Fendi Belt Size Chart

The need for a Fendi belt size chart

Finding the right Fendi belt size looks simple, but the reality is the opposite. Many think it’s as simple as using the same size as the waist, although it’s not. Let us help you first understand how Fendi belt sizes work with a page about the Fendi Belt Sizing on this page you will find:

The first thing we need to make clear: your belt size is not the same as your trousers’ size. You will find here everything you need to know about golf belts. Click here for a general belt size conversion chart.

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About Fendi

Adele and Edoardo Fendi founded their namesake line in 1925, opening a boutique next to the workshop where Adele crafted leather accessories inspired by the work of Roman master saddlers. By the 1960s, the brand’s experimentations with furs and leather would make its coats, bags, and shoes synonymous with Italian craftsmanship and postwar style. Today, granddaughter Silvia Venturini Fendi continues the family’s tradition of modernity with an irreverent and artistic approach that reflects the brand’s history. Innovatively treated fabrics are complemented by playful leather accessories like the cult favorite fur Bag Bug and Monster Eye keychains. Fendi has extended these iconic motifs and patterns to jewelry, textile accessories, and iPhone cases, igniting classic designs with a modern flair. Sustaining the house’s tradition of Italian craftsmanship, Fendi continues its unparalleled legacy of contemporary luxury.

The Fendi Belt Size Chart

Belts are sized in centimeters. To determine your Fendi belt size, we recommend measuring your favorite belt from the buckle to the hole you use most (for example, if you measure 85cm from these 2 points your Fendi size is 85. Noting that 85cm is from the buckle hole to the middle hole on the Fendi belt strap, not the total length of the belt strap). Or, determine where you wear your belt most comfortably and measure at this point. The Fendi Belt Size Chart:

US Belt Size
European Belt Size
International Size
International Size

Fendi Belt Review

Check out this cristal clear review about Fendi belt by Brunette B . Below, she is going to review her favorite belt from fendi

General Belt Information

Over time, leather belts tend to stretch. Braided belts or belts made out of synthetic or Vegan leathers even more so. It’s good to keep in mind that a belt that feels a little tight initially will likely wear more comfortably over time.

How to clean your belts

Regular cleaning can be done with a wet cloth.

How to clean your belts

  1. Wipe the belt down with a damp cloth.

    For most cleaning, start with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. Wipe down the belt, focusing on any dirty areas. You can also just try a dry cloth if the belt isn’t too dirty.

  2. Purchase saddle soap or another leather cleaner.

    Using a cleaner designed for leather is always the best choice. Saddle soap is a traditional leather cleaner, and it will suffice. However, you can also use another cleaner specifically designed for leather, as well.

  3. Add a little cleaner to a clean cloth.

    It can help to start with a very slightly damp cloth. Add a little cleaner. If the cleaner is in a tub, like saddle soap usually is, you may need to rub the cloth in the cleaner to work up a light lather.

  4. Rub the cleaner into the leather.

    Try to follow the grain, and don’t rub too hard. Once you’ve rubbed it in, use a clean part of the cloth or another lightly damp cloth to wipe up the excess.

  5. Let it dry overnight.

    It’s best to leave the belt overnight so it has time to absorb all of the polish or cleaner. That way, it will stay on the belt instead of transferring to your hands or clothes, damaging them.

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