Gold Ring Size for Men Including Useful Size Charts and How to Measure

Finding a gold ring size for men is not very difficult. With simple craft supplies you can know more about wedding ring men sizes or fashion rings for men. A step-by-step guide towards men’s good ring sizes.

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Gold Ring Size for Men Including Useful Size Charts and How to Measure
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Table of Content of Men’s Gold Ring Sizes

Size Chart For Men’s Gold Ring

Diameter (mm)Circumference (mm)USUKJapanFranceGermany

Frequently asked questions about men’s ring sizes

How to know the gold ring size for men?

There are two ways to know the correct ring size of any man. You can measure the size of a ring the person is already wearing, or you can measure the finger the ring will be worn on.

How do i know me man’s ring size? Measure it

To measure the size of any ring try these steps:

1. Pick a ring that you are certain fits the desired finger.

2. Place the ring over a ruler and measure the inside diameter. Your measurements should be in mm.

3. Compare the measurement to the chart above and determine the ring size. The measurement that you have is the DIAMETER.

4. If a ring falls between two sizes, always consider the larger size.

How do i know me man’s finger size? Measure it

To measure the finger size of any finger try these steps:

1. Wrap a string or thread around the biggest part of the desired finger. The biggest part of the average finger is usually the base or one of the knuckles. 

2. Mark or cut the string where it overlap.

3. Place the string on a ruler and measure the length that you marked. Your measurement should be in millimeters.

4. Compare the measurement to the chart above. The measurement that you have is the CIRCUMFERENCE.

Little rings like a gold pinky ring or a gold signet ring for the smaller fingers may be difficult to measure. A good tip is to measure these ones by comparing them with a stackable ring. 

How do I find a man’s ring size without them knowing ?

Try these tricks and hacks

1. Get a ring they already wear and use a printable size chart to find out it’s size.

2. If the ring is on a different finger than the one you want to buy a ring for, then take it to any jeweler to size. A jeweler can find the right size of any finger by using a ring of any other finger.

3. Ask someone close to him. There is a possibility that someone may know his ring size or have an idea.

4. Measure his finger in his sleep. This is best done with a string or a fairly wide strip of paper.

Can you size a gold ring?

Yes, you can size a gold ring up or size it down. If the change in size, whether up or down is by only half a size, an expert jeweler can do it in as low as ten minutes. Even with powerful tools, the maximum change in size possible for any ring is two sizes up or down.

What is the most common gold ring size for men?

Based on the basics of sizing, the average ring size for men ranges from US size 6 to size 13. Dainty ring and comfort ring sizes are different from the rest because comfort fit rings are made with the accurate ring size of the customer.

What is a gold ring ?

There are different types of rings that creative entrepreneurs and business brands market as a “gold ring”. For any ring to qualify as a gold ring, there must be gold present in any part of it. If it is made only of gold, then you have a 24k gold ring. 24k gold is 100% pure gold, but pure gold is way too soft and flexible to make into a wedding band. 18k and 14k yellow gold rings have the best balance of gold and other metals. The 18k gold-plated sterling silver and the 14k gold-plated sterling silver are popular slim silver choices that count as a “gold ring” and they are a beautiful gift when presented. Apart from a yellow gold band, there is also white gold. White gold is a mixture of gold, nickel and zinc. Lastly, there is the rose gold ring. Rose gold is a mixture of gold and copper.

Any other rings apart from these three metals do not qualify as a gold ring. Rings that get mistaken for gold includes a tungsten ring, treasures ready near gold signet ring and medusa ring, the brass statement ring, colored diamond rings, platinum bands and titanium rings. A trustworthy jeweler can always help in identifying which is which. 10K and 14K gold are sometimes used for a diamond ring, minimalist ring or nose ring. 

Which gold is better 22k or 24k?

The two of them are completely two different things and what matters most is what the customer decides is best for him. 22K is 91 % pure gold and 24K is 99.9 % pure gold. Gold does not tarnish and shines forever, however it is a soft metal. To make it tougher, hammered gold is mixed with other metals.

The highest purity good is 24K then there is 22K, then 20K, and then 18K, you get the idea. 24K gold will shine better and be more valuable than 22K gold. However, 22K gold will be told tougher and take better damage than 24K gold. 

Cocktail rings, classic shape chain rings, dark rings such as a black diamond ring and an emerald ring are all contemporary trends that are better made with 22k gold. It is better to use 24k gold for dainty jewelry or a piece meant as an antique ring. A domed shape coffin ring such as elegant baguette rings and Etruscan ring are all better with as 24k.

Which is pure gold?

100% pure gold is almost difficult to achieve. The highest purity of gold achievable is referred to as 24 carat gold and represented as “24K”. 24K gold is 99.9% pure gold. 

What is the average pinky ring size?

The average pinky is two sizes below the size of the ring finger of the wearer. The most common pinky ring size for men is US size 9, which translates in UK size R

Pinky Ring Guide – by Gentleman’s Gazette

What is the average ring size for 18 year old male?

Age has no effect whatsoever on ring size. Common sizes among 18 year old men are US sizes 8 to 10. 

What size ring is 7 cm ?

A 7-centimeter ring has a circumference of 70 millimeters and is marked as US size 13 and UK size ZZ.

What is a size 7 ring in mm ?

A US size 7 ring is exactly 54 mm in circumference. It is equivalent to UK size N.

What ring size is a size 8 ?

A US size 8 is the same as a UK size P, and has a circumference of 57.2 mm.

Is a size 9 ring big ?

No, a size 9 ring is about the size of the pinky of the typical man. 

How many cm is a size 9 ring ?

A size 9 ring is 58.7 millimeters, which is equal to 5.87 cm.

How big is a size 10 ring ?

A size 10 ring has a circumference of just less than 62 millimeters and a diameter of about 19.5 millimeters. 

Gold ring size for men sizing explained

How to measure your ring size at home in simple steps by DIAMOND RENSU

Conclusion on gold ring size for men

Apart from the price and size of the ring, standard shipping policies is another cost to consider. Gold is not considered as a regular item, but as an investment. Costco business center has a vibrant community of users who suggest labeling your gold ring as mere “jewelry”. If possible, buy gold rings from real people in conventional stores. This makes it easier to measure your finger, buy a more accurate fit and quickly have your purchase in your possession.

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