Continental Tire Size Chart

Continental Tire Size Chart will help you to find right size of continental tires for your car according to your needs by following tire sizing details given in the form of charts.

This article is about Continental Tire Sizing to guide you through all sizing of Continental tires. You will find the right sized Continental tires for your car according to your needs. The Continental Tire Sizing charts of different models along with their sub models as well as proper information about tire nature, capacity and all other features.

About Continental Tires:

Continental Tires offers a variety of tires that includes vast area of categories including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and two-wheelers. They have number of products that are suitable for use in a various conditions and applications.

Continental Tire Sizes Table of Content:

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Continenal tires Sizing Guide: Continental models and their sizes

Continental Tire Model: Van Contact™ 4Season

Continental Tires model Van Contact™ 4Season is an exceptional tire with the capacity to maintain stability during 365 days of the year. It is an All-season tire with high braking performance on muddy as well as on snowy rods. It is also capable of carrying heavy loads and providing safe and comfortable rides at the same time.

The Continental Tire size chart of Van Contact 4Season tires

NoTire sizeLoad/Speed-IndexFuel efficiencyWet gripNoise dB/level
1185 R 14102/100RCA73dB/B
2195/70 R 15104/102RCA73dB/B
3205/70 R 15106/104RCA73dB/B
4215/65 R 15104/102TCA73dB/B
5215/70 R 15109/107RCA73dB/B
6215/70 R 15109/107SCA73dB/B
7225/70 R 15112/110RBA73dB/B
8185/75 R 16104/102RCA73dB/B
9185/75 R 16104/102RCA73dB/B
10195/60 R 1699/97HCA73dB/B
11195/65 R 16104/102TCA73dB/B
12195/75 R 16110/108RCA73dB/B
13195/75 R 16107/105RCA73dB/B
14205/65 R 16107/105TCA73dB/B
15205/65 R 16107/105TBA73dB/B
16205/75 R 16113/111RCA73dB/B
17205/75 R 16110/108RCA73dB/B
18215/60 R 16103/101TCA73dB/B
19215/65 R 16109/107TBA73dB/B
20205/75 R 16113/111RCA73dB/B
21205/75 R 16110/108RCA73dB/B
22215/60 R 16103/101TCA73dB/B
23215/65 R 16109/107TBA73dB/B
24215/65 R 16109/107TBA73dB/B
25215/75 R 16116/114RCA73dB/B
26215/75 R 16113/111RCA72dB/B
27225/65 R 16112/110TBA73dB/B
28225/65 R 16112/110RBA73dB/B
29225/75 R 16121/120RCA73dB/B
30235/65 R 16115/113RBA73dB/B
32235/65 R 16121/119RBA73dB/B
33235/65 R 16121/119RBA73dB/B
34285/55 R 16126NDA72dB/B
35205/70 R 17115/113RCA73dB/B
36215/60 R 17109/107TBA73dB/B
37225/55 R 17109/107HCB73dB/B
38235/60 R 17114/112RCA73dB/B

Continental Tire Model: Van Contact™ All Seasons

Continental tires model Van Contact™ Four season 2 is a premium tire with optimum braking performance and safety measures especially enhanced by German technology. It is trusted by the world’s leading car manufacturers, including, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, the models Renault Master and Iveco Daily.

The Continental Tire size chart of Continental VanContact A/S tires

107/105R D BSW
NA7.7″5-6″5.5″11/32″D2149/2039 lbs79 psi26.9 lbsNA
LT 215/85R16
115/112Q E BSW
30.4″8.5″5.5-7″6″12/32″E2680/2470 lbs80 psi38 lbs684
121/120R E BSW
29.3″8.8″6-7.5″6″12/32″E3195/3086 lbs90 psi38 lbs709
121/119R E BSW
28″9.4″6.5-7.5″7″11/32″E3195/3000 lbs85 psi36 lbs741
131R E BSW
30.6″11.5″8-10″8.5″12/32″E4300 lbs90 psi52 lbs679
280 A A
27.2″9.6″6.5-8.5″7.5″11/32″XL1929 lbs50 psi25 lbs764

Continental Tire Model: Van Contact™ Camper

Continental tires model Van Contact™ Four season 2 is a robust construction boosts safety during temporarily increased loads according to CP standards enhanced by German technology.

The Continental Tire size chart of Continental VanContact Camper tires

NoTire sizeLoad/Speed-IndexFuel efficiencyWet gripNoise dB/level
1215/70 R 15109RCA73dB/B
2225/75 R 16118RCA73dB/B
3235/65 R 16115RCA73dB/B
4255/55 R 18120RCA73dB/B

Frequently Asked Questions about Continental Tire Sizing

Are Continental tires made in China?

Continental Tires are German-based manufacturer but has manufacturing site in China that has grown significantly during the last 10 years. With total investment of more than 500 million euro, it has completed three phases of expansion.

Which of the Continental Tires are best?

Continental Tires are a German-based manufacturer specializing in tire manufacturing. Premium Contact™ 6 tire with bestselling size 205/55R16 demonstrated its strength in different tests with a different condition.

Is Continental tires better than Michelin?

The Michelin tires perform well in most weather tests and allow a comfortable, quiet ride with low rolling resistance. But in the case of Continental, it was impressive in the wet-braking test because it has a good balance of weather performance and tread life. The Continental is a good performer all-around.

Who makes the Continental Tire?

Continental Tires are German-based manufacturer specializing in tire manufacturing. Founded in 1871, Continental is the world’s fourth-largest tire manufacturer.

Are Continental tires reliable?

The Continental Tires have good performance all around. Continental tires have top level marks for handling with fair tread-life score. All-season Continental Tires scored well in the three-season driving categories as well as performed well in snow traction and ice braking.

How do I know my Continental tire size?

You can easily find tire size by the above charts of Continental tires models and sub-models otherwise, you can use Continental tire size finder to help you get the right size for you.

About Continental Tires company

Continental is a multinational company that manufactures performance-oriented tires along with safety and efficiency since 1871. They are one of the foremost leaders in the field of tire production and tire technology. They have various types of investment in research and development that allows Continental makes a significant contribution to mobility that’s secure, cost-effective, and ecologically friendly.