Skateboard Size Chart And Buying Guide: pick the right size skateboard

Do you wish to go skating or kick start your Skating career and cannot quite decide the ideal skate deck size for you? In fact, you need to use our greatly researched Skateboard Size Chart And Buying Guide.   

Wrong-sized skate decks can lead to accidents, unease. We have created the best skateboard buying guide which will help you through the skateboard buying process. 

Let’s get right to it! Stay put!!

How do I choose the perfect Skateboard Size?

Beginners can have it rough during the initial purchase of a skate deck as differences in skateboards can be hard to trace. As much as it is a personal preference, numerous factors play a crucial role when determining the ideal skate deck size for you. They include:

  • Shoe size
  • Height
  • Bodyweight
  • Type of skating

Another major factor, include the deck shape and the brand of your preference for fun.

Skate deck width

Skateboard with wider board tend to be a smoother ride at higher speeds.  However, they tend to be heavier and harder to flip when doing board tricks, thus requiring more effort. 

On the other hand, skate decks with narrow boards tend to be lighter and can easily be flipped. It is the best bet for beginners as less power and effort is required to carry out flip tricks. However, control is rigid when moving at high speeds. They also have small spaces for catching and landing on and are thus ideal for technical street skating.

Skateboard Shoe size

Looking for your shoe size? check it here.

The width of your shoe plays a pivotal role when choosing skate deck sizes. Board tricks such as ollieng, turning, and other technical tricks require a great fit between the board and the foot. Select a deck that is relatively wide and not very narrow for the feet for the ideal skateboarding. 

Your shoe size helps you determine the skate deck width for you to choose from. As a skate deck sizing tip, the smaller your shoes, the smaller the board width for you.

Below is a skate deck size chart with EU, UK, and USshoe sizes to aid you further in choosing the correct skate deck width.

Skate deck width in inchesEU shoe sizeUK shoe sizeUS shoe size
7.5″ – 7.875″ 19.05-20.0 cm 363.54
7.5”- 7.875” 19.05-20.0 cm 36.544.5
7.625″ – 8″ 19.3675-20.32 cm 37.54.55
7.625″ – 8″ 19.3675-20.32 cm 3855.5
7.75″ – 8″ 19.69-20.32 cm38.55.56
7.75″ – 8.125″ 19.69 -20.6375 cm3966.5
7.875″ – 8.125″ 20.0-20.6375 cm4067
7.875″ – 8.25″ 20.0-20.955 cm40.56.57.5
8.00”- 8.25” 20.32-20.955 cm 4178
8.00”- 8.25” 20.32-20.955 cm 427.58.5
8.00″ – 8.375″ 20.32-21.27 m42.589
8.00″ – 8.375″ 20.32-21.27 cm438.59.5
8.125″ – 8.5″ 20.64-21.59 cm 44910
8.125″ – 8.5″ 20.64-21.59 cm44.59.510.5
8.25″ – 8.5″ 20.96-21.59 cm 451011
8.25″ – 8.625″ 20.96 – 21.91 cm 45.510.511.5
8.375″ – 8.625″ 21.27-21.91 cm 461112
8.5”- 8.625” 21.59-21.91 cm 47.51213
8.5” + 21.59 cm +48.51314

Shoe Size vs the width of the skateboard

Selecting a deck that is not too wide for your feet and not too narrow is important. Check out this graphic for some help:

image with skateboard size and shoe sizes

Skate deck length

Skate deck length depends on the height of the skater. The taller the skater, the longer the skate deck, and vice versa.

Compared to shorter decks, longer skate decks allow for greater smooth surfaces for catching and landing on easily.

Skate deck width and length are usually dependent, as you will find that longer decks are wider and vice versa.

Skate decks with a longer wheelbase allow for more stability as well as have a longer turning radius. On the other hand, those with short wheelbases are less stable but allow for quick movements as their turning radius is sharper.

Body Height vs Skateboard size

Consideration of your body size when first choosing the perfect skate deck length is a great start-up guide. For tall adult riders, those with longer decks are ideal for easier balancing. On the other hand, a skateboard with a short deck length is ideal for short people.

Below is the skate deck size chart to provide you with an overview of the skate deck length perfect for your body height.

Skate deck sizeSkate Deck width in inches/cmAge in yearsHeight in inches/cmShoe size (US/UK/EU)
Micro6.5”-6.75” 16.51-17.15 m Below 5 years (Toddler/ child)Up to 3’4” 101.6 cm0-3 (US) 0-2.5 (UK) 0-35 (EU)
Mini7.0” 17.75 cm 6-7   (child)3’5”-4’4” 104-132 cm4-5 (US) 3.5-4.5 (UK)  36-37.5 (EU)
Small size7.3” 18.52 cm 8-12 (Child/Teenager)4’5”-5’2” 134-157 cm6-7 (US) 5-6 (UK)  38-39.3 (EU)
Medium size7.5”-7.6” 19.05-19.03 cm 13-14 (Teenager)5’3”-5’8” 160-172 cm7-8 (US) 6-7 (UK)  39.3-40.5 (EU)
Full size7.7” + 19.56 cm +15 +   (Teenager, Adult)5’7” + 170 cm +9 +   (US) 8 +   (UK) 42 +  (EU)


Imagine skating has no maximum weight!!

You just have to understand the tricks to prevent the skate deck from breaking!

For big skaters, a longer and specially constructed skate deck is required and vice versa.

Which level do I begin as a skater?

Depending on your skating skills, a number of levels exist, some of which are:

  • intermediate skaters
  • gold medal skaters
  • technical skaters
  • transition skaters

Skateboard decks size

Skateboard decks are curved, hence the concave deck shape. Concavity refers to the amount of bending and shaping in the heel and toe side of the skateboard. It affects the ease of performing tricks in a number of ways.

Standard Skateboards size

Standard boards are the best skateboards for beginners because they work well for street skating and skate parks. 

Cruiser Skateboard sizing

Cruiser skateboards are recommended if you plan to go from point a to b. Cruiser boards are usually a similar length to standard skateboards, but have a large variety of different shapes.

Longboards sizes

A longboard is a large stable board that makes it easy to learn to balance. These longboards are typically between 28-35″ long.

The table below shows the skateboard deck size chart with combined features such as age, shoe size, and height in the US for your review.

Skateboard size for kids

Depending on the age of your children a small or medium sized skateboard will do the job

Deck WidthSkateboard size AgeShoe Size (Men’s) Height
 < 7″ <17.78 cmMicro – Mini< 8< 6< 4’4” <11.18 cm
 7″- 7.5″ 17.78-19.05 cmSmall9-126-84’5″ – 5’2″ 11.43-13.21 cm 
 7.5″ > >19.05 cmMedium – Full13 >9 >5’3” > 13.46 cm > 

A number of other parts that go with the skateboard deck include:

  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Skateboard truck
  • Kingpin

Skateboard Wheelsize

Skateboard wheels are made in different shapes and sizes. They also come in different wheel colors. To determine your best wheelset, you have to consider a number of factors such as:

  • Wheel profile or shape
  • Wheel Diameter
  • Wheel hardness or durometer
  • Wheel contact patch

As a skateboard wheel sizing tip, you have to try out a variety of wheel sizes and shapes so as to determine the perfect wheel size for you!

Larger wheels allow for smoother and more comfortable rides and increase the risk of wheel bites due to the reduced clearance. On the flip side, smaller wheels allow for tighter turns and skateboard tricks.

Check out the skateboard wheel size chart below for the various wheel sizes and their appropriate riding styles.

Skateboard Wheel Diameter in mmSkateboard riding Style
49 mm – 52 mmTechnical Skateboarding
52 mm – 55 mmAll Around skateboarding and Street Skateboarding
55 mm – 60 mmStreet Skateboarding
60 mm – 65 mmCruising and Transportation
65 mm – 70 mmLongboarding
Above 70 mmDownhill Racing

The larger wheels have a maximum of 58-62mm. They are the biggest for the street as well as park skating.

Skateboard Wheel hardness/ durometer

Wheel hardness plays a pivotal role in skateboards as it affects how they move on the skating surface.

Wheel hardness is measured as a wheel durometer and ranges from very soft to extremely hard, as indicated in the skateboard wheel hardness sizing chart below.

Skateboard wheel hardnessRiding characteristicsStyle of skateboarding
78A – 87ASoft Wheels, High Grip, Comfort Riding, Slow, Non-Reactive, Fast WearDownhill Racing and Longboarding
88A – 95AMedium Softer Wheel, Good Grip, Cushioned Ride, Average Speed, Slightly Reactive, Medium WearCruiser Skateboards and Transportation
96A – 101AMedium Harder Wheel, Average Grip, Cushioned Ride, Moderately Fast, Moderately Reactive, Medium Wear  Cruiser Skateboards and Transportation
101A +Harder Wheels, Poor Grip, Sensitive Ride, Super-Fast, Highly Reactive, Slow WearTechnical, Street and Park Skateboarding

Harder wheels allow for tricks and street skating as they have less grip and tend to be more slippery. Softer wheels, on the other hand, offer more grip and are less slippery hence ideal for most skateboarding styles.

Which are the best wheels for my skate deck?

Over time, there has been an increase in the number of skateboard wheel manufacturers around the globe. Nevertheless, you need not worry, for we have compiled the best ones available in the market for you below!!

Apart from plenty of other quality products, Spitfire Wheels produces some of the most authentic and pocket-friendly skateboard wheels. Spitfire Wheels have been around for decades; hence they are a trusted brand in the production and sale of high-quality wheels, among other products. You can check out most of their products online on their Tactics Boardshop and make your orders at your own convenience.

In addition to the Spitfire Wheels, the Bones Wheels are another brand of skateboard wheels that have been highly recommended by experts. They come in a wide range of wheel colors and sizes. The Bone Wheels brand uses superior urethane technology in their wheel production, making them one of the best quality skateboard wheel producers around the world. They are also the most durable and long-lasting hence highly recommended.


Act as an integral part of the functional performance in skateboards. It can either be ceramic bearings, steel bearings, titanium, or a combination of materials. Getting yourself inexpensive bearings that are of good quality is important. Regular steel bearings are the most commonly used due to their low noise characteristics.

Which are the best skateboard bearings?

The Bone Bearings is a reputable brand of skateboard bearings in the skating industry. They are best known for their great performance and best quality products at very affordable prices. Check their ball bearing products online on Amazon for your skateboard bearing solutions.

You can also get yourself the ABEC-7 Bearings which have been lauded as superfast and high precision bearings in inline skate skateboard. Their rating system includes grades of 1,3,5,7, and 9 making them have high tolerance levels for the grades. They can also be easily found online.

Skateboard truck

The Skateboard truck attaches the skateboard wheels to the skateboard deck. They are made in a wide range of sizes, colors, styles, etc., for various skateboarding such as longboarding, street skateboarding, cruising, etc.

It is important to make sure your skateboard trucks fit onto the deck well.

Which is the best Skateboard truck?

The following are some of the recommended skateboard truck brands by professional skateboarders.

  • Independent trucks – It has been the #1 most recommended choice by experts for decades. The Independent skateboard Truck is an iconic brand and has been a manufacturer of quality products. They are very durable and the heaviest. However, they turn slower.
  • Thunder Trucks- very responsive to turning hence great for street skateboarding.
  • Mid Trucks
  • Venture Trunks- provide great stability and are more durable. They are also less expensive.

Kingpin nuts

Kingpin nuts are nuts that are screwed to the skateboard truck’s kingpin. Hollow kingpins are hollow as their names depict hence, reducing the skateboard’s truck weight.

You can get your high-quality and durable kingpin nuts from Hollow Kingpin & Axle online from Independent, Tensor, Tactics Boardshop, and Thunder Truck.

Skateboard shoes laces

You ought to get yourself strong pairs of laces for your shoes when skateboarding to minimize accidents. Since there are a variety of lace colors, you can choose the one that you prefer the most.

To avoid lace bites, you have to learn the normal shoe lacing procedures.

Lifetime laces offer some of the strongest pairs of laces with over ten times the normal strength of laces. The laces also have a wide range of lace colors ideal for your tastes and preferences.

Where can I find the best skate decks?

Wondering where you could order your best themed and specially tailored skateboard? Look no further!!

The recommended skateboard deck buying tips are to find yourself the skateboard deck which meets most of your deck description. It should also be a durable deck to ensure long life.

A number of brands make custom-made skateboard decks. Among such is the supreme brand and Santa Cruz.

Would you like your skateboard deck to have lots of artwork and graphics? Supreme skate decks are your solution!

To name just a few, these are some of the common supreme skate desk collections:

  • The Larry Clark Kids board
  • The 20th anniversary Box Logo deck
  • Apes Skateboard Deck “Night”
  • Damien Hirst “Spin” Set
  • Skull Pile Skateboard Deck
  • Lee Quinones Logo Skateboard Deck
  • Miles Davis Skateboard Deck and many more!!

Check out their skate deck products and components online on eBay at your own convenience. Mind you, their products always sell out and are even used for interior decor!!

You can also check out the Toy Machine skateboard features online.

How do I care for my skateboard deck?

  • Keep it dry
  • Ensure smooth landings
  • Keep it in a cool, dry place
  • Avoid throwing it around.


Selecting the perfect Skate deck size can be hectic for newbies. However, the supreme Skateboard size chart has acted as your ultimate guide to the size of the skate deck that best suits your skating needs. It contains a number of frequently asked questions about skate deck sizing, which have been answered in detail. 

Therefore, to get the skate deck size that suits your skating needs best, follow the steps detailed in this sizing guide. As matter of fact, by using this skateboard buying guide your skateboard buying process will be easy and you will purchase the correct skateboarding style. In fact, everyone has a different skating style and it will be easy to purchase the perfect standard skateboard and stable board. 

You also need to understand the type of skateboarding and the different styles of skateboarding if you are not doing all-around skating. However, this will depend on personal experience. 

Thanks for reading!!

Was the skate deck size chart guide helpful? What do you think? What is the size of your skate deck? In case of any queries, feel free to contact us in the comments section!!

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