Gucci Socks Size Charts for Adults and Kids

Gucci has been a proven fashion house across the world. The Gucci brand has also been a trusted sock-manufacturing company by many people (skip straight to the Gucci Socks Size Charts). Gucci socks are always true to size, so stick to your regular sock size.

You can find an excellent range of socks, be it Gucci men’s socks, Gucci Women’s socks, or Gucci kid’s socks. Knowing some styles you can choose from and what size might work for you will help you find some great Gucci socks for your wardrobe.

Gucci Socks size charts for adults and kids
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The Gucci logo on their socks makes this product or item marketable. They are designer socks made of cotton and are comfortable.

Check the Size charts for Gucci Belts, Gucci Shoes, Gucci Slides, Sunglasses, Bracelets, hoodies, tights, socks, and Gucci rings, Gucci Bra sizes. Into a fancy luxury shopping mode, you can discover all luxury size charts here

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Why is a good sock size important?

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Sock choice is a crucial factor when you want to have a complete fashion style. Not only is Gucci sock size essential for comfort, but also the durability of your socks.

Even though most socks have some give and flexibility, forcing your feet into socks that are too small will soon wear them out.

It’s crucial to wear properly fitting socks. They may sag and fall off the calf or ankle if they’re too huge. They may also leave too much fabric on the toes, which can be uncomfortable.

Thus, Sock is one of the beauty products; getting their authentic size is essential.

Men’s Socks size chart

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Shoe SizeItalyUSUKAustraliaJapanKorea
S39 – 405.5 – 6.55 – 65 – 624 – 25240 – 250
M41 – 427.5 – 8.57 – 87 – 826 – 27260 – 270
L43 – 449.5 – 10.59 – 109 – 1027 – 28270 – 280

Women’s Socks Size Chart

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Gucci SizeGucci Shoe Size (EU)Gucci Shoe Size (cm)US Shoe Size
S36 – 3723 cm6 – 7
M38 – 3924 cm8 – 9
L40 – 4125 cm10 – 11

Baby Socks Size Chart (Below 2 years)

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SizeShoe sizeLength (in)Length (cm)
0 / 15 – 16100MM3.94 inch10 cm
1 / 17 – 18110MM41/3inch11 cm
2 / 19 – 21120MM4.72 inch12 cm
3 / 22 – 24130MM5.12 inch13 cm
4 / 25 – 27164MM6.46 inch16.4 cm

Children Socks Size Chart (Above 2 years)

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SizeShoe sizeLength (in)Length (cm)
628 – 307.28 inch18.5 cm
831 – 338.07 inch20.5 cm
1034 – 378.86 inch22.5 cm
1238 – 409.65 inch24.5 cm

How to choose the right Gucci socks

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Ever wonder what the numbers of men’s and women’s socks mean? Instead of indicating your shoe size, these numbers show how many inches long your foot is! One thing about sock sizing that frequently trips folks up is that.

These are the equivalent shoe sizes for those sock sizes; an example is on sock original packaging, women’s socks size is shown as Size 9-11. This corresponds to a women’s shoe size of roughly 5–10 in the US.

Men’s socks are often described as Sizes 10-13 on the box. This corresponds to a men’s shoe size of roughly 8-12.5 in the US.

Categories of kids’ socks

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1. Baby Gucci socks; are for babies and children up to one year of age. Remember how quickly these babies are developing. When in doubt, size up so the infant can fit into the socks.

2. Toddler Gucci socks; are appropriate for children aged 1 to 4 who wear toddler shoe sizes 4 to 7. Shop for children’s sizes eight and up if the toddler you are buying for is a quick grower.

3. Boys’ and girls’ Gucci socks; are for youngsters who wear kids’ shoe sizes 8 to 13 and subsequently on up to a size 3, and those between the ages of 5 and 10. Most children can fit into typical women’s socks by roughly ten.

Why do you need the right size socks?

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Socks are pretty durable. They deserve the utmost treatment as you spend a lot of time on your feet. You need the best Gucci socks for the job, not just the one. For instance, you wouldn’t want ankle socks when wearing knee-high boots.

It’s crucial to get the correct size of socks, especially for footwear like jockey boots or gumboots, as they may attempt to pull the Sock down and cause the heel to end up halfway down your foot!

When socks bunch, they might deteriorate more quickly. They won’t last as long because the crease wears away when they bunch. You shouldn’t wear too tight socks because they are uncomfortable, can grind against your feet, and if they open up, they may become infected.

So make sure your socks are cozy, functional, and the proper size for your foot.

Learn more about Gucci socks fitting (video)


The best Gucci sock for you

Since the human body is relatively proportionate, we can accurately size Gucci socks.

Take one of your socks and fold the heel in. Put your fist on the Sock’s foot. Next, raise the heel and toe to meet in the middle.

We can also place the Sock along your forearm while your wrist is twisted. The Sock is the proper size for you if the heel rests in the crease of your elbow and the toe rests on your wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Gucci socks size L?

Size L on Gucci socks means large. Large Gucci socks equal 44 EU size for men’s shoes and 39 EU size for women’s shoes

2. Are Gucci socks true to size?

Yes. Gucci socks are always true to size.

3. Should I size up or down in Gucci socks?

Stick to your normal socks size. The measurement around the ball of your foot should be roughly an inch smaller than the circumference of your socks. Your socks should be about an inch shorter from heel to toe than the length of your foot.

Naturally, however, not everyone fits the sizes completely.

4. How big are Gucci kid’s socks M?

M means medium, so for Gucci socks for kids, M stands for medium size, equivalent to 33-34 EU shoe size

5. Does Gucci make socks above the knee?

Yes. Gucci offers socks of different lengths. Gucci is the place to order if you want socks that go above the knee.

6. Should Gucci socks be tight?

The Gucci socks should have your preferred size. They should not be too tight or too loose.

7. Do you wear Gucci socks with Gucci sneakers?

To prevent the leather from rubbing against the skin, it is essential to wear them with long socks, but once you’ve worn the sneakers in, you won’t experience any issues if you wear them barefoot.


When you want to purchase your standard socks online, Gucci usually outlines the product description and details that aim to guide you. If you do online apparel shopping, you can shop for Gucci socks at the convenience of your house.

You issue your shipping address, fees, and preferred shipping method. If you have done all this, including paying for your shipping costs, then it turns out the Gucci socks do not fit you well; you can follow a return shipping process. Ensure that the shipping label is intact before returning.

We would love to hear from you, so please leave a message and we would gladly help in any area you may need some assistance. Thank You.

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