Kids Shoe Sizes to Adults Shoe Sizes: How to Convert Your Size?

You can convert your shoe size to a Kid’s Size with some simple rules: Shoes for children are made using a men’s sizing system. Move down 1.5 sizes when converting a woman’s size to a big kid’s size.. Women’s US size 5 corresponds to a child’s size 3.5. A men’s US size 3.5 is equivalent to a child’s grade school size 3.5. Find all answers in the below chart that handles conversion between Kids’ shoe Sizes to Adults Shoe Sizes

How to convert adult shoe sizes into kids shoe sizes?

Formula to convert adults to kids shoe sizes

This is the basic equation to use when converting kids’ sizes to women’s shoe sizes: your US women’s shoe size less 1.5 or 2 equals the US kids’ shoe size in women’s shoes. Men’s shoes and Kid’s shoes are the same


Listing charts and guides with Kids’ Shoe Sizes to Adults’ Shoe Sizes has many reasons. Our kids’ feet grow into adults’ shoe sizes at a certain age. However, as an adult, it might be interesting to check out children’s size as well.

Kid shoes to Women’s shoes: Girls to Women size conversion

In US shoe sizing, deduct 1.5-2 sizes from your own size to read the equivalent girls size. As we handle in many posts on this topic: Size does matter, so try before you buy and measure your feet upfront to be sure. How to measure your feet? Read it here.

Size chart from Children’s Sizes to US Sizes for Men and Women

Size does matter: The base of this conversion size chart is measuring your feet.
We only focus on US sizes because there’s no difference in EU sizes.
A size 35 for girls is exactly the same as a size 35 for women.

PRO-TIP: Converting to men’s US shoe size, women subtract 1.5 sizes from their U.S. women’s shoe size.
When you’re a U.S. women’s size 6.5. Your U.S. men’s shoe size equivalent is 5. Check our dedicated Women to Men’s shoe size conversion here

Foot Length
Foot Length
7.3″18.5 cm1313012.5
7.5″19.0 cm13.51.53113
7.7″19.5 cm1Y0.5231.513.5
7.9″20.0 cm1.5Y12.532.51
8″20.3 cm2Y1.53331.5
8.2″20.8 cm2.5Y23.5342
8.3″21.0 cm3Y2.5434.52.5
8.4″21.3 cm3.5Y34.5353
8.6″21.8 cm4Y3.5535.53.5
8.8″22.3 cm4.5Y45.5364
9″22.9 cm5Y4.56374.5
9.2″23.4 cm5.5Y56.5385
9.4″23.9 cm6Y5.57395.5
Convert sizes from measurements in cm and inches to Kids’ Sizes and the corresponding adults’ sizes

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PRO-TIP: Converting to women’s US shoe size, men can add 1.5 sizes to their U.S. men’s shoe size to get the women’s US shoe size..
When you’re a U.S. Men’s size 5.5. Your U.S. women’s shoe size equivalent is 7. Check out the dedicated Women’s to Men’s US shoe size conversion here.

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