Shimano Shoe Size Chart

A World-known brand of cycling components, Shimano is a Japanese conglomerate, dedicated to cycling, fishing, and much more… In the below Shimano Shoe Size chart, you’ll get all your answers on shoe sizing, dimension, and fitting of your new pair of Shimano Cycling Shoes.

Shimano shoes fit true-to-size.

Finding a shoe for cycling is more demanding than a pair of casual shoes or sneakers. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to measure your foot length to get started.

However, if it’s your first time purchasing footwear from Shimano, we highly recommend starting by measuring the length of your feet and checking with the Simano Sizing chart below.

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Men Shimano Shoe Size Chart

As a first-time buyer, we suggest starting with measuring your feet. How to measure your foot?
Over time, people’s feet change shape and size, so it’s no harm to remeasure your feet frequently.

EUUSHeel to toe
36422.5 cm
374.523 cm
37.5523.5 cm
385.523.7 cm
38.55.524.2 cm
39624.5 cm
39.5624.7 cm
406.525.2 cm
40.5725.5 cm
417.525.8 cm
41.5826.3 cm
428.526.5 cm
42.5927 cm
43927.3 cm
43.59.527.5 cm
441028 cm
44.51028.3 cm
4510.528.6 cm
45.51129 cm
4611.529.3 cm
46.511.529.6 cm
471230 cm
481330.5 cm
491331 cm
501431.5 cm

Women Shimano Shoe Size Chart

EUUSHeel to toe
36522.5 cm
375.523 cm
37.5623.5 cm
386.523.7 cm
38.5724 cm
397.524.5 cm
39.57.524.7 cm
40825.2 cm
40.58.525.5 cm
418.525.7 cm
41.5926.2 cm
429.526.5 cm
42.51026.8 cm
4310.527.2 cm
43.51127.5 cm
441127.8 cm

Shimano cycling shoe sizing by range

Shimano Men’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Entry-level modelsFoot length in mm – Mid-range modelsFoot length in mm – High-end models
Shimano Women’s Road & MTBFoot length in mm – Mid-range models

How to measure your feet for Shimano Shoes

We always recommend measuring both feet, so you can convert shoe sizes between the US, UK, and European size systems: Here’s a simple how-to post about it.

Probably you don’t feel like reading or quickly want your Shimano size.
To make it easy, we summed up our tips to measure your feet:

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.

    Feet tend to swell during the day, so it’s best to take feet measurements in the afternoon

  2. Stand When Measuring

    Due to the pressure of the body, your feet take their real size. For wheelchair users, it’s not needed to stand up to take shoe size measurement

  3. Wear socks

    Most shoes are worn with socks, so it’s advisable to wear socks while measuring your feet. Especially Cycling shoes require socks, don’t forget to wear them

  4. Be precise

  5. Measure both feet

    People’s left and right feet are never 100% equal in size. the final shoe size is determined by the measurement of your biggest foot.

  6. Stand on a piece of paper

    Again, for wheelchair users this step can be skipped

  7. Start drawing

    Put your pen or pencil straight onto the paper you’re drawing on.

  8. Measure the length of your feet

    use a simple ruler to measure the length from toe to heel.

  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    (for infants, toddlers and little kids shoes, this step is optional)

  10. Determine your size in the conversion charts

    Check the Shimano Shoe sizing for men, women, and kids

Do Shimano shoes run wide or narrow?

It’s only recently that Shimano started offering different widths..

Most Shimano Cycling shoes are made with a snug, form-fitting, and sometimes even constricting fit. So, people with wider foot dimensions should be cautious.

Want to learn more about width sizing in shoes? Read our post here

Are Shimano shoes true to size?

Shimano shoes and boots run mainly true to size.
As the shoes are for cycling it’s best to keep your size. Cycling shoes are made to feel snug around your feet.

Shimano Cycling Shoes Size explained (video)

Shimano Cycling shoe sizing by Global Cycling Network