Skateboard elbow pad size chart

Skateboarding is cool, but it must be safe as well. Aside of all skateboard deckwheels and trucks sizing guides we handle the safety accessories for skateboarding as well. Discover all you need to know about skateboard elbow pad size, dimensions and fitting here. These adjustable protection pads will keep your bones safe when falling. Check out the Helmet size, Knee pads size and wrist pads size charts here.

Skateboard Elbow Pad Size Chart

In the elbow pad size chart and guide, we have the weight in pounds and kilograms and the center measurement in inches and centimeters. 

 SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Weight in (lbs and Kgs) Below 125 lbs
Below 56 kgs
125 to 150 lbs
56 kgs to 68 kgs
150 to 180 lbs
68 kgs to 81.5 kgs
180 lbs and Above
81.5 kgs and more
Centre Measurement in (inches and CM)7 to 8 inches
17.5 cm to 20 cm
9 to 10 inches
23 cm to 25.5 cm
11 to 12 inches
28 cm to 30.5 cm
13 to 14 inches
33 cm to 35.5 cm

Kid’s and Youth Elbow pad Size chart for skateboarding

Some brands will sell skateboard protection sets in junior size, all measurements below 7″ or 17.5cm will be good in junior elbow pad size.

Junior sizeSmallMediumLargeX-Large
Center (C) MeasurementFits Juniors7″ – 8″
17.5-20 cm
9″ – 10″11″ – 12″13″ – 14″

How to choose your skateboard Elbow pad size

How do I know my elbow pads size for skateboarding?

A good fit in your elbow protection pad will ensure full protection and the ability to move your arms the way you want to. Too tight elbow pads will limit the ability to bend your arm.

Step 1: Measure your arm

Like with all size charts it starts with properly measuring your arms, you will only need a soft measuring tape or a string with a ruler, and 2 minutes of your time.

  1. Wrap a soft tape measure around the center of your elbow.
  2. Measure around your outstretched arm, either at
    1. the middle of your elbow
    2. at the top or
    3. at the bottom of your arm where the pad will rest

If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a string and measure it against a ruler.

Step 2: Choose your size

Use the chart to convert the measurement of your arm and your weight to your elbow pad size

Step 3: Fit your Elbow pads

Fit the elbow pads you would like to purchase. The pads should feel tight so they don’t slide but still leave enough room so you can bend your arms.

Picture in this post by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

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