Kids Bike Clothes Size Chart for all Ages and Heights

So, you are in a clothes store and your kid can’t stop admiring that attractive short-sleeve mountain bike jersey, but you don’t know their right size? Bike tee and pants are a great addition to your kids’ sportswear as they help them during child bike training and fun rides (skip straight to the Kids Bike Clothes Size Chart).

Kids Bike Clothes Size Chart for all Ages and Heights
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Some of the kids’ bike clothes you will find in the clothes stores include bike shorts, pants, jerseys, bike helmets, and bicycle bike tricycle shirts. Nevertheless, to offer your child a great experience, you must find the right size kids’ bike accessories or clothes.

Below are size charts to help you find a fitting kids’ bike clothes size for your child.

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Table of content of Kids Cycling clothes sizes

Kids Bike Clothes Size Chart

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Kids’ Sleeves Jersey

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Chest64 cm 25.2 in68 cm 26.8 in72 cm 28.3 in76 cm 29.9 in80 cm 31.5 in
Back39 cm  15.4 in43 cm 16.9 in47 cm 18.5 in51 cm 20.1 in55 cm 21.7 in
Sleeve28 cm 11.0 in30.5 cm 12.0 in33 cm 12.9 in33.5 cm 13.2 in38 cm 14.9 in

Kids’ Sleeve Jersey Recommended Size Chart

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2 – 3 years85 – 95 cm 32.3 – 37.4 in
3 – 4 years95 – 105 cm 37.4 – 41.3 in
4 – 5 years105 – 115 cm 41.3 – 45.3 in
5 – 6 years115 – 125 cm 45.3 – 49.2 in
6 – 7 years125 – 135 cm 49.5 – 53.1 in

Little Rider Short/Full-sleeve Jersey Size Chart

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Chest30.50 cm 12.00 in31.80 cm 12.52 in32.40 cm 12.76 in33.70 cm 13.27 in34.50 cm 13.58 in39.00 cm 15.35 in44.0 cm 17.32 in
Length41.30 cm 16.26 in42.50 cm 16.73 in44.50 cm 17.52 in46.50 cm 18.31 in54.00 cm 21.26 in60.00 cm 23.62 in67.00 cm 26.38 in
Full-sleeve length42.50 cm 16.73 in46.00 cm 18.11 in48.30 cm 19.02 in52.10 cm 20.51 in60.50 cm 23.82 in67.00 cm 26.38 in75.00 cm 29.53 in
Short-sleeve length14.50 cm 5.71 in16.00 cm 6.29 in17.50 cm 6.89 in18.70 cm 7.36 in26.70 cm 10.51 in27.30 cm 10.75 in28.00 cm 11.02 in

Little Rider Bike Gloves Size Chart

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XXS13 cm 5.1 in14.5 cm 5.7 in
XS14 cm 5.5 in15.5 cm 6.1 in
S15 cm 5.9 in16.5 cm 6.5 in
M16 cm 6.3 in17.5 cm 6.9 in
L17 cm 6.7 in18.5 cm 7.3 in
XL18 cm 7.1 in19.5 cm 7.7 in

Kids’ Tech Bike Short Size Chart

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16 in 40.6 cm12.50 in 31.8 cm5.00 in 12.7 cm
18 in 45.7 cm13.50 in 34.3 cm5.50 in 13.9 cm
20 in 50.8 cm14.50 in 36.8 cm6.00 in 15.2 cm
22 in 55.9 cm15.50 in 39.4 cm6.50 in 16.5 cm
24 in 60.9 cm16.50 in Ty41.9 cm7.00 in 17.8 cm
26 in 66.0 cm17.50 in 44.5 cm7.50 in 19.1 cm
28 in 71.1 cm18.00 in 45.7 cm8.00 in 20.3 cm
30 in 76.2 cm18.50 in 46.9 cm8.50 in 21.6 cm

Kids’ Tech Bike Pant Size Chart

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16 in 40.6 cm24.00 in 60.9 cm
18 in 45.7 cm25 .00 in 63.5 cm
20 in 50.8 cm27.00 in 68.6 cm
22 in 55.9 cm28.50 in 72.4 cm
24 in 60.9 cm30.00 in 76.2 cm
26 in 66.0 cm32.50 in 82.6 cm
28 in 71.1 cm35.00 in 88.9 cm
30 in 76.2 cm36.50 in 92.7 cm

Kids Bike Shoe Size

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12.53011.57.25 in 18.4 cm
1331127.5 in 19.1 cm
13.53212.57.625 in 19.4 cm
133137.75 in 19.7 cm
23418.125 in 20.36 cm
33528.5 in 21.6 cm
43637.87 in 22.2 cm
53749.125 in 23.3 cm
63859.5 in 24.5 cm
73969.75 in 24.8 cm

How To Choose the Right Kids Bike Clothes Size

With a wide range of options, you may find it difficult to pick the right size balance bike accessories or clothes for your kid.

Nevertheless, considering the following factors will help you find a fitting and affordable Lycra-style bike short for your bike lover.

1. Age

Before you grab that toddler boy shirt in the clothes store, you must ensure it meets your child’s age requirements. Toddler clothes offer comfort and protection, whether your baby is training or riding in the bike park.

Hence, you should ensure you purchase a toddler tee or pant that is comfortable for their skin and function. You should also consider getting them appealing Toddler Motocross attire or BMX Toddler T-Shirt to make the experience more fun!

2. Price Range

While you want to give your child the best, you don’t want to break the bank for a Ride Toddler Raglan. You can find affordable girl bike shorts or liner, for example, outlet akin prodigy bike shorts – kids’$39.73.

Nevertheless, if you can afford expensive, top-quality bike designs, child-size clothes, or accessories for balance bikes; go for them!

3. Protection

The right kids’ bike clothes size must be accompanied by protective gear to ensure your child is safe if an accident happens. You should shop for Wild Child Bike gear such as helmets and encourage your child to practice the right helmet habit.

4. Comfort

Besides getting your child their favorite color bike tee, you have to analyze whether it will offer them the comfort they need when riding in the bike park.

Similar to adult bikes, kids’ bikes have specific clothing requirements, including jersey material, glove size, and accessories ergonomics. So, when buying kids’ liners or gloves, ensure you find one that will provide aeration, easy grip, or comfortable movement.

Learn more about choosing cycling clothing for children (video)

Cycling clothing… for children (by Cuore) by ridemedia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do kids bike clothes shrink?

Yes, kids bike clothes can shrink if you wash them with hot water. However, the Spandex material tends to snap back to its initial size and maintain its elasticity.

How tight should kids bike shorts be?

Your kid’s bike shirt should fit snugly. This tightness offers aerodynamics that reduces air resistance, helping your child ride faster and further with less effort.

Are there baby bike jerseys?

Yes, you can find baby bike jerseys in different online or physical clothes stores, including Amazon and Little Rider. You can get a wide range here at affordable prices if you need long-sleeve jerseys, shorts, pants, or protective gear.


Finding the right kids’ bike clothes size for your child can be an uphill task, especially if you are working on a tight budget. But thanks to the kids’ bike clothe and protective gear chart sizes, they offer you all the info you need to find the right fit for your child.

Besides getting a matching size, you can choose from a range of colors. So, whether your kid prefers bright colors or black bike shorts, you can find a suitable garment for them.

All you need to do is ask for help in the comments below if you get stuck. And, our professionals will guide you to find the best bike clothes set for your kid!

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