High Collar Jacket Chart And Sizing Guide for high neck Jackets

When selecting a high collar jacket, there are some important considerations that need to be made. Confused about where to start? Fret not! We have created this high neck jacket chart to make it easier to find the perfect fit.

This blog post will provide you with a high neck jacket chart and sizing guide so that you’ll find the correct size for your body type.

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High Neck Jacket Chart For Men

A high collar jacket is designed to cover a person’s neck and chest area. Generally, jackets that come with a high collar like this are for women and men. The reason that the sizing chart is different for men and women is that it is designed for different body sizes.

 Check the size chart for men below:

Men’s Top Chart Sizes
US Letter SizingEuropean SizeBody Length ChestWaistHeight
S4666-67167.64-170.233-3583.82 -88.927-2968.58-73.665’4” – 5’8”162.56 – 172.72 
M4868172.7236-3891.44-96.5230-3276.2-81.285’8-6’172.72 – 182.88
L5069-70175.3-177.839-4199.06-104.1433-3583.82-88.95’8’6’172.72 – 182.88
XL5271-72180.3-182.942-44106.68-111.7636-3891.44-96.525’8’6172.72 – 182.88
XXL5473-74185.4-187.9646-48116.84-121.9239-4199.06-104.145’8’6172.72 –

Note: Measurements are estimated according to standard sizes. Some brands measure differently than others, so make sure you look at the product description before you order.

Sleeve length measurement is important when buying a high neck jacket because it determines the arm length of the jacket. Longer sleeves are often desired, but it is also important to make sure that the sleeves are not too long, as this can make them difficult to move in.

Below is a chart for the sleeve length measurement when buying a high neck jacket.

US Letter SizingEuropean Jacket SizesRegular Sizing Long SizeExtra Long
S4633.5″85.095’7″-5’10”35″ 88.95’11”-6’3″36.5”92.716’3″-6’7″

High Neck Jacket Chart For Women

In terms of body measurements, women have shorter sleeves, smaller in the chest and in the waist. Check the size chart for women below:

 High Neck Jacket Sizing Chart For Women
US Letter SizeBody LengthBust HemSleeve LengthShoulder Numerical Size
S24.026129.1 – 40.274 – 10224.46224.86312.6324-6
M24.46230.7 – 41.778 – 10626662563.513338-10
L24.86332.3 – 43.382 – 11027.67025.26413.43412-14
XL25.26433.9 – 44.986 – 11429.17425.464.513.83516-18

High collar Jacket Chart For Toddlers

Toddlers are often measured for high neck sweaters because that is the only way to keep them warm. They are tiny, frail, and their necks are tiny, making it impossible for them to wear winter clothing without a high neck of some kind. Check the high collar jacket size chart for toddlers below: 


What To Measure When Purchasing A High Neck Jacket?

The best way to ensure a good fit is by taking your own body measurements before purchasing an article of clothing. High-neck jackets are meant to be worn snugly against the skin in order to stay in place during wear. If you want to wear a larger size, it is best to go up a size, rather than down. 

To choose the perfect size, you must know the measurement guide below: 

Bust Measurement

This is measured by placing the measuring tape horizontally under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust.

Tip: Make sure to take your measurements while wearing undergarments that you would wear underneath the jacket itself. The preferred underwear is usually lightweight, but this depends on the thickness of the fabric used in making the high-neck jacket. 

Waist Measurement

This is measured by placing the measuring tape at your natural waist, which is found above where you would wear a belt on pants or skirts (the narrowest point).

Tip: When measuring your body, the tape measure should be snug, but not too firm. This ensures an accurate measurement of your true body size.

Arm circumference

To find this, wrap the measuring tape around the arm, just under the elbow.

Body Length

This is measured by placing the tape measure against your body while you stand straight up and measuring from the top of your head to where you would like the jacket hem to fall.

Sleeve Length

High collar jackets usually have long sleeves. If you would like them shortened, measure the distance from your wrist to where you want the sleeve hem to fall and add an inch or two for ease in fit.


This can be measured from the collarbone to the top of one shoulder, then across your shoulder blade down to where it meets the opposite shoulder. High-neck jackets have narrow shoulders. If you would like the fit to have freedom of shoulder movement, measure your shoulder width and add an inch or two.


Having an accurate measurement of the inseam of a jacket is important as it will affect how it fits around your waist. It is always important to check the product description for accurate measurements before buying.

Trendy High Collar Jacket Styles

Brands come up with jackets designs in a variety of styles and materials. It is important to take into consideration the purpose of your high neck jacket, what type of material you are looking for, how much you want to spend, and your preferred style.

To help you decide, look at some of the high neck jackets below.

High Neck Bomber JacketA type of jacket that is made from a strong, durable fabric that is often waterproof. It has a front zipper closure and a high neckline that is designed to protect the neck from the cold. Bomber jackets are still very popular among people of all ages. They come in different colors, sizes, and styles so there is sure to be one that meets anyone’s needs.  
 Puffer JacketA type of coat that is worn in the winter. It is a form of layering, and it is worn over a base layer to trap heat inside. Can you wear a puffer jacket in spring? Yes. A puffer jacket is a great way to stay warm in the winter, but it can also keep you cool in the spring. If you are in an area with a lot of humidity, then wearing a puffer jacket will help to keep you dry.  
Track JacketA form-fitting jacket that covers the neck and chest. It can come in all different styles and fabrics, such as cotton, wool, and fleece. The main purpose of a high neck track jacket is to keep the wearer warm and to cover the collarbone.  

If you are choosing a high collar jacket, you should consider what style would look best on you. A high neck jacket can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved, fur-trimmed, or not trimmed at all.


Is XLT The Same As XXL?

XLT is not the same as XXL. XLT and XXL are both clothing sizes and stand for Extra Large Tall and Extra Extra Large.

What does 40R Mean?

The 40R size in jackets corresponds to a medium.

Should You Buy A Coat A Size Bigger?

The answer to this question really depends on the style and fabric of the coat. For coats with a fitted style, like pea coats and trench coats, do not get a size bigger. For coats with a looser fit, like parkas, get one size bigger so that it is more comfortable.

Is Waistcoat Size Same As Jacket?

 Waistcoats are measured by chest size and have the same chest measurements as jackets. The one exception you might encounter is if your stomach circumference is greater than your chest measurement, in which case we recommend going 1 size up.

What Type Of Jackets Are The Warmest?

This question is difficult because jackets don’t have a universal warmth rating. They differ in thickness and the type of insulation they use.

One jacket might be warmer than another because it has a thicker, more energy-absorbing insulation, such as down or synthetic materials. This type of jacket is likely to be warmer than a thinner jacket that uses lighter insulations, such as fleece.


The size of high neck jackets is important in order to keep the jacket in place and tight around the wearer’s neck. A jacket that is too big will droop and hang off the wearer’s shoulders and a jacket that is too small will feel tight and uncomfortable. Determine the best size for jackets from our size charts.

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