Carter’s sizing from new born to kids (with easy to use size charts)

Carter’s is an American apparel and clothing brand specialized in sleepwear, gowns, underwear, and much more for children, from new-born to children’s age. Check the below Carter’s sizing charts for new-borns, babies, toddlers, and children.

Carter’s brands include OshKosh B’gosh, Skip Hop, Just One You, Genuine Kids, Child of Mine, and Simple Joys. This large range of brands leads to a large variety of products. From baby gloves and baby hats to baby socks, from shoes to pajamas, Carter’s has size charts for all clothing. Children are ever-growing, hence, their size is ever-changing, the size tables are organized by your children’s age, weight, and length. 

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Carter’s sizing chart

Carter’s Size Charts table of content

Children’s Length & weight by age

What size does my toddler wear?

Let us have a quick description of the development of the height/length range of major age divisions of new-borns, babies, and toddlers in US sizes. A full read about kid’s clothing US sizes you can discover here

US Size
in pounds
in Kilos
in inches
in cm
Newborn4-8 lbs2-4 kg17-19″43-48 cm
3 months9-11 lbs4-5 kg19-23″48-58 cm
6 months12-15 lbs5-7 kg24-26″60-66 cm
9 months16-18 lbs7-8 kg27-28″68-71 cm
12 months19-20 lbs8-9 kg29-30″73-76 cm
18 months21-23 lbs9-11 kg31-32″78-81 cm
24 months24-28 lbs11-13 kg33-35″83-89 cm

Carter’s Sizing chart for new-born and baby clothes

The below size chart converts Carter’s sizes into your baby or new-borns height and weight.

Carter’s SizeHeight (in)Weight (lb)Height (cm)Weight (kg)
P up to 5 lbUp to 17″Up to 5 lbUp to 43 cmUp to 2.3 kg
P (Preemie)Up to 18″Up to 6 lb43-46 cmUp to 2.7 kg
NB (Newborn)18-21.5″6-9 lb46-55 cm2.7-4 kg
3M21.5-24″9-12.5 lb55-61 cm4-5.7 kg
6M24-27″12.5-17 lb61-69 cm5.7-7.5 kg
9M27-28.5″17-21 lb69-72 cm7.5-9.3 kg
12M28.5-30″21-25 lb72-76 cm9.3-11.1 kg
18M30-32″25-28 lb76-81 cm11.1-12.5 kg
24M32-34″28-30 lb81-86 cm12.5-13.6 kg
carter’s apparel sizing table for babies and new-borns by size-charts

Carter’s Baby Tights sizing

Find the below Thights or leggings size chart for kids till 8 years old in age, size and weight (kg and lbs)

SizeAge RangeWeight (lb)Weight (kg)
0-3M0-3 monthsUp to 12.5 lbUp to 5.7 kg
0-9M0-9 monthsUp to 21 lbUp to 9.5 kg
3-12M3-12 months12.5-25 lb5.7-11.3 kg
9-18M9-18 months21-28 lb9.5-12.7 kg
12-24M12-24 months25-30 lb11.3-13.6 kg
18-24M18-24 months28-30 lb12.7-13.6 kg
2T-4T2-4 years31-38 lb14.1-17.2 kg
2 – 42-4 years31-38 lb14.1-17.2 kg
4 – 64-8 years41-49 lb18.6-22.2 kg
4 – 74-8 years41-59.5 lb18.6-27 kg
6 – 84-8 years49-60.5 lb22.2-31.5 kg
8 & up4 years & up69.5-108 lb31.5-49 kg
carter’s legging size table by size-charts

Carter’s baby hats sizes

Hat sizes for kids is measured by taking the circumference of your child’s head. (C = Circumference) If your measurement (inches or cms) is located between two sizes, always round up. A full hat size guide for kids you can find here.

SizeAge RangeCircumference (in)Circumference (cm)
0-3M0-3 months16 5/8″42 cm
0-6M0-6 months17 5/8″45 cm
0-9M0-9 months18 1/8″46 cm
3-9M3-9 months18 1/8″46 cm
12-24M12-24 months20″51 cm
2T-4T2-4 years20 1/2″52 cm
4 – 74-8 years21 3/8″53 cm
4-6X4-8 years21 1/4″55 cm
4 – 84-8 years21 1/2″55 cm
4 – 144 years & up22″56 cm
8 – 144 years & up22″57 cm
carter’s baby hats size chart by size-charts

How to measure Carter’s children’s hat size in 6 simple steps

To measure the hat size for your baby or child, you need a soft measuring tape, a pen and a piece of paper

  1. To determine your size, you must measure your child’s head circumference.
  2. Hold the measuring tape against the back of your child’s head.
  3. Pull the measuring tape forward on either side of the head slightly above ears and eyebrows to the center of the forehead.As a tip, you can use the thickness of 1 finger above the ears
  4. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight.
  5. Read the head circumference in the mirror
  6. Use the head measurement in inches or centimeters and convert it into the above Carter’s hat size charts

Carter’s Socks sizes

Socks sizes for kids are related to shoes sizes. The below size chart converts Carter’s Sock sizes into US and EU shoes sizing, in relation to your child’s age. A full insight on kids socks sizes you can find here

Carter’s Socks SizeAge RangeUS Shoe SizeEU Shoe Size
0-3M0-3 monthsNB/0-115 – 16
3-12M3-12 months1 – 416 – 19
12-24M12-24 months4 – 719 – 23
2T-4T2-4 years7 – 1023 – 27
4 – 74-7 years10 – 1327 – 31
8 & up8-16 years13 & up31 & up
Carter’s kids socks size chart by size-charts

Carter’s Gloves for kids sizing

A full gloves size chart with how to measure your gloves you can read here

SizeAge RangeGlove Length (in)Hand Width (in)Glove Length (mm)Hand Width (mm)
0-3M0-3 months2 3/8″2″60 mm50 mm
0-9M0-9 months3 1/8″2 1/2″79 mm63 mm
3-9M3-9 months3 1/8″2 1/2″79 mm64 mm
12-24M12-24 months3 7/8″3 1/8″98 mm79 mm
2T-4T2-4 years4 1/4″3 1/4″108 mm82 mm
4-6X4-6 years5 1/4″3 5/8″133 mm92 mm
4 – 74-8 years5 1/4″3 5/8″133 mm95 mm
4 – 84-8 years5 3/8″4 1/2″137 mm111 mm
4-14 (girls)4 years & up6″4 5/8″152 mm117 mm
4-14 (boys)4 years & up7″4 7/8″178 mm124 mm
8-14 (girls)4 years & up6″4 5/8″152 mm117 mm
8-14 (boys)4 years & up7″4 7/8″178 mm124 mm
Carter’s kids gloves size chart by size-charts

How to measure your children’s Carter’s clothes sizing

How do I know my kid’s Carter’s size?

With your tape measure in the right places, you can take the sizes and shop clothing that fits your infant properly. Most brands and types of clothing will have these sizes listed on the detailed product page. With the dimensions in hand, you can find the perfect sized clothes for your children.

  1. Measure your child’s Height
    Get your child to stand barefoot against a wall or a door. Measure from their heel to the top of their head. It can be easier to make a mark on a wall or doorframe and measure their height from there – it’s also fun to track how much they’ve grown over time.
  2. Measure your child’s chest size
    Wrap a measuring tape around your kid’s chest. Place the measuring tape just under the arms at the widest point. It’s best to leave some room for extra comfort.
  3. Measure your child’s chest size
    The waistline is situated just above the hips. Measure around the natural waistline with measuring tape. Hold the tape a little loose for a comfortable fit.
  4. Measure the Inside leg of your kids
    The best result is with your child wearing shoes. This will give an idea where the trousers will rest above your kid’s shoes. Measure from the top of the thigh to where the bottom of the trousers should end.
  5. Measure your child’s Hips
    Standing straight with their legs together, measure around the widest part of your child’s hips.
  6. Taking your child’s Neck measurement
    Carefully wrap the measuring tape around your child’s neck where the collar will sit. Place 2 fingers in between the tape so it’s not too tight a fit.
How to measure your children for Carter's sizing
How to measure your children for Carter’s sizing

A full US Size Guide Kids Clothes Size Chart is explained in this post

Does Carter’s fit big or small?

Carter’s clothes fit True to size:

  • long enough for tall babies
  • slim enough for underclothing
  • stretchy enough for bigger babies too.

Pro Tip: If you are buying clothing for a newborn, take the actual newborn size, as the 3 month size will be too large for 98% of newborns

Why is clothing size important for a child?

The right size of clothing is very important to children. Factors taken into consideration when designing children’s clothes are:

  • Activity and environment:
    Children should be dressed in agreement with their activity and with their environment. The clothing should properly protect the child from his own actions and from his environment
  • Comfort:
    Children’s clothes must be comfortable for the child. Comfortable growing up and exploring the world.
  • Safety:
    Fabric choices, openings and fastenings, fit and ease, and trimmings used must be safe for children.
  • Growth evolution and development:
    The changing shape of the growing kid and different proportions of the different parts of the body are all major considerations for children’s clothing. The wrong clothes can affect the development of the child.

Carter’s Baby sleep sack size

SizeAge RangeHeight (in)Weight (lb)Height (cm)Weight (kg)
Small (S)0-3 monthsUp to 24″6-12 lbUp to 61 cm2.7-5.4 kg
Medium (M)6-9 months24-28″12.5-21 lb61-71 cm5.5-9.5 kg

Carter’s Kids clothes Size chart Apparel

SizeHeight (in)Weight (lb)Height (cm)Weight (kg)
440-42.5″34-38.5 lb102-108 cm15-18 kg
4 – 542.5-45″38.5-43 lb108-114 cm18-20 kg
542.5-45″38.5-43 lb108-114 cm18-20 kg
6-6X45-47.5″43-48 lb114-121 cm20-22 kg
748-51.5″50-59.5 lb122-131 cm23-27 kg
850.5-53.5″59.5-69.5 lb128-136 cm27-32 kg
1054-56″69.5-87 lb137-142 cm32-40 kg
10 – 1254-60″69.5-101 lb137-152 cm32-46 kg
1256-60″87-101 lb142-152 cm40-46 kg
1459-62.5″97-113 lb150-159 cm44-51 kg

Carter’s Kids Pants size – Regular fit

The below Carter’s bottoms Size conversion table combines US size with height and waist dimensions in inches and centimeters

SizeHeight (in)Waist (in)Height (cm)Waist (cm)
4R40-42.5″22″102-108 cm56 cm
5R42.5-45″22.5″108-114 cm57.5 cm
6R45-49″23″114-124 cm58.5 cm
6-6XR45-48″23″114-122 cm58.5 cm
7R49-51″23.5″124-130 cm60 cm
8R51-54″24.25″130-137 cm62 cm
10R54-56″25″137-142 cm63.5 cm
10-12R54-59.5″25-26″137-151 cm63.5-66 cm
12R56-59.5″26″142-151 cm66 cm
14R59-63″28″150-160 cm71 cm

Carter’s Plus Size Bottoms size chart

SizeHeight (in)Waist (in)Height (cm)Waist (cm)
4P40-42.5″24.5″102-108 cm62 cm
5P42.5-45″25.5″108-114 cm64.5 cm
6/6XP45-48″26″114-122 cm66 cm
7P49-51″27.5″124-130 cm69.5 cm
8P51-54″28″130-137 cm71 cm
10P54-56″28.5″137-142 cm72 cm
10-12P56-59.5″28.5-30.5″137-151 cm72-77.5 cm
12P56-59.5″30.5″142-151 cm77.5 cm
14P59-63″32″150-160 cm81 cm

Carter’s Underwear Size chart

New-borns and babies don’t wear underwear but diapers… a full Pampers size chart is handled here for all ages and diaper use.

SizeWeight (lb)Waist (in)Chest (in)Weight (kg)Waist (cm)Chest (cm)
2 – 327-35 lb12-20″19-21″12-16 kg48-51 cm48-53 cm
4 – 536-46 lb20-22″21-23″16-21 kg51-56 cm53-58 cm
6 – 747-59 lb22-24″23-25″21-27 kg56-61 cm58-64 cm
859.5-69.5 lb24-25″25-27″27-32 kg61-64 cm64-69 cm
10 – 1269.5-101 lb25-26″27-28.5″32-46 kg64-66 cm69-72 cm
14101-133 lb26-28″28.5-30″46-51 kg66-71 cm72-76 cm

Carter’s Kids’ Belt sizes

A full belt size chart with explanation you can read here

SizeAge Range
2-4T2-4 years
5-Mar3-5 years
8-Apr4-8 years
8-Jun6-8 years

Carter’s Shoe sizing from New-borns to big kids (0-14 years old)

A full kids shoe size by age is a great start to understand kid’s shoes sizing at each moment of their development.

US SizeAge RangeGeneral SizeLength (in)Length (cm)EU Size
NB (0)Up to 6 weeksXXXS3 1/4″7.9 cm15
16 weeks-3 monthsXXS3 1/2″8.9 cm16
23-6 monthsXXS3 3/4″9.5 cm17
2.56-9 monthsXXS4″10.2 cm18
36-9 monthsXS4 1/8″10.5 cm18
3.59-12 monthsXS4 1/4″10.8 cm19
49-12 monthsXS4 1/2″11.4 cm19
4.59-12 monthsXS4 5/8″11.7 cm20
512-18 monthsS4 3/4″12.1 cm20
5.512-18 monthsS5″12.7 cm21
612-24 monthsS5 1/8″13 cm22
6.512-24 monthsS5 1/4″13.3 cm22
72-4 yearsM5 1/2″14 cm23
7.52-4 yearsM5 5/8″14.3 cm24
82-4 yearsM5 3/4″14.6 cm24
8.52-4 yearsM6″15.2 cm25
92-4 yearsL6 1/8″15.6 cm25
9.52-4 yearsL6 1/4″15.9 cm26
102-4 yearsL6 1/2″16.5 cm27
10.52-4 yearsL6 5/8″16.8 cm27
112-4 yearsXL6 3/4″17.1 cm28
11.52-4 yearsXL7″17.8 cm29
122-4 yearsXL7 1/8″18.1 cm30
12.54-8 yearsXL7 1/4″18.4 cm30
134-8 yearsXXL7 1/2″19.1 cm31
13.54-8 yearsXXL7 5/8″19.4 cm31
1Y (youth)4-8 yearsXXL7 3/4″19.7 cm32
2Y (youth)4-8 yearsXXXL8 1/8″20.6 cm33
3Y (youth)4-8 yearsXXXXL8 1/2″21.6 cm34
Carter’s shoe sizing chart by size-charts

Carter’s Baby shoes size chart

US SizeAge RangeGeneral SizeLength (in)Length (cm)EU Size
NB (0)Up to 6 weeksXXXS3 1/4″8.0 cm15
16 weeks-3 monthsXXS3 1/2″8.9 cm16
23-6 monthsXXS3 3/4″9.5 cm17
36-9 monthsXS4 1/8″10.5 cm18
49-12 monthsXS4 1/2″11.4 cm19
512-18 monthsS4 3/4″12.1 cm20
Carter’s Baby shoe sizing chart by size-charts

Download the Carter’s foot and shoes size tool

Carter’s FlipFlop Size Chart

General SizeUS SizeAge RangeLength (in)Length (cm)Backstrap
XXS1-2.56 weeks-9 months3 1/2 – 4″8.9 – 10.2 cmYes
XS3-4.56-12 months4 1/8 – 4 5/8″10.5 – 11.7 cmYes
S5-6.512-24 months4 3/4 – 5 1/4″12.1 – 13.3 cmYes
M7-8.52-4 years5 1/2 – 6″14 – 15.2 cmYes
L9-10.52-4 years6 1/8 – 6 5/8″15.6 – 16.8 cmYes
XL11-12.52-8 years6 3/4 – 7 1/4″17.1 – 18.4 cmNo
XXL13-1Y (Youth)4-8 years7 1/2 – 7 3/4″19.1 – 19.7 cmNo
XXXL2Y (Youth)4-8 years8 1/8″20.6 cmNo
XXXXL3Y (Youth)4-8 years8 1/2″21.6 cmNo

How to measure your children’s foot for Carter’s shoe sizing?

How do I know my kid’s shoes size?

Measure your kid’s feet in 10 simple steps

  1. Measure your kid’s feet in the afternoon.
  2. Make them Stand When Measuring, but with smaller children, this is not needed
  3. Wear socks
  4. Be precise
  5. Measure both feet
  6. Stand on a piece of paper
  7. Start drawing
  8. Measure the length of your feet
  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    (for infants, toddlers and little kids shoes, this step is optional)
  10. Determine your kids shoe size in the conversion charts

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Carter’s sizing explained

FIRST BABY Carter’s clothes sizing explained by Haley Giddings

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