How Long Should My Tie Be? (Size chart included)

You don’t have to love ties to look good in them. You simply need to know the right size and length for you. Ties influence your looks and no matter how expensive your 3-piece suit is, failure to don the right tie length size will water down your appearance.

If you’ve been having debates, days on end, about which size is best for you, we’re here to settle the matter for you.

Tie Length Size Chart
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Working with a standard tie size may not be a great option especially if you are shorter or taller than average. Go, instead, for the perfect size for your body to have a once and for all solution.

Too long or too short tie lengths are conspicuous. Good thing, they can be easily corrected. Hang tight to learn all about tie lengths and sizes and which one perfectly fits you. By the end of this guide, you will have known all the tricks to don the right tie among other must-know tips.

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Tie Length Size Table of Contents

Tie length size charts

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Neckbands size chart

Adult13 to 22
Youth9 to 16
InfantUp to 12

Bow tie size chart (types)

AdultStandard bow3 x 5
Adult & TeenClassic bow2.5 x 5
2 to 10 yearsYouth size2 x 4
0 to 2 yearsInfant size1.5 x 3

Bow ties size chart (age vs neck size)

SIZEAGE (Years)NECK SIZE (inches)WIDTH (inches)
Small0 – 1< 83
Medium1 – 68 – 103.5
Large6 – 1210 – 124
Extra large12 and above12 – 154.5

Necktie size chart (by height)

SIZEHEIGHT (inches)TIE WIDTH (inches)TIE LENGTH (inches)
Small45 – 492.542
Medium50 – 542.7546
Large55 – 60350
Extra Large60 – 67354

Tie size chart based on age

SIZEstandard width narrow width skinny width 
adult Xl3 3/49.53 cm3 inches3.81 cm 5.08 cm
adult 3 1/87.94 cm2 7/8 inches3.81 cm2 inches5.08 cm
12 – 143 1/4 inches8.26 cm2 7/8 inches3.81 cm2 inches5.08 cm
8 – 113 1/8 inches7.94 cm2 inches5.08 cm2 inches5.08 cm
4t-7 2 3/4 inches6.99 cm2 inches5.08 cm2 inches5.08 cm
24-4t2 1/2 inches6.35 cm1 3/4 inches4.45 cm1 3/4 inches4.45 cm
6 – 181 7/8 inches4.76 cm1 3/4 inches4.45 cm1 3/4 inches4.45 cm
newborn1 1/2 inches3.81 cm1 1/2 inches3.81 cm1 1/2 inches3.81 cm

How long should my tie be for my height?

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This ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the look you’re going for. However, as a general rule of thumb, your tie should be long enough to reach the center of your belt buckle.

So if you’re taller than average, you may want to go with a long tie; if you’re shorter than average, a shorter tie may be a better option. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what looks best!

One thing to note about tie sizes is that every inch counts. One quick tip: whether you’re wearing a diamond-tipped or a square-tipped tie, make sure that the tip touches your belt buckle when standing upright.

If the tie goes even an inch below your buckle, it is considered too long. You also want to avoid leaving the tip of the tie swinging above your waist such that your shirt’s fabric is seen.

Besides, having the tip of the tie at the waist allows you to do normal errands without many bathroom mistakes. There are reduced chances of zipping it up, for instance.

Learn more about what is the proper size of your tie (video)

The Proper Tie Length – How Long Should a Tie Be? by Next Level Gents

How do I know my tie length?

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While the average tie length is 57 inches or thereabout, it may not be what you need if you fall on the shorter or taller side of the scale.

We understand how taxing the process of finding the right tie for you is. You want to work with a length that will not appear too big, forcing you to make many loops.

The length of the tie also depends on the length of your upper body. While people of average height may adjust the length of their ties by reducing or adding knots, shorter people than average will need to buy ties that are shorter than average. 

The size of your collar will also influence the number of loops you make, hence, determining the length of your tie. Likewise, taller people than average will need to get longer ties than average.

Frequently Asked Questions

What length tie Do I need 58 or 62?

This is determined by a few factors such as the length of your torso, your body size, and of course your preference. 58 is the normal tie length that is pulled off by most men.

In many cases, shorter men than average prefer getting this length because they prefer making a big knot. (Short men look strong in big knots).

If you’re of average height and prefer making a big knot, consider getting an extra long tie length which is 62 inches. Just be sure the tip hits your buckle. Otherwise, a 62-inch tie is meant for taller men.

What size tie is in Style 2022?

The most selling ties in 2022 are between skinny, and slim body types. A skinny tie ranges from 2.25 to 2.5 inches in width, whereas the slim one is between 2.5 and 3.0 inches wide.

There has been a significant demand for these two tie sizes this year more than the previous year.

What is a size 8 tie?

A size 8 tie is donned by boys below 6 years. Please refer to the tie size guide against their age and their widths.

How wide should a man’s tie be?

Men’s tie sizes vary with their body sizes and preferences. One more thing, the lapel of your jacket also determines the width. The general rule for this apparel has it that the wider your jacket’s lapel the wider the tie and vice versa.

However, an average man should not wear a tie wider than 3.5 inches. Skinny ties mostly go well with slim men.

For bow tie lovers, be sure to get a bow tie length and width that syncs with your body.

Please refer to the bow tie length chart that guides you to what’s best for you.

How long is an XL tie?

An XL tie ( extra long tie) is specifically designed for tall and big men. They are more than 61 inches long and are preferred by men taller than 6 foot 3 inches. They are also a perfect fit for men who love thick knots.


Three quick tips to always remember when getting a tie: the size of your jacket’s lapel should determine the width of your neck tie; your necktie size should always be proportional to your body size, and your tie tip should hit the belt buckle. If not wearing a suit, try a 3” tie width.

Going by the above three tips will give you a sharp and balanced look.

That’s it! We hope this guide has helped you understand tie length size and how to find the perfect one for you. If you have any questions, please don’t fail to ask in the comments. We want you to look your sharpest at all times!

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