102-105 cm32 in 81 cm
L43-45 in 109-114 cm33 in 84 cm
XL46-48 in 117-122 cm34 in 86 cm

H. H. Men’s Pants Plus Size Chart 

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XL46-48 in 117-122 cm34 in 86 cm
2XL49.5-51 in 126-129 cm35 in 89 cm
3XL52.5-54 in 133-137 cm35 in 89 cm
4XL55.5-57 in 141-145 cm35 in 89 cm
5XL58.5-60 in 149-152 cm35 in 89 cm
6XL61.5-63 in 156-160 cm35 in 89 cm

H. H. Men Jacket Size Chart

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H. H. Men Footwear Size Chart

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USEUUKFoot Length
7406.59.6 in
7.540.579.75 in
8417.59.94 in
8.542810.1 in
942.58.510.25 in
9.543910.4 in
10449.510.6 in
10.544.51010.75 in
114510.510.9 in
11.5461111.1 in
1246.511.511.25 in
134812.511.6 in

H. H. EU regular Men Garment Size Chart

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SizeChestWaistHipInseamBody Length

H. H. Workwear Size Women Garment

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XS31.5 in 80 cm25.5 in 65 cm
S33 in 84 cm26.5 in 68 cm
M36.5 in 92 cm30 in 76 cm
L39.5 in 100 cm33 in 84 cm
XL42.5 in 108 cm36.5 in 93 cm

H. H. Workwear Plus Size Women Garment

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XL42.5 in 108 cm36.5 in 93 cm
2XL45.5 in 116 cm40.5 in 103 cm
3XL48.5 in 121.92 cm44 in 111.76 cm

H. H. Workwear Size Women’s Pants

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XS31.5 in 80 cm25.5 in 65 cm34.5 in 88 cm29.5 in 74 cm
S33 in 84 cm26.5 in 68 cm36.5 in 92 cm30 in 76 cm
M36.5 in 92 cm30 in 76 cm39.5 in 100 cm31.5 in 80 cm
L39.5 in 100 cm33 in 84 cm42.5 in 108 cm32.5 in 82 cm
XL42.5 in 108 cm36.5 in 93 cm45.5 in 116 cm 32.5 in 83 cm

H. H. Workwear Size Women’s Pants Plus

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XL45.5 in 116 cm32.5 in 83 cm
2XL48.5 in 124 cm33 in 84 cm
3XL51.5 in 131 cm34 in 86 cm

H. H. Workwear Size Women’s Jacket

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H. H. Workwear Size Women Footwear

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53538.5 in
5.5363.58.75 in
63748.88 in
6.537.54.59.1 in
73859.25 in
7.538.75.59.4 in
839.369.5 in
8.5406.59.7 in
940.579.9 in
9.5417.510 in
1042810.2 in

H. H. EU Regular Size Women’s Garment

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C3431.5 in 80 cm25.5 in 65 cm34.5 in 88 cm29.5 in 74 cm
C3633 in 84 cm26.5 in 68 cm36.5 in 92 cm30 in 76 cm
C3834.5 in 88 cm28.5 in 72 cm37.5 in 96 cm30.5 in 78 cm
C4036.5 in 92 cm30 in 76 cm39.5 in 100 cm31.5 in 80 cm
C4237.5 in 96 cm31.5 in 80 cm41 in 104 cm31.5 in 81 cm
C4439.5 in 100 cm33 in 84 cm42.5 in 108 cm32.5 in 82 cm
C4641 in 104 cm34.5 in 84 cm44 in 108 cm32.5 in 83 cm
C4842.5 in 108 cm36.5 in 93 cm45.5 in 116 cm32.5 in 83 cm
C5044 in 112 cm38.5 in 98 cm47.5 in 120 cm33 in 84 cm
C5245.5 in 116 cm40.5 in 103 cm48.5 in 124 cm33 in 84 cm

Check out this video to learn more about Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen Workwear Review by Carl Murawski

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is Helly Hansen medium?

Helly Hansen medium is in the 30 inches 76.2 cm waist range for most of their females wears and 33 inches (83 cm) to 35 inches (88.9 cm) for men.

What size is C50 Helly Hansen?

Helly Hansen C50 measurement is the Europe regular sizes in the ranges of 34 inches waist for men and 36 inches for Helly Hansen women. This size notation usually comes with the product description. Generally, it falls into medium (m) to large (L) sizes.

What waist size is an Xs?

Helly Hansen extra small (Xs) sizes vary slightly for various Helley Hansen apparel. For the Jacket, the Xs waist measurement is 27 inches (68.6 cm) for Helly Hansen women and 31.5 inches (79.3 cm) for men.

While the Xs measurement for men’s garments is 30 inches (76.2) waist and 25.5 inches (64.77cm) for females. The size charts above provide details of the sizes and measurements.

Is Helly Hansen sizes big?

No. Helly Hansen sizes are true to size. They produce workwear that cut across all ranges of sizes. Their clothing follows recommended standards for the sake of safety and durability.

However, if you discovered that you have purchased a bigger size than your expected item model, Helley Hansen gives prompt audience to customer questions and complaints. you’ll get a swift solution.

What size is a Helly Hansen 34 waist?

Helly Hansen men’s or women’s 34 waist size falls in medium to large sizes. You can also find a 34 waist XL if you are buying women’s garments. And Hansen men’s of Medium (M). Check the size charts in this article for more details. 

Is a Helly Hansen 34 waist big?

Helly Hansen 34 waist sizes vary based on the apparel you are buying. For the women’s jacket, a 34 waist would fall in the L to XL range. When buying  Helly Hansen women’s garments, 34 waists would be an L.

For Men’s Jackets, 34 waists would be an M or L, and for men’s garments, 34 waists would be an M. The sizes depend on the apparel. However, 34 waist is generally big or in some cases medium, especially for men.

What size Helly Hansen work pants should I get?

The size depends on your waist measurement and the inseam you want. You may find it hard to determine the ideal size if you don’t know your waist or hips measurements and the inseam. Take a tape measure and wrap it around your waist, keeping the tape horizontal to the floor, maintaining a relaxed position.

Once you have the measurement, write it down. Do the same for your hips. Finally, take your inseam measurement, which is the distance from your waist to your ankle. Once you have your body measurement, check the size charts in the article to see what sizes are best for you.

However, if you can’t find your sizes in regular measurements, check the plus sizes for your body measurements.


Buying the appropriate workwear requires you to put two factors into consideration. The first is the quality of the workwear and the second is the size.

Helly Hansen workwear is generally known for its quality and the size guide in this article is there to help you pick the best fit for you.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, and remember to share the article.

Picture in this post is by Polina Kuzovkova on Unsplash

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