Cropped jacket with high neck size and fitting guide

Rocking the 90’s cool kid style is easy with different cropped jackets in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes and we are absolutely loving the trend! However, buying the correct size is important so that the top sits well on your body. If you need help determining what size to buy, check out our cropped jacket with high neck chart below.

Below, you’ll find an explanation of how to measure yourself correctly. Once you have measured yourself correctly, you should be able to easily determine which size fits best. 

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Crop Jacket With High Neck Size Chart

Knowing your measurements are the most important part of buying clothes online.  When choosing the correct size, consider the following measurements when choosing a cropped jacket size. 

Recommended Size According To Height and Weight
Height5’1″-5’3″ (154.9-160.2cm)5’4″
(162.5 cm)
(162.5 cm)
(164 cm)
(165 cm)
(162.5 cm)
(169 cm)
(168 cm)
(168 cm)
(169 cm)
Weight105 lb (47.7 kg)115 lb (52 kg)125 lb (57 kg)135 lb (61 kg) 145 lb (66 kg)155 lb (70 kg)165 lb (75 kg)175 lb (79 kg)180 lb
(81.5 kg) 
195 lb
(88.5 kg)
Numerical Size2468101214161820

Once you have the numerical size based on your height and weight, select the right cropped jacket size by looking at the measurements below.

Cropped Jacket With High Neck Chart Sizes
SizeBody LengthBustHem Sleeve LengthShoulderNumerical Size
S17.34429.1 – 40.274 – 10224.46224.86312.6324-6
M17.644.830.7 – 41.778 – 10626662563.513338-10
L17.945.432.3 – 43.382 – 11027.67025.26413.43412-14
XL18.246.233.9 – 44.986 – 11429.17425.464.513.83516-18

Note: These are the usual sizes that you might find in the market but they differ depending on the brand.  If you have a favorite brand, refer to the product description and their size charts. 

How To Measure When Buying A Cropped Jacket With A High Neck?

Measurement guidelines can vary from brand to brand, but generally speaking, if you’re wearing a bra, take your measurement under the armpits while standing up straight. If you’re not wearing a bra, then simply measure over your breasts. For an accurate size, here are the measurements you need to take:


Measure along the back of your neck. Measure from the center of your shoulder up to where you want the top hemline to fall on your body. Cropped tops are usually midriff lengths, but if you prefer yours longer or shorter then that’s totally up to you!


Bust sizes are the most important measurements when it comes to cropped jackets. To determine your size, measure around the fullest part of your chest. You should measure around your ribcage under the armpit.  The range of sizes for this measurement will vary based on the manufacturer and how form-fitting the garment is.


Measure the hemline from the center of your shoulder to the bottom hem. Inline hemline measurements are often longer than the standard hemline. Cropped jackets tend to be shorter and more practical.

Sleeve Length

Measure from the center of your shoulder to where you would like the top sleeve hemline.


Measuring the shoulder width is simple, just measure from one end of your shoulder to another.

Common Cropped Jacket Patterns

There are many types of cropped jacket patterns, colors, fabrics, and designs that you can choose from. Cropped jackets are available in plain or striped patterns with different necklines to fit your style the best way possible. 

Cropped Jacket with high neckline

Looks like cardigans but is more structured than a sweater or sweatshirt. This mid-length jacket is worn with the hemline coming to above or below your waistline. 
Cropped Bolero JacketThis mid-length jacket Has a wide, high collar that covers the upper body and wraps around in an open V-shape. It’s usually worn as an outer jacket so you can show off your outfit underneath.  See the sewing pattern here.  
Cropped Chic Utility JacketThis piece of clothing has zippers, buttons, and pockets all over the place. It’s very practical with a wide range of colors to choose from.  
Cropped Denim JacketDenim designs can be worn in any season. Lightweight denim fabrics are perfect for the summer. Medium lightweight denim is perfect for spring while heavy denim is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Burda Style, a known pattern maker, has a downloadable pattern file for this style.   

Common Fabrics For Cropped Jacket

Having a bespoke piece is the best way to get a high-quality piece that fits you perfectly. You have the luxury of an original design and a variety of design choices. Including choosing bright fabric and embellishments you want to add to your piece. For a fabric guide, refer to the top fabrics used for cropped jackets.


It is the most common fabric used for cropped jackets. It has a soft, smooth texture and is very stretchy so it’s comfortable to wear.


Silk crepe- is a tightly woven, lustrous silk fabric that’s great for lining because it feels smooth and comfortable against the skin.

A scrap of silk organza – is a sheer fabric that’s lightweight and delicate. It can be used as an embellishment to add texture or it can form the entire jacket design itself. 

Silk charmeuse- is a lightweight silk fabric with a soft sheen. The prices for silk charmeuse are quite high but the quality is undeniable. Often used as a lining fabric for cropped jackets because it is a good insulator and lightweight.

Medium-weight silk- is a fabric that’s in the middle of cotton and silk charmeuse in terms of weight. It has a soft feel but it’s not as delicate as charmeuse.


Heavyweight wool fabric – is thick and very warm. It can be used for a cropped jacket perfect for winter because it keeps you dry, though some people may dislike the itchiness of this fabric when. 


Choosing the right size of a cropped jacket with high heck can be tricky. You want to make sure you get a jacket that is form-fitting and not too loose, but also long enough so it doesn’t ride up when you move around.  Hope this blog has helped you make a choice on your next jacket purchase. 

Pair your new purchase with those great-looking boots and you’re all set for the day!

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