Gucci Bracelet Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Men and Women

Gucci is one of the most iconic fashion brands worldwide and bracelets are one of the many fashion items they produce. Like any other clothing item, size is crucial and you definitely need to find a bracelet size that will fit you perfectly according to your size (skip straight to the Gucci bracelet size chart).

In this post, we’ll show you how to find your perfect Gucci bracelet size. We’ll also provide instructions on returning or exchanging a bracelet if it doesn’t fit properly. 

Gucci Bracelet Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Men and Women
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Gucci Bracelet Table of Content

What is Gucci bracelet size chart?

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To find your bracelet size, you will need to measure the inside circumference of your wrist. Once you have that measurement, find the corresponding size on the charts below. If your measurement falls between two sizes, we recommend using the larger size.  

If you’re still having trouble determining your size, the customer service team of the brand you are buying from should offer you help. Just send them a message and they’ll certainly be happy to assist you. And all the best as you go about getting the right bracelet size that fits and matches your style! 

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Gucci bracelet size chart

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What size of Gucci bracelet should I get?

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This question can also be phrased as Gucci bracelet size am i. The size of your bracelet is essential to consider when purchasing. Just like with clothes, not all sizes fit all people. 

If you’re in between sizes, weight is also of importance, we recommend sizing up for a looser fit or sizing down for a more snug fit. 

How to measure your wrist for a Gucci bracelet

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To find your perfect fit, you’ll need to measure your wrist. The best way to measure your wrist for a Gucci bracelet is to use a soft tape measure or a piece of string.

Wrap a soft measuring tape snugly around your wrist just below the knuckles. Then, wrap the tape measure or string snugly around your wrist, making sure to keep the tape measure or string parallel to the ground. Write down the measurement, mark where the string meets, and then use a ruler to get the exact measurement. Don’t include your hand in the measurement. The resulting number is your bracelet size.  

If you don’t have a soft tape measure or a piece of string, you can also use a regular ruler. Just wrap the ruler around your wrist and make a mark at the point where it meets. Then, measure the length from that mark to the end of the ruler. 

Learn more about how to measure your wrist for the bracelet (video)

HOW to find your bracelet size!!! (FROM HOME) by JACOJE LYNX

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the size 18 of the Gucci bracelet?

The Gucci bracelet size 18 typically fits a 6.5-inch wrist. If you have a larger or smaller wrist, you may need to size up or down. 

To find the size of your Gucci bracelet, you’ll need to measure the inside circumference of your wrist. To do this, as we have seen already, use a soft measuring tape or piece of string to wrap around your wrist snugly, then measure the resulting length against a ruler. 

Other popular sizes are 19, Gucci size 20 bracelet, and Gucci ghost bracelet size 18. 

If you’re in between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Can I adjust the size of the Gucci bracelet?

Yes! You can adjust your bracelet size at home to fit your wrist perfectly. 

There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to find a links removal tool or bracelet size adjuster, which is a small, metal tool that helps you remove links from the chain. If you don’t have one of these, you can also use needle-nose pliers or a small pair of flat-nosed pliers. 

Once you have the tool, it’s simply a case of finding the link you want to remove and gently squeezing the sides together until it pops open. Then, remove the link and reattach it in the opposite direction. This will create more slack and make the bracelet bigger. 

How can you tell if a Gucci bracelet is real?

There are a few simple ways to tell if a Gucci bracelet is real or not. The first is to look at the quality of the materials used. Gucci is known for using high-quality materials in all of its products, so if you’re inspecting a bracelet and it doesn’t seem quite as luxurious as you’d expect, it’s likely not authentic. 

The second way to tell is by checking the stamping. Gucci bracelets always have an impressed stamp on the inside that says “GUCCI” in capital letters. The bracelet is likely not authentic if you don’t see this stamp. 

The last way to tell is by checking the construction of the bracelet. Authentic Gucci bracelets, be it in specific countries like Australia or even those bought online e.g Amazon or Aliexpress,  have a thick, sturdy feel to them and are typically well-made. If the bracelet seems flimsy or poorly constructed, it’s likely not real. 

Does Gucci make man bracelets?

While Gucci is more well-known for its ladies’ jewelry, they also make some masculine pieces. This includes bracelets, which are often made from leather and come in various colors, for example, black. 

So, if you’re a man looking for a Gucci bracelet like the Alex Trebek, you can definitely find one Gucci bracelet man size that will fit your style. Just be sure to measure your wrist accurately to get a perfect size. 


When looking for the right size of a Gucci bracelet, it’s important to measure your wrist and find the corresponding size. Gucci offers a variety of bracelets, some with a snug fit and others with a more relaxed fit. If you’re unsure of your bracelet size, you can always visit a Gucci store or contact customer service. With the right size Gucci bracelet, you can wear your favorite style with confidence.

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