Work Gloves Size Chart – How To Find Work And Safety Glove Size

Do you want to get yourself a pair of work gloves and cannot quite comprehend the correct size for you? Well, you are in the right place, for the Work Gloves Size Chart guide is all you need!

Work gloves are essential as they help protect your hands from abrasion and cuts in daily life at work.  However, poor choice of the size of your work gloves increases your chances of injury as well as leads to poor performance or, worse still, infection from cuts.

Let’s get right to it! Stay put!!

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What Size of Work Gloves should I get?

Gloves come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, you will have to carry out a number of measurements to ascertain the correct glove size that fits you the best. In addition to sizes, work gloves come in different types, including:

  • Disposable gloves are produced when glove manufacturing companies use vinyl as the glove material. It can be found in local stores as well as on Amazon.
  • Turtleskin gloves are made when glove companies use their glove material as leather. It can be found on Amazon as well as at selected stores. Very high quality.

So how do I take my hand measurements?

Well, that’s pretty simple!!

For proper fitting work gloves, knowledge of the dominant hand measurements is vital. The dominant hand is preferred as it is the largest of two. If you are right-handed, then your most dominant hand is the right one and vice versa.

You will need a few items, including a soft cloth tape measure or a string for the measurements.

Width measurements

Wrap the fabric tape measure or string on your (dominant) hand, ensuring it passes just below the knuckles. Ensure the two ends meet at your palm’s center for accurate measurements. The fit should be just snug for the best palm measurements. Record this measurement.

Lengthwise measurements

Using the soft tape measure, determine your hand length by measuring between the tip of the middle finger to where the palm meets the wrist, i.e., the fold of the wrist. Note this measurement down too. The middle finger is chosen for measurement since, of all other fingers, they have the longest finger lengths. You should not confuse it with the pinky finger or the pointer finger.

The Work Gloves Size Chart 

Glove SizeLengthwise hand measurements Lengthwise hand measurements  Hand width measurements Hand width measurements
Small (S)6.3”- 6.85”
16.03-17.4 cm 
6.2-6.8 In
7”- 8”
17.9-20.3 cm 
Medium (M)6.9”- 7.3”
17.5-18.5 cm
6.9-7.3 in
8”- 9”
20.3-22.9 cm 
8-9 in
Large (L)7.35”-7.85”
18.7-19.9 cm 
7.4-7.9 in
9”- 10”
22.9-25.4 cm 
9-10 in
Extra-Large (XL)7.9”- 8.5”
20.1-21.6 cm 
8.0-8.4 in
10”- 11”
25.4-27.9 cm 

The greatest number of people fall under the above categories. If you’re one of them, what are you waiting for? Go grab yours!!

However, as is the case with all data sets, work glove size measurement has a number of outliers. An outlier can be described as an abnormal observation that is distant from other values from a random sample population.

From the above Chart, a value far out of the ranges indicated can be observed. That is the outlier. Therefore, to minimize the occurrence of larger size outliers, larger sample sizes are used hence giving more accurate values.

Furthermore, some glove companies such as Ironclad use the proprietary 16-point measurement system. It involves not only the basic two measurements for gloves, i.e., the dominant hand measurements lengthwise and the circumference, but also the proprietary 16-point measurement system which specifies finger lengths, knuckle circumference, cuff circumference, etc. a total of 32 measurements is taken per glove pair – 16 measurements to the right glove and another to the left glove!! Their accuracy is unmatched, making them among the work gloves in the market!!

What are the Work Glove Sizing Tips?

Now that you know how to determine the size of your hand, let’s take a look at the Glove Sizing tips!

The pair of gloves should be snug fit. If they are too tight, they’ll restrict the flow of blood to the hands. Of course, that is not what you want!

When taking the measurements using the tape measure, ensure you are involved in a high level of measurement detail. It will save you from getting wrong hand measurements and, in turn, wrong-sized work gloves. If you fall under two sizes and prefer tighter gloves, you can choose one with the smaller size and vice versa.

Furthermore, you should make sure that your fingers reach the top internal hand compartment of the glove. There should be no leftover room in the glove. However, do not cramp the fingers at the top. The glove should be as comfy as possible.

What are the typical palm measurements?

Peoples’ hands vary in shapes and sizes. The variations are further escalated by age and gender. The following are the average adult-sized hand measurements. 

GenderAverage Lengthwise measurements in inches and cmAverage Breadth measurements in inches and cm Average Width measurements in inches and cm 
17.3 cm 
7.2 cm 
17.9 cm 
19.3 cm 
8.9 cm 
21.8 cm 

As for the average hand size measurement for children, the following is the tabular representation.

GenderAverage Lengthwise measurements in inches and cm Average Breadth measurements in inches and cm 
Females6 yr. old: 4.4”–5.7”
6 yr. old: 11.2-14.5 cm 
11 yr. old: 5.6”-7.0”
11 yr. old:14.2-17.8 cm 
6 yr. old: 2.0”–2.7”
6 yr. old: 5.1-6.8 cm 
11 yr. old: 2.0”–3.1”
11 yr. old: 5.1-7.9 cm 
Males6 yr. old: 4.6”–5.7”
6 yr. old: 11.7-14.5 cm 
11 yr. old: 5.5”–6.8”
11 yr. old: 14-17.2 cm 
6 yr. old: 2.1”–2.6”
6 yr. old: 5.3-6.6 cm 
11 yr. old: 2.0”–3.1”
11 yr. old: 5.0-7.9 cm 


Many people face the challenge of picking the correct glove size for their work. However, thanks to the Work Glove Size Chart guide, it will now be a thing of the past.  The Work Glove Size Chart guide is the ultimate guide to your choice of the correct size of gloves for your work. It contains a number of frequently asked questions about gloves, the various types of gloves, and how to determine the measurements of your hand for glove sizing. Furthermore, a number of work glove sizing tips have been given to further guide you in your choice of the correct-fitting gloves for you.

Therefore, to get the correct glove size for work, you have to follow the highlighted simple guidelines on this work glove size chart guide.

I hope this guide was helpful! In case of any comments or queries, feel free to contact us in the comments section! Get in touch; we are here for you!!

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