Crocs Kids Size Chart: What’s the Best Size?

Crocs are a type of lightweight, functional shoes that are designed primarily as beachwear. Watching children rush around on their tiny little feet is always beautiful. But they must also wear appropriate footwear to safeguard their tiny feet (skip straight to the Crocs kids size chart).

Because of this, many shoe manufacturers create footwear that will always safeguard your child’s feet. One well-known company that creates a variety of children’s shoes is Crocs.

Clogs, which were first created as a boating shoe, are the only thing for which Crocs is known. They were released in 2002 and soon gained popularity because of their light and cozy appearance. The only company that makes clogs with distinctive cut-out detail is Crocs, and the company also makes other shoes with a style that is comparable to its clogs.

Crocs own a patent on the style of their clogs and exclusive rights to the specific foam resin they used to make their shoes, dubbed Croslite. For the benefit of your child’s feet, this foam may adapt to the wearer’s shape and offer medical benefits to the feet.

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Table of Content of Crocs Kids Size Chart

Importance of Crocs Kids Shoes Size

How to understand shoe width with more parameters can be found here.
Find out How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

Crocs shoes provide protection, compared to going barefoot. The shoe’s ventilation holes minimize sweating and provide some arch support, while Crocs’ antimicrobial qualities may help protect against infections in young children’s feet.

Kids worldwide wear the crocs that best suit their feet and their personalities because there are so many styles and colors available. Toddler sizes are very crucial and important to be keen about for shoe comfort.

Though they are trend shoe styles and simple shoes always make use of shoe size conversion in order to get the right size for your kid.

Crocs kids size chart

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Age GroupUSEUAsiaInchesmillimetersCrocs Dual Sizing
Toddler21993 7/898N/A
Toddler320104 1/8107N/A
Toddler421124 1/21154-5
Toddler522134 7/81234-5
Toddler623145 1/81326-7
Toddler724155 1/21406-7
Toddler82515.55 7/81498-9
Toddler92616.56 1/81578-9
Toddler102717.56 1/216610-11
Little Kid1128186 7/817410-11
Little Kid1229-3018.57 1/818312-13
Little Kid1330-31197 1/219112-13
Little Kid133-34197 7/8200 N/A
Little Kid234-35208 1/8208 N/A
Little Kid335-36218 1/2217 N/A
Big Kid436-37228 5/8225 N/A
Big Kid537-38239233 N/A
Big Kid638-39249 3/8242N/A

Children’s Crocs shoe Size Chart: (1-7 years)

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Juniors’ Crocs Shoes Size Chart: (8+ years)

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Children’s Crocs Shoe Dual Sizing size Chart: (1-7 years)

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7/8 – 4 1/898 – 1072 – 319 – 2012
1/2 – 4 7/8115 – 1234 – 521 – 2213
1/8 – 5 1/2132 – 1406 – 723 – 2414
7/8 – 6 1/8149 – 1578 – 925 – 2616
1/2 – 6 7/8166 – 17410 – 1127 – 2817
1/8 – 7 1/2183 – 19112 – 1329 – 3118

How to choose the right kid’s crocs size?

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In accordance with the forms and shoe designs available, Crocs offers three different shape/fit possibilities. Roomy fit, Relaxed fit, which frequently incorporate straps, and Standard fit full shoe types with a high back are typical clog shapes.

Thus, whether your size is small, large, or narrower feet, the wide foot you’ll discover the ideal fit. Be aware that each type has the same width fittings; only the form offers a wide range of width options.

Roomy Fit

Similar to our Classic Clog original design, this is our roomiest fit. For added support, certain models come with a rear strap that hugs the heel.

Widest fit we provide. Frequently, your kids’ feet won’t touch the sides. Ensure the front shouldn’t be touched by the kid’s toes. Also, they should be spacious across the top for plenty of ventilation.

Relaxed Fit

Compared to the roomy models, expect some extra room but a tighter fit. All models should feel secure on the kid’s foot while they walk, however, some may have laces or straps. A little space around the foot’s border. Sometimes the walls of the crocs shoe for kids will touch the sides of your feet.

Over the top of your foot, snug but comfortable fit. The kid’s toes shouldn’t contact the front of the shoe; there should be enough room there. This is a good shoe sizing method.

Standard Fit

Compared to the roomy or relaxed models, standard fits offer a more snug (but not tight) fit. When a kid walks, they need to smoothly and securely adjust to their foot. The croc shoe shouldn’t ride up and down, and its heel should be firmly planted. The shoe’s top, arch, and sides should snugly fit the feet.

Learn more about different Crocs styles (video)

Crocs Kids Sizes by Justin Brunson

Frequently asked questions

1. Does Crocs Kids Shoes run true to size?

Yes, Crocs fit true to size in almost all cases. Some Crocs variants have a looser fit than other varieties. Crocs Bistro, Crocs Bistro Pro, and Crocs Specialist II clogs all fit a little longer than Crocs Classic clogs to size. They always run true shoe sizes.

2. What is size 5 in crocs?

size 5 in kids is equivalent to size 37-38.

3. What Crocs Kids Shoes Size are for a 6-year-old?

The size of the croc will vary from one kid to another despite both beings of the same age.

4. What Crocs Kids Shoes Size is a junior 4 in crocs?

Younger children will fit in the C4/5 through C13 sizes, older kids will be in the J1-3, and once they outgrow the Juniors, they will be in adult sizes

5. Do crocs come up big or small for kids?

Yes, they come up big.

6. What size Crocs Kids Shoes does a 5years old wear?

The size of the croc will vary from one kid to another despite both beings of the same age. The size will depend on the kid’s foot size, which ranges from size 36-38.

7. Is croc size the same as shoe size?

Crocs do not make their shoes in a 1/2 size in adult shoes. Only in full sizes. A few models for children employ this approach of sizing, but often these are the more seasoned designs.


Although Crocs maintains a similar design throughout all of its footwear, it also produces a selection of shoes for adults besides children. Some of these shoe types by Crocs for kids are listed down below.


These shoes often have a closed front, an open back, and a substantial, hefty heel. However, Croc clogs also feature a distinctive upper pattern of circular perforations. They have the functionality of sandals while also being incredibly comfy.


Although sandals can come in many styles and forms, they all share the same basic design as comfortable, casual shoes. Most Crocs sandals for youngsters include a straightforward front strap and back straps to keep the footwear in place.

Casual Shoes

Kids’ Crocs offer an adaptable design that complements any casual clothing as most casual shoes do. However, they also feature the typical Crocs shoe holes. One of the most well-liked styles of Crocs casual shoes is a pair of slip-on boat shoes with a fake tie-up accent on the front.


This pair of children’s Crocs shoes are a wonderful choice for your little sweetheart. Ballerinas feature a similar clog-like shape but also include front straps, making them even cuter. They are available in a variety of hues that can go with your child’s diverse outfits.

Flip Flops

If your child dislikes wearing closed-toed shoes, you can also check for children’s flip-flops by Crocs. They suit your child well and are made with Croslite as well. They have a back sling band that prevents them from falling off your child’s feet.

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