Howick Size Charts

There’s no such fulfilling thing to know that you’ll get the size you ordered and only that. This happens with Howick clothes, whether you’re taking out their well-cut trousers, or their embellished shirts and jumpers. You’ll be happy with how much your money can do at Howick (skip straight to the Howick size charts).

Howick Size Charts
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Besides their true sizes, you can literally overhaul your closet without going so deep into your pocket with these fast-fashioned apparel.

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Howick Size Charts Table of Contents

Howick size charts


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InternationalUK Chest SizeEUR Chest SizeChest
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Length

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UK SizeUSA SizeGeneral
5.5638 23
66.539 13
77.540 23
7.5841 13
8.5942 23
99.543 13
1010.544 23
10.51145 13
11.512.546 23
121347 13
131448 13
13.514.549 13
141550 13


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UKInternationalBust/Chest (in)Bust/Chest (Cm)Waist (in)Waist (Cm)Hips (in)Hips (Cm)

UK SizeUSA SizeGeneral Continental
35.535 12
46.536 23
4.5737 13
5.5838 23
68.539 13
79.540 23
7.51041 13
8.51142 23
911.543 13

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Howick true to size?


You’re going to be happy with the much that your money can do at Howick. Besides their true sizes, you can literally overhaul your closet without going so deep into your pocket with these fast-fashioned apparel.

For their up-to-speed knowledge of fashion and fast serviced customer support, you’ll always find yourself on your way back to the store after receiving your paycheck. Howick’s eclectic mix of fashion speaks more of what fashion should or could be. Since Howick is open to customer feedback, the brand seeks to make corrections pointed out by clients. Hence, in case you’re unsatisfied with what you get from the online store, you have a chance to return it for replacement or refund, under certain circumstances.

How should Howick’s shirt fit?

A Howick shirt should not be too tight or too loose. It should hug your torso and show off your shape. A shirt that’s too loose will be hard to tuck in or appear bulgy above your belt. On the other hand, getting a shirt that’s tight will not serve you for long before losing the buttons. You’ll not have enough room for expansion when it’s hot or when you’re full.

Howick shirts come in all sizes from extra small to plus sizes. Knowing your measurements and comparing them with Howick size charts will help you to avoid wardrobe malfunctions during your important events.

Another way to tell that a shirt fits you is whether the shoulder seams reach the end of your shoulders. The seams should settle comfortably at the end of your shoulder. So if it doesn’t reach or you’re struggling to put it up, the shirt is too small.

What’s size 40 in Howick?

Howick size 40 is UK size 12 for shirts, t-shirts, and jumpers. This size goes for people who are slightly bigger than a regular person. However, those who fall between sizes, say, between medium and large would need size ups and downs to get their perfect size.

Being a universal large for tops, this size only fits perfectly a person under this category. Many people who are between medium and large prefer getting this size without a size down especially when taking out casual outfits.

Size 40 neck jumpers can also be taken out by people falling between sizes especially when they are mostly worn on top of a t-shirt. To be safe, try this size at the store to know whether it’s what you need.

What’s the medium in Howick?

This is Europe size 38 and UK size 10. This site is curated for regular-bodied people, who cover the biggest percentage of the global population.

A regular person can get this size without any struggles, from Polo shirts, Howick Quilt gilets, neck jumpers, Safari jackets, and Resort Neck Slub Polos among others.

What is the largest size in Howick clothing?

Howick’s clothes run as big as 4XL. This has a length of more than 64 inches (162.5 cm). You can go as big as size 119 on the chest, 103 on the waist, and 127 on the hip (EU standard). Howick seeks to settle the crisis that’s been on for ages where plus-sized people don’t get the attention they deserve from clothing brands.

Through the years, this has affected the big-sized folks who often have had to fit in smaller clothes. That results in having their bellies uncovered or trousers too small for the waist. With Howick, that narrative is officially over.

Even to this population, the clothes sizes are accurate and come in a variety of fashion styles. In this way, the big and tall can be confident in their appearance even on big occasions where they’re in the limelight. Even though these clothes require more fabric to make them, Howick’s prices are only reasonable rather than over the top like other brands.

Howick makes it so easy to get what you need whether as so tall or as morbidly obese.

What is the smallest size in Howick clothing?

Howick’s smallest size is XS which is EU size 34 with chest size 82, waist size 66, and hip size 90. The short and small will not have to wear bigger clothes than they fit or look for size downs all the time. This size comes in different adult designs to incorporate this part of the population as well.


Howick has proven to be a long-standing house of class and affordable fashion. The buying online process can never get easier without the support of their customer service team. With the above information, we hope that you’re now all set to shop at Howick with confidence.

Please raise any clarifications via the comments section and we’ll assist.

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