Ralph Lauren Men Size Chart & Fitting Guide for Clothes & Shoes

The Ralph Lauren home collection of men’s wear is the Polo Ralph Lauren. Then there is the Purple label, which is designed for a more tapered fit than Polo Ralph Lauren. After the Purple Label comes to the Black Label. The black label is meant to be the executive look. It has a fuller sleeve and appears more modern in appearance than the Purple Label (skip straight to the Ralph Lauren Men Size Charts). 

Ralph Lauren Men Size Chart & Fitting Guide for Clothes & Shoes size-charts.com
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Apart from the three collections above, there are three performance-themed collections. Polo Tennis is sewn with comfortable, performance-driven fabrics. Polo Golf is popular clothing designed as a relaxed fit that offers supreme comfort during body movements. Lastly, there is the Polo RLX.

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Summary of Ralph Lauren Men Size

Ralph Lauren Men Size Chart

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Size Chart For Men’s Tops

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Polo Ralph’s measurements for the regular men’s tops are listed below. These measurements are also valid for Purple Label, Black Label, Polo Tennis, Polo Golf, and Polo RLX. Polo Ralph Lauren slim fit sizes have tighter sleeves and smaller neck sizes. 

LabelChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
S34 – 3686 – 9128 – 3071 – 76
M38 – 4097 – 10231 – 3479 – 86
L42 – 44107 – 11235 – 3889 – 97
XL46 – 48117 – 12240 – 42102 – 107
XXL50 – 52127 – 13243 – 45109 – 114

Ralph Lauren Size Chart For Men’s Big And Tall Tops

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The sizes meant for bigger men are marked with the letter X, while the sizes meant for taller men are marked with the letter L. Size 1X is the smallest of the big sizes and is almost identical to size XL on the regular scale.

LabelChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
1X46 – 48117 – 12242 – 44107 – 112
2X50 – 52127 – 13246 – 48117 – 122
3X54 – 56137 – 14250 – 52127 – 132
4X58 – 60147 – 15254 – 56137 – 142
5X62 – 64157 – 16358 – 60147 – 152
6X66 – 68168 – 17362 – 64157 – 163
L42 – 44107 – 11236 – 3891 – 97
LX46 – 48117 – 12240 – 42102 – 107
2L50 – 52127 – 13244 – 46112 – 117
3L54 – 56137 – 14248 – 50122 – 127
4L58 – 60147 – 15252 – 54132 – 137

Size Chart For Big And Tall Ralph Lauren Belts

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LabelWaist (In)Waist (Cm)
L38 – 4097 – 102
XL42 – 44107 – 112
1X44 – 50112 – 127
2X52 – 56132 – 142
3X58 – 62147 – 157

Polo Ralph Suits sizes

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LabelChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)

Polo Ralph Belts

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LabelWaist (In)Waist (Cm)
S30 – 3276 – 81
L36 – 3891 – 97

Purple Label Suits And Jackets

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LabelChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)

Purple Label Trousers

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Bottom sizes hold true for all collections. Polo Ralph Lauren’s jeans sizes might appear tighter because of the material they are made of, but they conform to the customer’s body shape and later become a better fit.

LabelWaist (In)Waist (Cm)

Purple Label Belts

LabelWaist (In)Waist (Cm)
S30 – 3276 – 81
L36 – 3891 – 97

Black Label Suits And Jackets

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LabelChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)

How To Know What Ralph Lauren Size Clothing or Shoes is Right for You (How to Use The Size Guides)

How do I know my Ralph Lauren Clothing Size?

Accurate body measurement is critical to selecting the appropriate garment size. Men’s and women’s measurements are generally different; men’s measurements include the chest, neck, arm, and waist, while women’s measurements include the bust, waist, and hips.  The best and most complete post on how to measure your body for clothing sizes


When getting fitted for a shirt, getting the chest measurement is crucial. You’ll need to keep a tape measure handy to accomplish this. you are using a  tape measure over the broadest region of your chest under your arms.


To take neck measures, wrap the measuring tape around your Adam’s apple in the center of your neck. Leave the tape a bit loose to make the shirt more comfortable; remember to keep the tape horizontal to avoid errors.


When getting fitted for a shirt, the arm measurement is also crucial. Place your hand on your hip and bend your elbow 90 degrees. Place a durable tape measure in the middle of your neck. Measure your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist. Your sleeve length is the whole length.

Size Waist

Waist measurements are crucial when getting fitted for a bottom (pants, jeans, skirts, boxers, etc.). To acquire your waist measurement, measure around your natural waistline with the tape a little loose.


For women’s bottoms, hip measurements are incredibly crucial. Measure around the broadest area of your hips while standing with your feet together.


Rise measurements determine the length of the bottoms, especially for long jeans and pants. Rise measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam to get the rise measurement.


The length of the bottoms is determined by the rise measurement, which is especially important for long jeans and pants. To get the rise measurement, measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam.

Foot Length

To calculate your foot length, sit in a straight chair with your knees bent at a 90° angle to the floor. Afterward, have someone take your foot’s length from the longest toe (usually the big toe) to the sole.

If no one else is around to assist, place your foot on a sheet of paper and accurately outline it with a pen or marker. Measure from the most prominent toe to the sole with a measuring tape.

Size Chart For Ralph Lauren’s Shoes

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Shoe size is a measure of foot length and not width.

USUKEUFoot (In)Foot (Cm)

How to measure your feet for Ralph Lauren Shoes sizing?

How do i know my Ralph Lauren shoe size?

How to understand shoe width with more parameters can be found here.
Find out How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.
    Your feet swell during the day. It’s best to measure your feet at their fullest
  2. Stand When Measuring
    When in a wheelchair there’s no pressure on the feet, so it’s unnecessary to stand up.
  3. Wear socks
    In many shoes you most probably wear socks. Make sure you wear socks when you measure your feet.
  4. Be precise
  5. Measure both feet
    Measure your left and right foot separately as they’re not the same length. Take the biggest measurement to determine your shoe Size
  6. Stand on your piece of paper
    Keeping your body weight over your foot, trace a thin line around the outside of your entire foot.
  7. Start drawing
    When drawing the line, hold the pen perpendicular to the ground.
  8. Measure the length of your feet
    Measure vertically down the length of your foot tracing. This is your foot length.
  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    Measure horizontally across the widest part of your foot tracing. This is your foot width.
  10. Determine your shoe size in the conversion charts
    Start from the measurement in inches or centimeters and define your size in the charts for men or women

Check out this new Ralph Lauren Men collection for Winter/Fall (video)

RALPH LAUREN | The Fall/Winter 2022 Collection | An Evening with Ralph Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Frequently Asked Questions

What is size S in Ralph Lauren?

For their tops, the size Lauren marks as “S” is also marked with the number 14 or 14½. This site is made for a neck measurement of 14 to 14.5 inches (35.5 to 37 cm), and a chest measurement of 34 to 36 inches (86.5 to 92 cm).

The Ralph Lauren bottoms marked as size “S” are made for a waist measurement of 28 to 30 inches (71 to 76 cm)

What size is XL in Ralph Lauren men’s clothes?

XL is the overlap of the end of regular sizes and the beginning of plus sizes. Ralph tops for men marked as “XL” are made for men with a chest measurement of 46 to 48 inches (117 to 122 cm).

Are Ralph Lauren men’s sizes true to size?

Yes. It must be noted though, that Ralph puts effort into each individual body shape. Clothing will fit better if you consider your very own body shape. To even improve fit, they sell customizable merchandise. Customers can purchase custom polos and a few other customs wears. You can give your body measurements to any of their official outlets and get a piece of clothing that has been made for the exact size of those body measurements. 

Polo Ralph is confident collection merchandise of Ralph. They have highly favorable customer reviews because they are known for selling slim polos with product measurements tailored to each body type’s accurate body measurement. They also offer in-between sizes for each individual product type. Simply put, whether the customer has a rounder or leaner body, he can buy any classic polos and have a true-sized fit.

Do Ralph Lauren men’s sizes run big or small?

They offer a tighter sizing scheme referred to as “slim”, these sizes are the ones that run small. They also offer a more loose sizing scheme referred to as “extended sizes”, these larger sizes run big when compared to the typical sizing schemes.


Like every other comfort-driven brand, Lauren has a customer assistance feature in all its virtual stores and store services designed to answer customer questions. Applicable offers have a returns policy. The return policy is valid only when claimed within a certain count of business days.

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