Gap Size Chart for Men: All GAP sizing In One Place

The Gap, Inc. commonly known as Gap Inc. or Gap (stylized as GAP ), is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer.  The gap is a global retailer of original styles of clothing and apparel. Gap subsidiaries include Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, Hill City, and Intermix (skip straight to the Gap Size Chart For Men Tops And Outerwear).

Some of their long-related brands include Levi’s among others. Knowing your “Gap Size” goes a long way in making your clothes shopping much easier. If you do a lot of online apparel shopping, accurate body measurements using a tape measure are necessary. The actual tape you choose doesn’t matter that much.

Gap Size Chart for Men: All GAP sizing In One Place
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Gap Size Chart for Men Table of Content

Gap Size Chart For Men’s Tops And Outerwear

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Gap Men’s clothes are true to size, but it’s best to take your feet length or body measurements.

Gap makes great casual shirts, Polo shirts, regular shirts, and collared shirts for men. Their lineup for women includes dress shirts. Anyway, to find the correct size for men’s tops, regardless of the urban style or your preferred select styles you just need to wrap an actual tape measure around your chest.

The customer service at Gap stores globally can help you fit into an exclusive size by also measuring and getting you the right size neck and sleeve.

To measure your chest yourself, lift your arms slightly and measure around your body (without a shirt is best), crossing over the fullest part of your chest.

InternationalUS &UKEUChest (In)Chest (Cm)

GAP Clothes Styling Ideas for Men (video)

alpha m. Store Style Breakdown | The GAP by Alpha m.

Gap Size Chart For Men’s Bottoms

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Keeping the tape measure taut, try to note the numeric size in centimeters after wrapping a durable tape measure around the waist. Measure around your waist where your pants usually fall. Keep one finger between the tape and your body to ensure an accurate fit. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and hold it alongside a ruler.

InternationalUKEUJapanWaist (In)Waist (Cm)

Favorite pants like tracksuit pants and comfortable training pants are usually made of soft material and can be one size smaller but may be tight in the crutch.

Gap Size Chart For Men’s Footwear

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Gap men’s slipper sizes and shoe sizes are based on foot length. There is a size labeled as “12.5”, this size is available only in the US. 

USUKEUJapanFoot (In)Foot (Cm)
12.5   11.3728.7

Gap Size Chart For Men’s Belt

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Belt sizes are also based on waist measurements, but with a twist. The length of your belt has to be more than the size of your waist. The belt needs to go around you and still have some space left to hook onto itself. Gap has taken out all that trouble and made belts for each natural waist size.

InternationalWaist (In)Waist (Cm)

Gap Size Chart For Men’s Hat

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Hat sizes are determined by head circumference. Find the widest part of our head and measure around it. This is usually the part that includes your forehead and the back of your head is always above the make of the neck.

Many experts suggest the “ear to ear” measurement to simplify things. Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your head from ear to ear with a tape measure.

Winter hats by Gap have only one size, the L/XL size. 

InternationalHead (In)Head (Cm)

Gap Size Chart For Men’s Gloves

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Glove sizes are based on hand width. Wrap the tape measure around your and but excluding your thumb. If you have problems excluding the thumb, then use the “over the back” method. Use a tape measure to measure the dominant hand above your thumb, around the back of your hand.

InternationalHand (In)Hand (Cm)

Frequently Asked Questions of Gap Size Chart for Men

What size is large in Gap?

Large gap tops are made for a chest circumference of 42-44 inches (107-112 cm). Gap’s bottoms of size large are made with waist measurements of 37-39 inches (94-99 cm)

Is mens 36 large or XL?

Gap’s top marked as 36 is extra small (XS), however, a bottom marked as 36 is Large (L).

Is mens 34 medium or large?

Men’s size 34 is a “medium” size. Although it is the largest medium.

What size is XL in Gap?

Extra large tops have a chest circumference of 45-48 inches (114-122 cm) and extra large bottoms have a waist circumference of 40-43 inches (102-109 cm).


Gap shopping can be fun and can also be frustrating. Online apparel shopping can be simplified by reaching out to customer service or browsing the options. Physical Gap stores usually have a sales representative to assist customers.

How about you let us know how your particular journey went? Let us know what you found by leaving behind a comment and help everyone out by sharing the article.

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