Bomber Jacket size Chart And Fit Guide

A nice, perfectly fitting bomber jacket gives an instant sense of cool wear. No wonder trend lovers and fashionistas have been sporting this magnificent look with passion, since time immemorial. Check out the Bomber Jacket Size Chart and Fitting Guide.

A trendy bomber jacket is no doubt a wardrobe essential for many, a tried-and-authentic piece of apparel that never goes out of style. Pundits may predict the comeback of one trend or the birth of another, but the most fabulous bomber jackets continue to reign supreme. 

Bomber Jackets Sizing Table of Content

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Origins and Evolution of the Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is now a generic word for a collection of garment qualities formed from military issue jackets, supplied to personnel in the first part of the twentieth century. Even though the original bomber jacket was created to keep the user warm in extremely low weather, most modern bomber jackets maintain many of the same elements that made them so famous in the first place. 

Sheepskin, leather, or cloth are commonly used to make the jacket. The jacket has waist size, elasticized cuffs, and a hem secured with a zipper or buttons. The collar may be turned up and locked around the throat for more weather protection. 

The bomber jacket, like many other military-based clothes, has the name derived from its primary use. Flying in the early days of aviation was a cold and windy activity due to the open cockpits of planes. The military created heavy insulation, tight fasteners around the waist, wrist, neck, and a robust, weather-resistant exterior to protect pilots from severe circumstances. Flight jackets were made of fur sheepskin, and strong leather during World War I since the performance materials were all-natural materials.  

Role of Bomber Jacket Chart

Purchasing a bomber jacket might be more complicated than it appears. It might be challenging to get the correct fit, especially if you can’t try it on in the store. Whether you are looking for larger, tall, or regular sizes, a bomber jacket chart and size guide will always be vital. This chart can help you find the right fit. Please take the necessary body measurements and match them to the appropriate size in the size chart.

Here is a general bomber jacket chart for both women and men to guide you;

Women’s bomber jacket size chart

Sleeves length22.4256.9523.4259.4924.4262.0325.4264.5626.4267.12
Chest  (circumference)39.2999.8041.29104.8843.29109.9645.29115.0447.29120.12
Bottom (circumference )36.2191.9738.2197.0540.21102.1342.21107.2144.21112.30

Men’s bomber jacket size chart

Sleeves length23.42 59.4924.4262.0325.4264.5726.4267.1127.4269.65
Chest  (circumference)41.29104.8843.29109.9645.29115.0447.29120.1249.29125.20
Bottom (circumference )38.2197.0540.21102.1342.21107.2144.21112.2946.21117.37

When you take time to measure your jacket size, you’ll have the numbers you need to shop for well-fitting clothes. You’ll need to take measurements of your chest, waist, shoulders, arms, and back to determine your size. Once you have these measurements, you may compare them to a brand’s size chart to choose a jacket that is an excellent fit for you. That is why it is vital to use the bomber jacket chart. 

Here is a summary of the benefits of using a bomber jacket chart;

  • A bomber jacket chart will help you get a perfect size, faster.
  • When shopping online, a bomber jacket chart and fit guide will help you to match your accurate body measurements to the appropriate size in the size chart.

Other common charts include regular tops size chart, petite bottoms size chart, petite tops size chart, charts for blind users, bottoms size chart table, etc.  

How To Take Measurements 

Because bomber jackets are sold worldwide, there isn’t a size chart for each location. After years of expertise, some companies now have their size chart that caters more to American sizes, although customers from Europe, Asia, and Australia may also purchase similar coats using the same size charts. 

Are there different charts for different locations?

Depending on your location, there might be specialized charts especially for Europe and North America. You might also find that if you are a Medium, a Large could fit; an XL could fit you if you are a Large etc. The trick is to compare your physical dimensions to the size chart.

For example, if your actual chest size is 40 inches, you should choose a jacket with a chest size of 44 inches. There must always be a 4 -inch discrepancy between the garment and the actual body size. This is because a bomber jacket is an outwear and clothing is worn below it. If your accurate chest measurement is 42, you should select the Medium jacket; if it is 44, you should choose the Large jacket. 

You might also want to consider other factors such as belt size, shoe size, assistive features, glove size, pants waist size, boot size, jeans sizes, the size on shirts, etc. These will go a long way to help you find a jacket that not only fits but also flows well with your preferences.

Does measuring differ across men and women?

The concept of measuring is the same for both men’s and women’s bomber jacks. But there can be differences in details which then make it necessary to separate the two. 

Let’s start off with men

Chest/bust size

To get the most excellent measurement for the circumference of your chest/bust, start at the top of your chest and wrap the measuring tape all the way around, from below your armpits to the back, keeping the measuring tape straight back to the front.

Shoulders size

Using a tape measure, measure from shoulder edge to shoulder edge preferably from behind, with both hands straight down to the sides. Keep the measuring tape draped over the shoulder blades from one tip to the other, from the top and behind the neck.

Sleeves Size

Sleeves are measured from the border of the shoulders to the mid-palm. It is critical to measure below the knuckles and at the mid-palm, which may be done by standing straight.


Place the tape above or slightly below the belly button, along the natural waistline where the pants belt is generally tied, using the same approach as the chest measurement.

Hips Size

You should measure around the broadest area of your hips with your feet together.

The following measurements might be considered, if necessary, especially for customized jackets.

  • Biceps: Measure the most extensive hand section between the elbow and the shoulders by wrapping the measuring tape around the upper arm.
  • Length: Stand straight and hold one of the measuring tape ends to the collar’s base till the mid-back or more.

Measurements for Women’s Bomber Jackets size

As mentioned earlier, the concept is the same, but use the below general guide to ensure accurate measurements.

Remove any heavy garments such as baggy pants or sweaters,  as these might affect your measures, which should be taken as near to your body as feasible. Here now is a guide on how to measure the different areas of your body.


To take your bust measurements, wrap the tape around your bust or the largest region of your chest. If you’re searching for a more casual jacket, add one inch to your chest measurement. Casual jackets are usually loose-fitting. As you take your measures, make sure the tape is held level at all times. Clothing companies often cut the chest of a  bomber jacket 10.16 cm longer than their estimate of your chest size. This is why the chest size does not always correspond to the jacket size.


Find the circumference of your natural waist by leaning to one side to locate the natural crease of your waist. The crease will be higher than where you ordinarily wear your jeans, usually right below your rib cage and above your belly button. Measure around your torso at the location of the crease, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. If your jacket has buttons, it should fasten smoothly and comfortably over your natural waist. This explains why getting your waist measurement perfect is so important.


To determine the breadth of your shoulders, maintain a natural, relaxed posture. Then measure the size range of your shoulders by stretching the tape measure horizontally over the back of your shoulders. This measurement is significant since the shoulder of your bomber jacket should rest flat and not bunch up or droop down over your upper bicep. You’ll often observe creases or lumps in the sleeves and upper sections of a garment if the shoulder doesn’t fit properly. Place your hand on your hip and bend your arm to determine sleeve length. Measure from the bone at the base of your neck to your wrist. This is the length of your jacket sleeve.


To find the circumference of your hips, start with one hip, wrap the tape measure around the other, and then link it to where you started.  Wrap the tape measure around the broadest region of your hips, then around your buttocks.

Body length

To get your optimal length, start at the top of your shoulder and measure down.  Begin at the top of your shoulder and stretch your measuring tape down the front of your chest. Stop measuring at the point where you want the jacket to end. 

Look up the size chart for the store you’re buying from. Most companies will publish size charts with accurate measurements for their clothing. Be sure to match your measurements to the correct size, with chest width being one of the most significant. You can also measure pants, find your regular inseam size, natural bend, size in shirts, arm length inch, neckline inch, palm circumference, etc.


Bomber jackets have a long history dating back to fighter pilots, World Wars, and stylish military uniforms. You can find select styles such as heritage styles, L-2B flight jackets, etc. They are equally ageless, making them more than just a style!

Bomber jackets for men and women have evolved over many decades all the way to the modern trends where they are now available in various materials, colors, and styles to suit everyone. With no boundaries, the bomber jacket style is as popular as any other famous fashion staple worldwide. 

Keep in mind that after you’ve chosen the perfect style, double-check to ensure that it fits properly and check the above bomber jacket size charts.

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