Cocoon Coat Size Chart, Patterns, And Fitting

A cocoon coat chart is used to help shoppers find the correct cocoon coat size by matching their body measurements with the sizes on the chart.

Some of the important body measurements that are used to determine the sizes of the finished garment include bust measurement, shoulder to shoulder measurements, waist measurement, and hip measurement among others.  

Tape measure inch measurements are common, but luckily you can see from the chart above it’s very easy to convert them to centimeters if this is your measurement system. 

What Is a Cocoon Coat?

A cocoon coat is a trendy, easy-to-wear coat that is perfect for keeping you cozy throughout the cold period. It features a shaped collar stand; a drop shoulder sleeve and a full lining. This is a great coat and no wonder they say that everyone knows the transition between the cute caterpillar you were in the fall and the blossoming butterfly you will become in the spring is…?  That’s right- a cozy cocoon!

The style is timeless because it looks stunning over a t-shirt, leggings, and jeans as well as very charming over evening coats. This coat continues to be a timeless style that can flatter everyone as long as one’s actual size dimensions are observed. 

Cocoon coat sizes and styles

Cocoon coats come in different sizes including adult size, baby size, and average size among others. Optional welt pockets can be added for people who are into this kind of personal preference. There are no fastenings but the coat wraps close at the front. The gently oversized look which has positive ease brings such a cool feeling.

Cocoon coats are similar to wrap coats in their coverage but with a more simplistic and minimalist style. Many love cocoon coats for their versatility and ability to pair with any outfit. Indeed this is the kind of winter coat you will wear for years. The Poiret cocoon coat is the perfect example of a very simple design that conveys opulence through drape, shape and of course the choice of fabric and trim must be right. 

Benefits of a Cocoon Coat Chart

Below are some of the key benefits of using a cocoon coat chart when shopping;

  • It will help you find the correct size (finished garment measurement) that fits you well 
  • A well-fitting coat means comfort for yourself
  • A cocoon coat chart saves you lots of time when shopping

Here is a quick general example of a cocoon coat size chart (basic size chart). Please be sure to reference a cocoon coat chart that is offered by the company behind the brand you would like to buy, for a much more specific sizing guide. 

XS33 – 3583.5 – 88.932 – 3481.3 – 86.4
S35 – 3788.90 – 94.034 – 3686.4 – 91.4
M38 – 3994.0 – 99.136 – 3891.4 – 96.5
L39 – 4199.1 – 104.138 – 4096.5 – 101.6
XL42 – …105 – …40 – 42102 – 107

Oversized silhouettes have been an increasingly common trend but the cocoon coat with a soft egg shape and dropped shoulders is equally becoming popular. The cocoon shape was originally popular in the 1960s and has associations with the mod look, but this time around, it’s convincingly more sophisticated.  To avoid looking like a 60s style, modern cocoon coats look best when they reach just over your knee,  paired with trousers of minimal fit. Alternatively, skirts and dresses can work too but the key is in contrast. Your oversized softly shaped coat should be contrasted elsewhere with sleek, neat lines. 

Cocoon Coat Measurements

You can use standard measurements and sizes as indicators for choosing the correct size for your cocoon coat.  Of course, it is advisable that you try as much as possible to take actual measurements (personal body measurements) in order to determine your accurate body size. 

Like any other design, the sizes of cocoon coats follow the general concepts of cloth sizing, meaning you will have to choose from the normal size ranges such as Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, etc.  You need to grade between the sizes depending on your body size. Some people might decide to do a blend between the sizes depending on personal preferences. 

Taking measurements: bust, shoulders, waist

The body bust measurement is taken from side seam to side seam while shoulder to shoulder measurements are taken directly under the armhole.  For the hip measurement, you will want to draw attention away from your waist. Choose a roomy style that draws significant attention to your sexy legs. Sometimes having a big bust size can make shopping for the right coat hard. So you need a style that gives you enough room for your cup size without looking overly boxy! Look for an open front coat with a good bust adjustment. 

Always refer to the sizing chart given by the company you are buying from as it offers finished garment measurements in most cases.  With the help of a cocoon coat chart, you can work out how much positive and negative ease you can expect in the finished garment measurements. It simply means you are working out how much wriggle room there will be on your beautiful coat, based on the actual garment measurements.

Fabric Choices

Most cocoon coats are made of sophisticated organic fabrics like wool, cotton, or cashmere. While this means such coats look elegant, it also means that they lack protection against harsh winter weather. Fortunately, some designers bring the cocoon coat into the 21st century by featuring full rain and snow protection plus a cozy wrap shawl collar, thus making it super warm! 

The following options will mostly work just fine;

  • Medium to heavyweight woven wool or wool blended materials.
  • Interfacing fabric appropriate to the weight and composition of the coat. 
  • Nice slippery satin lining featuring on the jacket

Other great features or additions to consider include

  • Welt pocket with a flap
  • Fully lined garment
  • Shawl collar
  • Two-piece raglan sleeves
  • Comfortable, pleated lining

Cocoon Coat Design Patterns

Most designs offer easy pattern options of cocoon coats that are cool and loose-fitting, making them perfect for casual wear. Always make a point of shopping for the current size range that also comes with a wide range of colors.

In recent years, the cocoon silhouette has graced the runways of popular fashion houses like Simone Rocha. We all know the cyclical nature of fashion, so it is important to get a cut that has the longevity to last cold weather.

Cocoon coat designs and personal preferences

If you love attention, then consider a cocoon coat that features standout colors such as the cute army green color. It’s bright enough to stand out from the crowd but still muted enough to go with any outfit.  Such cocoon coats are definitely one of the more versatile options out there! 

 If you are conscious about the environment, then by all means buy your coats from designers or fashion houses who have demonstrated an impressive commitment to using recycled fabrics in their clothing. You can then wear your beautiful coat knowing you are helping the planet too and conserving our environment! If you want to feel a little adventurous, then camel coats are also timeless aesthetic wear. You really get a chance to “C ” the best of both camel and cocoon from the likes of Madewell, for example. 

Cocoon coats bring to mind visions of tomboyishness and the cocoon coat is indeed similar to “boyfriend coats”. But when paired up with streamlined structures,  the look is elegant, chic, and versatile. Unstructured without looking sloppy, cocoon coats are loose-fitting by design, featuring voluminous sleeves that certainly make them perfect for throwing on top of a stylish chunky knit.  The famous contrast of volumes makes for a statement look that overcomes any feelings of dowdiness when buried under lots of winter layers. 

Who can wear a cocoon coat?

Though the cut and the form of a cocoon coat have different square brackets,  girls and women with every kind of figure can wear this great coat. It doesn’t matter whether slim or a little curvy, a cocoon coat will flatter everyone. Though if you have a bit more volume, then it is recommended that you take time to find one that flows well with your shape. Otherwise, something more feminine and slim-fitting would flatter you much better. Still, the decision is yours and if the cocoon coat is your dream you can simply put a wide belt around your waist to accentuate it. 


A cocoon coat is one of those trendy clothing that never goes out of fashion. Luckily many companies now have many resources to help you find a perfectly fitting cocoon coat. Some of these resources include media such as videos, pictures, size pattern documents, and even tutorials. It is important that you ask for materials that you can use to choose a size that fits you well.

Remember that sizing is a central pillar of style,  so be sure to utilize a cocoon coat chart to help you pick the correct size.

Picture by Raychan on Unsplash

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