Car cover size chart: a complete guide by car size

Do you want to protect your car on rainy or winter days? Going away for a long period and protect save your car from dust or extreme weather conditions? Go for a perfect fit car cover. Discover an easy-to-use car cover size chart that helps you find the correct sized car cover based on your car’s dimensions. Why is a good car cover size important? To protect your car the best way possible against time, weather conditions and dust.

car cover size
car cover size

How to measure your car for a car cover

How do i know my car cover size?

  1. Length: Measure from left to right across the longest part of your car. This must include bumpers, spare tires, and other accessories.
  2. Make sure to measure in a straight line across your vehicle, do not measure any contours
  3. Width: Measure from left to right across the widest part of your car, including tires but not including side mirrors.
  4. Tip for measuring the lenght or width of your car: put the measuring tape on the ground alongside your car
  5. Height: Measure the tallest point of your car from the ground up, including roof racks or other accessories.

Car cover size charts

Car Covers

Car cover sizes are mostly determined by the size of the car and are divided into 5 size-types of cars.

Size 1Fits cars up to 13′ 1″ (157″)157″ L x 60″ W x 48″ H
Size 2Fits cars up to 14′ 2″ (170″)170″ L x 60″ W x 48″ H
Size 3Fits cars up to 16′ 8″ (200″)200″ L x 60″ W x 51″ H
Size 4Fits cars up to 19′ (228″)228″ L x 60″ W x 51″ H
Size 5Fits Cars up to 22′ (264″)264″ L x 70″ W x 53″ H

Car covers size by type of car

Cover Dimensions in centimeters (LxWxH)

  • Classic Mini / Fiat 500 – 315 x 155 x 135
  • Beetle / Minor / New Mini – 415 x 160 x 150
  • Hatchback Small – 380 x 160 x 140
  • Hatchback Medium – 420 x 175 x 150
  • Hatchback Large – 445 x 185 x 150
  • Estate Small – 430 x 175 x 150
  • Estate Medium – 455 x 180 x 150
  • Estate Large – 485 x 185 x 150
  • Estate Extra Large – 505 x 190 x 155
  • Lotus / Caterham / Midget – 370 x 155 x 115
  • Sports Car Small – 410 x 155 x 125
  • Sports Car Large – 440 x 175 x 130
  • Sports Car Extra Large – 450 x 190 x 130
  • Sports GT – 480 x 195 x 130
  • Porsche 911 – 430 x 165 x 135

Why do i need a car cover?

1. Save Time and water

Tired of spending time Washing your vehicle that sits there for days at a time? Wash it and Cover it! From snow, sun, bird droppings, dust or high winds, car covers help keep your vehicle cleaner longer, meaning less frequent washes.

2. Protection of your car

Over time, car polish and paint tend to fade due to the elements. Protecting it from UV, hail storms, bird droppings, will make your car keep its value much longer

Car cover sizing explained

Car cover sizes explained by CARiD


Do you want a snug fit that’s easy to cover your car with and easy to pull off when not needed but not too loose? Check the Car cover size charts to find the right cover for your car. Generic car covers are available but they provide mediocre protection against elements.

Can indoor car covers be used outdoors?

Yes, but only for a very short period and in good weather conditions. Moisture will get trapped underneath the cover and will affect your car. An indoor car cover protects your vehicle from dust and dirt in your garage, not UV or rain in the open.

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