Skiing Gloves Size Guide – Determine Your Glove Size

Do you want to go skiing? Choosing the correct glove size to wear on your skiing expedition can be a hard task. Our team of experts has compiled this skiing gloves size guide to help you determine your glove sizing with ease.

Failure to get your correct glove size can lead to discomfort, poor performance, and health-related issues such as catching the flu. You definitely don’t want that, right? Thus, knowledge about the glove sizing process, the correct pair of ski glove size by using your palm measurements, glove care guide, and many more as provided in this skiing gloves sizing guide can help prior to any purchase.

Looking for general gloves size charts? Check it here.

What size skiing gloves should I get?

Skiing is sliding on snow. Therefore, when planning your skiing expedition, you will certainly need ski gear, from helmets to ski gloves. As is the norm for gloves, they are made in a variety of types and sizes. The Differences in Glove Sizes arise from the various hand measurements since everyone is different. Therefore, you will have to carry out a couple of measurements to ascertain the proper fitting gloves for you.

So how do I take my hand measurements?

Well, that’s pretty easy!!

Since its measurement, you’ll need a flexible tape measure or a string and a ruler. In these measurements, the dominant hand is used. The dominant hand is that which you use the most. If you are right-handed, then it’s the right one and vice versa.

Glove Sizing Process.

Width measurements

Wrap the soft tape measure or string around your (dominant) hand, ensuring it passes just below the knuckles. Ensure the two ends meet at your palm’s center for accurate measurements. The fit should be just snug for the best palm measurements. Record this measurement.

Lengthwise measurements

Using the flexible tape measure, determine your hand length by measuring between the tip of the middle finger to where the palm meets the wrist, i.e., the fold of the wrist. Note this measurement down too. The middle finger is chosen for measurement since it has the longest length. You should not confuse it with the pinky finger!!

Afterward, compare your hand measurements with the winter glove sizing charts tables below to determine your proper glove sizing.

Note that there are a number of glove sizing charts and glove range as different manufacturers have different manufacturer size gloves. The sizing charts include the skiing gloves sizing guide, Mainers glove size chart, and Lothlorian Gloves sizes.

Ski gloves sizing guide.

Glove SizingHand Circumference
Extra- extra small ( XXS)5.5”- 6.5” / 14-16.5cm
Extra small ( XS)6.5”- 7.5” / 16.5-19.1cm
Small (S)7.5”- 8.5” / 19.1-21.6cm
Medium (M)8.5”- 9.5” / 21.6 -24.1cm
Large (L)9.5”- 10.5” /  24.1-26.7cm
Extra-large (XL)10.5”- 11.5” /  26.7-29.2cm
Extra-extra-large (XXL)11.5”- 12.5” /  29.2-31.7cm

Note that all the indicated glove sizes are unisex.

Mainers Glove Size Chart

Glove SizeLengthwise measurements inches and cm Lengthwise measurements in mmHand Width measurements in inches and cm Hand Width measurements in mm                                       
Small (S)6.3-6.85” 16.002-17.399 cm 160-1747-8” 17.78-20.32 cm 178-202mm
Medium (M)6.9-7.3” 17.526-18.542 cm 175-1868-9” 20.32-22.86 cm 203-228mm
Large (L)7.35-7.85” 18.669-19.939cm 187-2009-10” 22.86-25.4 cm229-253mm
Extra-Large (XL)7.9-8.5” 20.066-21.59 cm 200-21510-11” 25.4-27.94 cm 254-278mm

The glove ranges shown in Mainer’s glove size chart above are unisex.

In addition to the Mainers Glove Size Chart, some people prefer using the Lothlorian Gloves offered in S, M, L, XL sizes andwhose glove range is as shown below.

Unisex Gloves by Lothlarian

Measurement around palm (inches and cm )Glove Size (inches and cm)Ski Glove Size
6.5 inches 16.51 cm 6½ inches 16.52 cm 
7 inches 17.78 cm 7 inches 17.78 cm S
7.5 inches 19.05 cm 
8 inches 20.32 cm8 inches 20.32 cm M
8.5 inches  21.59 cm 8½ inches 21.59 cm
9 inches 22.86 cm 9 inches 22.86 cmL
9.5 inches 24.13 cm9½ inches 24.13 cm
10 inches 25.4 cm 10 inches 25.4 cmXL
10.5 inches 26.67 cm10½ inches 26.67 cm
11 inches 27.94 cm11 inches 27.94 cm 
12 inches 30.48 cm 12 inches 30.48 cm  

What are the typical palm measurements?

Peoples’ hands vary in shapes and sizes. The variations are further escalated by age and gender. The following is the tabular representation of the typical palm measurements for adults. 

GenderAverage Lengthwise measurements in inches and cm Average Breadth measurements in inches and cmAverage Width measurements in inches and cm 
Females6.8” 17.272 cm 3.1” 7.874 cm7.0” 17.78 cm
Males7.6” 19.304 cm3.5” 7.62 cm8.6” 21.844 cm

Kids Skiing Gloves Size Chart

As for Kids Ski Gloves, the typical palm measurements for children are as tabulated below.

GenderAverage Lengthwise measurements in inches and cm Average Breadth measurements in inches and cm 
Females6 yr. old: 4.4”–5.7” 6 yr. old: 11.176-14.478 cm 11 yr. old: 5.6”-7.0” 11 yr. old: 14.224-17.78 cm6 yr. old: 2.0”–2.7” 6 yr. old: 5.08-6.858 cm 11 yr. old: 2.0”–3.1” 11 yr. old: 5.08-7.874 cm
Males6 yr. old: 4.6”–5.7” 6 yr. old: 11.684-14.478 cm 11 yr. old: 5.5”–6.8” 11 yr. old: 13.97-17.272 cm6 yr. old: 2.1”–2.6” 6 yr. old: 5.334-6.604 cm  11 yr. old: 2.0”–3.1” 11 yr. old: 5.08-7.874 cm

What are the Skiing Glove Sizing Tips?

Now that you know how to determine the size of your hand, let’s take a look at various Ski Glove Sizing Pointers and Glove Sizing Tricks!

The Pair of Ski Gloves should be a snug fit. If they are too tight, they’ll restrict the flow of blood to the hands. Of course, that is not what you want, right?

However, if you want warmer ones, go for the Loose-Fitting Glove. The larger gloves will ensure enough insulation due to the air trapped in between your hand and the glove. On the other hand, if you would like to be able to operate your phone or carry out other activities, Tighter Gloves are more preferable.

Furthermore, you should make sure that your fingers reach the top internal hand compartment of the glove. There should be no leftover room in the glove, but do not cramp the fingers at the top. The glove should be as comfy as possible. For additional warmth, glove liners are worn beneath the regular pair of ski gloves.

What are the commonly used Glove terms?

A number of terminologies are used to refer to gloves. Also, gloves are made of various parts. These include:

  • Palm
  • Cuff
  • Sleeve
  • Thumb
  • Fingers
  • Back of the hand

What are Styles of Glove?

Gloves are made in a variety of styles, such as leather, rubber, and cotton.

Leather gloves

Leather has, for many years, been used in the manufacture of gloves. Some of these include a wide range of winter gloves and the Cuff Style Gloves made for the protection of arms during activities like welding.

Finish leather determines how the final surface of the leather will appear. It includes waterproofing, coloring, leather dressing, etc. Pecard Leather Dressing is a great example of finish leather for your leather skiing model gloves.

Light leather is used in many kinds of gloves that are high strength.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves are made of synthetic rubber or natural rubber. The major purpose of the rubber gloves is usually to help protect the hands, especially when handling chemicals. As matter of fact, when you are dishwashing it is advisable that you use rubber gloves, so that they can protect you from detergents and avoid burning hot water. Caregivers also use rubber gloves to avoid urine when changing the diapers. However rare surgical doctors can use rubber gloves during surgical operations.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves are used to protect the hands when handling or lifting some objects and they will help you keep your hands protected and keep the mess and dirt free as well as ensure they are clean. The cotton gloves are used for lightweight tasks and are made of cotton fabric. Every single pair comes in a pack and is mostly large in size.

Glove Buying Process Explained.

After you have determined your proper glove size, the next issue that comes up is how to make the order. However, you need not worry!

For the ski gear, however, Campman Outdoor Gear & Apparel has got all you need, including a wide range of winter gloves. From skiing to snowboarding and camping, they got it all!! Also, their items have also been approved by experts, so they are safe for use!! In addition to that, Campman Outdoor Gear & Apparel are offered at great prices and discounts!! Imagine getting free shipping on orders of over $50 and a 60-day return window!! Orders can be made at Campman, their online marketplace.

If you prefer leather gloves, consider ordering your leather gloves online. They deal in the best leather gloves in Italy. You can get the best glove liners on various online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

How to care for your Skiing gloves?

Leather gloves require great care to enhance their durability. Their care guide ranges from storing them in dry places to regularly cleaning them.

 Most experts and manufacturers of sized gloves recommend Pecard Leather Dressing paste as it cleans, preserves, and can condition all kinds of gloves made of leather. It is easily accessible on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and most other online eCommerce platforms.

If torn, the piece of leather is sewn by a professional to avoid further damage.


Glove selection can be hectic. However, this skiing gloves sizing guide has acted as your ultimate guide to the size of skiing gloves that best suits your skiing needs. It contains a number of frequently asked questions about skiing glove sizing, which have been answered in detail. It also informs you about the best skiing gloves in the market, how to buy them and how to carry out hand measurements for glove sizing. Furthermore, a number of skiing glove sizing tricks and Ski Glove Sizing Pointers have been given to further guide you in your choice of the proper glove sizes.

Therefore, to get the skiing glove size that best suits your skiing needs, you have to follow the step guide detailed in this sizing guide.

I hope this article was helpful. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us in the comments section!!

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