Jeep Tire Size: find the perfect tires for your jeep

Did you buy a new Jeep or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current Jeep? Many adventurers choose a Jeep as their daily driver because of its incredible versatility and off-road power. You can increase the off-road abilities of your Jeep by adding a lift kit and different Jeep tires. Let’s find out the perfect Jeep Tire Size.

Jeep tire sizes come in an assortment of different variations, and the larger you go, the more modifications you might have to make. What size tires can I fit on my Jeep? You’ll discover it here

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Jeep tire size charts on:

  • Jeep Wrangler tire sizes
  • Renegade tire sizes
  • Cherokee tire sizes
  • Grand Cherokee tire sizes

Jeep Wrangler tire sizes explained

How to measure and read your tire sizes, you can read here

Depending on the model you drive, tires sizes can vary. The standard factory size, the Wrangler comes with 15″-17″ tires.

A tire size example can be deciphered as follows: (e.g. 255/75R17)

  • The first set of numbers (255) refers to the tire width in millimeters.
  • The next set of numbers (75) is the sidewall aspect ratio, a percentage that tells us how tall and narrow the sidewall of the tire is in millimeters.
  • The next part of the number system describes the tire’s internal construction, in this case, ‘Radial.’ The other option is “B” for Bias Ply used on some truck types.
  • The last two digits in the system (17) represent the tire’s wheel diameter in inches.

Additionally, if tires are being referred to in inches, the measurement will read 33×12.50R15.

  • The first number (33) refers to the full-length diameter of the tire in inches, from the ground to the top of the tire.
  • The next number (12.50) will be the width of the tire in inches.
  • The last number (15) is the rim’s diameter in inches.

Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes

Knowing what you have to work with is vital to know if the tires you plan on purchasing are indeed an upgrade, especially if you’re going for a taller tire/lift combo. Refer to the chart below to see the stock Jeep tire sizes by year and submodel.

Common Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes:

  • 255/75R17
  • 245/75R17
  • 285/70R17
  • 255/70R18

Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes by model:

2021 Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes
80th Anniversary Edition255/70R18
Islander 245/75R17
Sport S245/75R17
Willys Sport255/75R17
2020 Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes
Black and Tan245/75R17
Sport S285/75R17
2019 Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes
Rubicon 285/70R17
Sport 245/75R17
Sport S 285/75R17
2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Tire Sizes
Sport S
2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK Tire Sizes
Sport (2010-2017)225/75R16 (2010-2017) or 245/75R16 (2015-2017) or 255/75R17 (2010-2017)
Sport S (2016-2017)255/75R17
75th Anniversary (2016)245/75R17
Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes Black Bear (2016)
Willys Wheeler (2016, 2014)255/75R17
Freedom (2013-2014)255/75R17
Polar (2014)255/70R18
MOAB (2013)255/75R17
Rubicon 10th Anniversary (2013)265/70R17
Arctic (2012)255/75R17
70th Anniversary (2011)255/70R18
Islander (2010)255/75R17
Mountain (2010)
X (2007-2009)225/75R16 or 245/75R16 or 255/75R17
1996-2006 Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes
Rubicon (2003-2006)245/75R16
SE205/75R15 (1997-2004) or 215/75R15 (1997-2006) or 225/75R15 (1997-2004)
Sport215/75R15 (1997-2004) or 225/75R15 (1997-2006) or 30X9.50R15 (1997-2006)
X (2002-2006)215/75R15 (2002-2004) or 225/75R15 (2005-2006)
Rocky Mountain (2005)30X9.50R15
Sahara (1997-2004)225/75R15 or 30X9.50R15
Base Model (1996)205/75R15 or 215/75R15 or 225/75R15
1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler Tire Sizes
Rio Grande (1995)215/75R15 or 225/75R15
S (1988, 1991-1995)205/75R15 (1988, 1991-1995) or 215/75R15 (1988, 1991-1995) or 225/75R15 (1988, 1994-1995)
Sahara (1988-1995)205/75R15 (1988-1989) or 215/75R15 (1988-1995) or 225/75R15 (1988-1989, 1992-1995)
SE (1994-1995)225/75R15
SE Sport (1995)215/75R15 or 225/75R15
Renegade (1991-1994)29X9.50R15
Base Model (1987-1993)205/75R15 (1987-1990) or 215/75R15 (1987-1993) or 225/75R15 (1987-1988, 1992-1993)
Islander (1988-1993)205/75R15 (1988) or 215/75R15 (1988-1993) or 225/75R15 (1988)
Sport (1987-1988, 1993)205/75R15 (1987-1988) or 215/75R15 (1987-1988, 1993) or 225/75R15 (1987-1988, 1993)
Laredo (1987-1991)205/75R15 (1987-1989) or 215/75R15 (1987-1991) or 225/75R15 (1987-1989)

Putting a bigger tire size on your Jeep

Increasing tire size will increase offroad performance, but will come with some consequences like using a lift kit for example

Check the below size chart to understand what you can do with bigger Jeep Tires

Jeep Tire Size in InchesUsed for
33″ Jeep TiresOccasional off-roaders, but mostly drive around town. Will need a lift kit
35″ Jeep TiresOn both paved roads and trails. Will need a 2.5-3″ Lift kit
37″ Jeep TiresNext Level Off road driving. Will need a 4″ Lift Kit
38″ Jeep TiresGreat for Off-road, not any more for daily drives.
40″ Jeep TiresUnbeaten Off-road riding, Will require a 6″ lift or major body modifications

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