Boxing Glove Size Chart: How do I know my Boxing Gloves Size

Are you new to boxing? At one point in time, you’ve wondered, what size of boxing gloves should I get? Well, we understand that the choice of boxing gloves can be confusing at first. Our team of experts has compiled this boxing glove size chart article to act as your ultimate guide to aid in your choice of a pair of boxing gloves.

A poor selection of boxing gloves increases your chances of injury as well as leads to poor performance. 

Let’s get right to it! Stay put!

What Size of Boxing Gloves should I get?

From amateur gloves to training gloves, Boxing gloves are made in varying weights and sizes. Therefore, there are various factors to consider before buying that pair of gloves. Such include;

  • Dominant hand size
  • Your body weight
  • Type of gloves you want

You, therefore, need to take a few measurements to know the best pair of boxing gloves for you, which are the circumference of your dominant hand and your body weight.

How do I carry out the measurements?

How do I know my Boxing Gloves size?

Well, that’s pretty easy!!

First of all, decide on the type of gloves you need. Do you want bag gloves, competition gloves, training gloves, or amateur gloves? Second, measure your body weight. It will help you determine your glove weight. For instance, adult hands are much heavier than kids’ hands as adults most at times weigh more. Therefore, you will expect adults to wear heavier gloves as compared to kids.

Third, you will need a fabric tape or a string to determine your dominant hand size. Wrap the fabric tape measure or string on your (dominant) hand, ensuring it passes below the knuckles. Ensure the two ends meet at your palm’s center for accurate measurements. The fit should be just snug for the best measurements.With the glove type of your choice and these measurements, you can check the glove sizing. If you fall under two sizes and prefer tighter gloves, you can choose one with the smaller size and vice versa.

Below is the Boxing Glove Size Chart. To avoid confusion, ensure that you compare reference your hand measurements with this chart before purchasing gloves. It is essential to carry out a manufacturer’s brand-specific size chart for the Boxing Gloves of your need.

Boxing Glove Size Chart

Boxer’s WeightHand CircumferenceBoxing Glove Sizing 
40-54 kg  88.18- 119.05 lbs 5.5-6.5 inches  13.97 – 16.51 cm 8oz or 228 grams 
54-68 kg  119.05 – 149.91 lbs 6.5-7.5 inches 16.51-19.05 cm 10oz or 283 grams 
68-84 kg  149.91 – 185.18 lbs7.5-8.5 inches 19.05-21.59 cm 12oz or 340 grams 
84 kg > 185.18 lbs >8.5-9.5 inches 21.59-24.13 cm 14oz or 396 grams 

Note that the hand circumference in the chart above does not include hand wraps!

What are the various types of gloves?

As noted earlier, there are different types of boxing gloves for various purposes. The main aim for wearing them is injury prevention.  They reduce the risk of injury to yourself and your sparring partners by a huge margin. The injury could be to the hands or, worse still, facial injuries. The correct use of gloves, hand wraps as well as the presence of extra padding in them further helps in the prevention of injury over time.

The types of gloves are as discussed below:

1. Bag gloves

They are used on punching bags, among other training devices. Have less padding as compared to the other types of gloves.

2. Competition gloves

They are used in competition rings by professionals and amateurs during competitions. They can either be amateur gloves or professional gloves. The main difference between the two is that for amateur gloves, stricter requirements on weight sizing are needed as compared to professional gloves. Have less padding than the training and sparring gloves but more than the bag gloves.

3. Training gloves

The known jack of all trades. It can be used when sparring with partners as well as on bags as bag gloves. A great option for you if you prefer a pair of boxing gloves that can multitask!!

4. Sparring gloves

Same as training gloves in most ways. The only difference is the more amount of padding in them to ensure injury prevention to sparring partners. They are the best gloves for partner drills!!

Another type of glove you can check is Oz Gloves. However, there are different size gloves depending on the boxing glove weight and it can be a lighter boxing glove 

5. MMA Gloves Sizing

Use the following size chart as a general guideline for selecting the proper size MMA gloves

SizeMMA Gloves SizeHand Circumference
YouthYouth – YM / YLUp to 7.5″
SmallRegular S / M7.5″ – 8″
MediumRegular S / M8″ – 8.75″
LargeLarge L / XL8.75″ – 9.5″
X-LargeLarge L / XL9.5″ and up

What material are Boxing Gloves made of?

Boxing Gloves are made of a variety of materials. However, for excellent hand protection, Boxing and Fitness experts recommend Leather boxing gloves. In addition to their excellent hand protection, they are more durable and of better quality. Apart from leather boxing gloves, boxing gloves can be artificial leather PU boxing gloves. They are used by children and newbies in boxing.

What are the Boxing Glove Sizing Tips?

Now that you have known how to determine the size of your hand and the various types of Boxing Gloves available at your disposal let’s take a look at Boxing Gloves Sizing tips!

The pair of gloves should be snug fits. If they are too tight, they’ll restrict the flow of blood to the hands. Of course, that is not what you want!

Ensure that while trying them on, wear hand wraps. You can use the gel hand wrap for this as they provide further excellent hand protection as there is no direct impact with the knuckles.

Furthermore, you should make sure that your fingers reach the top internal hand compartment of the glove. There should be no leftover room in the glove, but do not cramp the fingers at the top. The glove should be as comfy as possible.

Heavy bag workouts

Workouts are a basic human requirement for exercise and or training and help keep the body fit. Heavy bag workouts help in muscle building as it focuses on enhancing power and strength over time.

A 3-Round Heavy Bag Boxing Workout when beginning training followed by full-body workouts involving height, waist, thigh, hip movements can really boost your strength and power. Also, a variation height and height difference can work wonders! You should try the heavy bag workouts out!


In conclusion, the Boxing Glove Size Chart article has acted as your ultimate guide to the size of boxing gloves that best suits your boxing needs. It contains a number of frequently asked questions about Boxing glove sizing, which have been answered in detail.

It also informs you about the various types of gloves, their uses in injury prevention, and how to determine the size of your hand during glove sizing. Furthermore, a number of boxing glove sizing tips have been given to further guide you in your choice of the ideal glove sizes that suit your workouts.

Therefore, to get the best boxing glove size that suits your needs, you have to follow the simple guidelines detailed in this boxing glove size chart article.

I hope this article was helpful. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us in the comments section!

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