US Bra Sizes Chart in Inches and Cm : what’s my US bra size?

US / American bra sizes are shown in inches and centimeters. The sizing data is verified for accuracy and can be used as a reference. Due to the large amount sizes, the tables in the US Bra Sizes Chart are divided by cups.

US bra size conversion chart: What is my US bra size?

About US Bra Sizing Convention

American sizes are abbreviated as US. The abbreviation is written together with the size, for example “US 32D” or “32D (US)”. US is commonly used internationally.

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Learn about the right band size, the right bust size, calculating the US cup size, when you are plus size, and much more in the best US Bra sizes Chart.

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How to find the right Band Size?

Put on a non-padded bra that fits you well to find your band size. Find a measuring tape, and stand in front of a mirror. Wrap the tape around your body just underneath your bust. The measuring tape should be horizontal to the floor, and quite snug.
The measurement in inches is your band size. If it’s an odd number, round down to the nearest even number. Check the below US Bra Size conversion tables including the band size chart in US size, inches and centimeters.

How to Find the right Bust Size?

To find your bust size, measure around the fullest part of your breasts.

How to Find the right Cup Size?

To find the right cup size, take the values of your Bust size (breast size) and subtract the band measurement, e.g. if you measure 31 underneath your breasts, and 34 around, the result is 34-31 = 3. Use the result to find your cup size in the US bra size charts below.

US Bra Sizing Explained (cup size)

Cup Size = Bust Size – Band Size
0 = AA <1 = A 1 = B 2 = C 3 = D 4 = DD 5 = DDD/E 6 = F 7 = G 8 = H

What size bra is considered plus size?

Plus-sized bras have a band size of 38 or larger. There is one distinction in bigger sized bras.
A Full figure bra encompasses sizes DD+ with a 38 or larger band.
All full-figure bras are plus size, but not all plus size bras are full-figure:
A 38F would be considered full figure and plus size, but a 40B would be just plus size. 10

Learn more about plus size bras in a dedicated Plus size bra size charts post

How to Measure your US Bra sizes

How to Measure Your Bra Size | Bra Fitting Guide | Video BY Eureka Advertainment

Please note that this guide only estimates your bra size, as sizes may vary between different bra manufacturers.

AA-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bus
Under Bust
Over Bust
26AA22-24 in22-26 in56-61 cm56-66 cm
28AA24-26 in24-28 in61-66 cm61-71 cm
30AA26-28 in26-30 in66-71 cm66-76 cm
32AA28-30 in28-32 in71-76 cm71-81 cm
34AA30-32 in30-34 in76-81 cm76-86 cm
36AA32-34 in32-36 in81-86 cm81-91 cm
38AA34-36 in34-38 in86-91 cm86-97 cm
40AA36-38 in36-40 in91-97 cm91-102 cm
42AA38-40 in38-42 in97-102 cm97-107 cm
44AA40-42 in40-44 in102-107 cm102-112 cm
46AA42-44 in42-46 in107-112 cm107-117 cm
48AA44-46 in44-48 in112-117 cm112-122 cm
50AA46-48 in46-50 in117-122 cm117-127 cm
52AA48-50 in48-52 in122-127 cm122-132 cm
54AA50-52 in50-54 in127-132 cm127-137 cm
56AA52-54 in52-56 in132-137 cm132-142 cm
58AA54-56 in54-58 in137-142 cm137-147 cm
60AA56-58 in56-60 in142-147 cm142-152 cm
62AA58-60 in58-62 in147-152 cm147-157 cm
64AA60-62 in60-64 in152-157 cm152-163 cm
TABLE: US AA-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

A-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26A22-24 in26-27 in56-61 cm66-69 cm
28A24-26 in28-29 in61-66 cm71-74 cm
30A26-28 in30-31 in66-71 cm76-79 cm
32A28-30 in32-33 in71-76 cm81-84 cm
34A30-32 in34-35 in76-81 cm86-89 cm
36A32-34 in36-37 in81-86 cm91-94 cm
38A34-36 in38-39 in86-91 cm97-99 cm
40A36-38 in40-41 in91-97 cm102-104 cm
42A38-40 in42-43 in97-102 cm107-109 cm
44A40-42 in44-45 in102-107 cm112-114 cm
46A42-44 in46-47 in107-112 cm117-119 cm
48A44-46 in48-49 in112-117 cm122-124 cm
50A46-48 in50-51 in117-122 cm127-130 cm
52A48-50 in52-53 in122-127 cm132-135 cm
54A50-52 in54-55 in127-132 cm137-140 cm
56A52-54 in56-57 in132-137 cm142-145 cm
58A54-56 in58-59 in137-142 cm147-150 cm
60A56-58 in60-61 in142-147 cm152-155 cm
62A58-60 in62-63 in147-152 cm157-160 cm
64A60-62 in64-65 in152-157 cm163-165 cm
TABLE: US A-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

B-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26B22-24 in27-28 in56-61 cm69-71 cm
28B24-26 in29-30 in61-66 cm74-76 cm
30B26-28 in31-32 in66-71 cm79-81 cm
32B28-30 in33-34 in71-76 cm84-86 cm
34B30-32 in35-36 in76-81 cm89-91 cm
36B32-34 in37-38 in81-86 cm94-97 cm
38B34-36 in39-40 in86-91 cm99-102 cm
40B36-38 in41-42 in91-97 cm104-107 cm
42B38-40 in43-44 in97-102 cm109-112 cm
44B40-42 in45-46 in102-107 cm114-117 cm
46B42-44 in47-48 in107-112 cm119-122 cm
48B44-46 in49-50 in112-117 cm124-127 cm
50B46-48 in51-52 in117-122 cm130-132 cm
52B48-50 in53-54 in122-127 cm135-137 cm
54B50-52 in55-56 in127-132 cm140-142 cm
56B52-54 in57-58 in132-137 cm145-147 cm
58B54-56 in59-60 in137-142 cm150-152 cm
60B56-58 in61-62 in142-147 cm155-157 cm
62B58-60 in63-64 in147-152 cm160-163 cm
64B60-62 in65-66 in152-157 cm165-168 cm
TABLE: US A-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

C-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26C22-24 in28-29 in56-61 cm71-74 cm
28C24-26 in30-31 in61-66 cm76-79 cm
30C26-28 in32-33 in66-71 cm81-84 cm
32C28-30 in34-35 in71-76 cm86-89 cm
34C30-32 in36-37 in76-81 cm91-94 cm
36C32-34 in38-39 in81-86 cm97-99 cm
38C34-36 in40-41 in86-91 cm102-104 cm
40C36-38 in42-43 in91-97 cm107-109 cm
42C38-40 in44-45 in97-102 cm112-114 cm
44C40-42 in46-47 in102-107 cm117-119 cm
46C42-44 in48-49 in107-112 cm122-124 cm
48C44-46 in50-51 in112-117 cm127-130 cm
50C46-48 in52-53 in117-122 cm132-135 cm
52C48-50 in54-55 in122-127 cm137-140 cm
54C50-52 in56-57 in127-132 cm142-145 cm
56C52-54 in58-59 in132-137 cm147-150 cm
58C54-56 in60-61 in137-142 cm152-155 cm
60C56-58 in62-63 in142-147 cm157-160 cm
62C58-60 in64-65 in147-152 cm163-165 cm
64C60-62 in66-67 in152-157 cm168-170 cm
TABLE: US C-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

D-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26D22-24 in29-30 in56-61 cm74-76 cm
28D24-26 in31-32 in61-66 cm79-81 cm
30D26-28 in33-34 in66-71 cm84-86 cm
32D28-30 in35-36 in71-76 cm89-91 cm
34D30-32 in37-38 in76-81 cm94-97 cm
36D32-34 in39-40 in81-86 cm99-102 cm
38D34-36 in41-42 in86-91 cm104-107 cm
40D36-38 in43-44 in91-97 cm109-112 cm
42D38-40 in45-46 in97-102 cm114-117 cm
44D40-42 in47-48 in102-107 cm119-122 cm
46D42-44 in49-50 in107-112 cm124-127 cm
48D44-46 in51-52 in112-117 cm130-132 cm
50D46-48 in53-54 in117-122 cm135-137 cm
52D48-50 in55-56 in122-127 cm140-142 cm
54D50-52 in57-58 in127-132 cm145-147 cm
56D52-54 in59-60 in132-137 cm150-152 cm
58D54-56 in61-62 in137-142 cm155-157 cm
60D56-58 in63-64 in142-147 cm160-163 cm
62D58-60 in65-66 in147-152 cm165-168 cm
64D60-62 in67-68 in152-157 cm170-173 cm
TABLE: US D-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

DD/E-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26DD/26E22-24 in30-31 in56-61 cm76-79 cm
28DD/28E24-26 in32-33 in61-66 cm81-84 cm
30DD/30E26-28 in34-35 in66-71 cm86-89 cm
32DD/32E28-30 in36-37 in71-76 cm91-94 cm
34DD/34E30-32 in38-39 in76-81 cm97-99 cm
36DD/36E32-34 in40-41 in81-86 cm102-104 cm
38DD/38E34-36 in42-43 in86-91 cm107-109 cm
40DD/40E36-38 in44-45 in91-97 cm112-114 cm
42DD/42E38-40 in46-47 in97-102 cm117-119 cm
44DD/44E40-42 in48-49 in102-107 cm122-124 cm
46DD/46E42-44 in50-51 in107-112 cm127-130 cm
48DD/48E44-46 in52-53 in112-117 cm132-135 cm
50DD/50E46-48 in54-55 in117-122 cm137-140 cm
52DD/52E48-50 in56-57 in122-127 cm142-145 cm
54DD/54E50-52 in58-59 in127-132 cm147-150 cm
56DD/56E52-54 in60-61 in132-137 cm152-155 cm
58DD/58E54-56 in62-63 in137-142 cm157-160 cm
60DD/60E56-58 in64-65 in142-147 cm163-165 cm
62DD/62E58-60 in66-67 in147-152 cm168-170 cm
64DD/64E60-62 in68-69 in152-157 cm173-175 cm
TABLE: US DD/E-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

DDD/F-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26DDD/26F22-24 in31-32 in56-61 cm79-81 cm
28DDD/28F24-26 in33-34 in61-66 cm84-86 cm
30DDD/30F26-28 in35-36 in66-71 cm89-91 cm
32DDD/32F28-30 in37-38 in71-76 cm94-97 cm
34DDD/34F30-32 in39-40 in76-81 cm99-102 cm
36DDD/36F32-34 in41-42 in81-86 cm104-107 cm
38DDD/38F34-36 in43-44 in86-91 cm109-112 cm
40DDD/40F36-38 in45-46 in91-97 cm114-117 cm
42DDD/42F38-40 in47-48 in97-102 cm119-122 cm
44DDD/44F40-42 in49-50 in102-107 cm124-127 cm
46DDD/46F42-44 in51-52 in107-112 cm130-132 cm
48DDD/48F44-46 in53-54 in112-117 cm135-137 cm
50DDD/50F46-48 in55-56 in117-122 cm140-142 cm
52DDD/52F48-50 in57-58 in122-127 cm145-147 cm
54DDD/54F50-52 in59-60 in127-132 cm150-152 cm
56DDD/56F52-54 in61-62 in132-137 cm155-157 cm
58DDD/58F54-56 in63-64 in137-142 cm160-163 cm
60DDD/60F56-58 in65-66 in142-147 cm165-168 cm
62DDD/62F58-60 in67-68 in147-152 cm170-173 cm
64DDD/64F60-62 in69-70 in152-157 cm175-178 cm
TABLE: US DDD/F-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

DDDD/G-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26DDDD/26G22-24 in32-33 in56-61 cm81-84 cm
28DDDD/28G24-26 in34-35 in61-66 cm86-89 cm
30DDDD/30G26-28 in36-37 in66-71 cm91-94 cm
32DDDD/32G28-30 in38-39 in71-76 cm97-99 cm
34DDDD/34G30-32 in40-41 in76-81 cm102-104 cm
36DDDD/36G32-34 in42-43 in81-86 cm107-109 cm
38DDDD/38G34-36 in44-45 in86-91 cm112-114 cm
40DDDD/40G36-38 in46-47 in91-97 cm117-119 cm
42DDDD/42G38-40 in48-49 in97-102 cm122-124 cm
44DDDD/44G40-42 in50-51 in102-107 cm127-130 cm
46DDDD/46G42-44 in52-53 in107-112 cm132-135 cm
48DDDD/48G44-46 in54-55 in112-117 cm137-140 cm
50DDDD/50G46-48 in56-57 in117-122 cm142-145 cm
52DDDD/52G48-50 in58-59 in122-127 cm147-150 cm
54DDDD/54G50-52 in60-61 in127-132 cm152-155 cm
56DDDD/56G52-54 in62-63 in132-137 cm157-160 cm
58DDDD/58G54-56 in64-65 in137-142 cm163-165 cm
60DDDD/60G56-58 in66-67 in142-147 cm168-170 cm
62DDDD/62G58-60 in68-69 in147-152 cm173-175 cm
64DDDD/64G60-62 in70-71 in152-157 cm178-180 cm
TABLE: US DDDD/G-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

H-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26H22-24 in33-34 in56-61 cm84-86 cm
28H24-26 in35-36 in61-66 cm89-91 cm
30H26-28 in37-38 in66-71 cm94-97 cm
32H28-30 in39-40 in71-76 cm99-102 cm
34H30-32 in41-42 in76-81 cm104-107 cm
36H32-34 in43-44 in81-86 cm109-112 cm
38H34-36 in45-46 in86-91 cm114-117 cm
40H36-38 in47-48 in91-97 cm119-122 cm
42H38-40 in49-50 in97-102 cm124-127 cm
44H40-42 in51-52 in102-107 cm130-132 cm
46H42-44 in53-54 in107-112 cm135-137 cm
48H44-46 in55-56 in112-117 cm140-142 cm
50H46-48 in57-58 in117-122 cm145-147 cm
52H48-50 in59-60 in122-127 cm150-152 cm
54H50-52 in61-62 in127-132 cm155-157 cm
56H52-54 in63-64 in132-137 cm160-163 cm
58H54-56 in65-66 in137-142 cm165-168 cm
60H56-58 in67-68 in142-147 cm170-173 cm
62H58-60 in69-70 in147-152 cm175-178 cm
64H60-62 in71-72 in152-157 cm180-183 cm
TABLE: US H-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

I-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26I22-24 in34-35 in56-61 cm86-89 cm
28I24-26 in36-37 in61-66 cm91-94 cm
30I26-28 in38-39 in66-71 cm97-99 cm
32I28-30 in40-41 in71-76 cm102-104 cm
34I30-32 in42-43 in76-81 cm107-109 cm
36I32-34 in44-45 in81-86 cm112-114 cm
38I34-36 in46-47 in86-91 cm117-119 cm
40I36-38 in48-49 in91-97 cm122-124 cm
42I38-40 in50-51 in97-102 cm127-130 cm
44I40-42 in52-53 in102-107 cm132-135 cm
46I42-44 in54-55 in107-112 cm137-140 cm
48I44-46 in56-57 in112-117 cm142-145 cm
50I46-48 in58-59 in117-122 cm147-150 cm
52I48-50 in60-61 in122-127 cm152-155 cm
54I50-52 in62-63 in127-132 cm157-160 cm
56I52-54 in64-65 in132-137 cm163-165 cm
58I54-56 in66-67 in137-142 cm168-170 cm
60I56-58 in68-69 in142-147 cm173-175 cm
62I58-60 in70-71 in147-152 cm178-180 cm
64I60-62 in72-73 in152-157 cm183-185 cm
TABLE: US I-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

J-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26J22-24 in35-36 in56-61 cm89-91 cm
28J24-26 in37-38 in61-66 cm94-97 cm
30J26-28 in39-40 in66-71 cm99-102 cm
32J28-30 in41-42 in71-76 cm104-107 cm
34J30-32 in43-44 in76-81 cm109-112 cm
36J32-34 in45-46 in81-86 cm114-117 cm
38J34-36 in47-48 in86-91 cm119-122 cm
40J36-38 in49-50 in91-97 cm124-127 cm
42J38-40 in51-52 in97-102 cm130-132 cm
44J40-42 in53-54 in102-107 cm135-137 cm
46J42-44 in55-56 in107-112 cm140-142 cm
48J44-46 in57-58 in112-117 cm145-147 cm
50J46-48 in59-60 in117-122 cm150-152 cm
52J48-50 in61-62 in122-127 cm155-157 cm
54J50-52 in63-64 in127-132 cm160-163 cm
56J52-54 in65-66 in132-137 cm165-168 cm
58J54-56 in67-68 in137-142 cm170-173 cm
60J56-58 in69-70 in142-147 cm175-178 cm
62J58-60 in71-72 in147-152 cm180-183 cm
64J60-62 in73-74 in152-157 cm185-188 cm
TABLE: US J-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

K-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26K22-24 in36-37 in56-61 cm91-94 cm
28K24-26 in38-39 in61-66 cm97-99 cm
30K26-28 in40-41 in66-71 cm102-104 cm
32K28-30 in42-43 in71-76 cm107-109 cm
34K30-32 in44-45 in76-81 cm112-114 cm
36K32-34 in46-47 in81-86 cm117-119 cm
38K34-36 in48-49 in86-91 cm122-124 cm
40K36-38 in50-51 in91-97 cm127-130 cm
42K38-40 in52-53 in97-102 cm132-135 cm
44K40-42 in54-55 in102-107 cm137-140 cm
46K42-44 in56-57 in107-112 cm142-145 cm
48K44-46 in58-59 in112-117 cm147-150 cm
50K46-48 in60-61 in117-122 cm152-155 cm
52K48-50 in62-63 in122-127 cm157-160 cm
54K50-52 in64-65 in127-132 cm163-165 cm
56K52-54 in66-67 in132-137 cm168-170 cm
58K54-56 in68-69 in137-142 cm173-175 cm
60K56-58 in70-71 in142-147 cm178-180 cm
62K58-60 in72-73 in147-152 cm183-185 cm
64K60-62 in74-75 in152-157 cm188-191 cm
TABLE: US K-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

L-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26L22-24 in37-38 in56-61 cm94-97 cm
28L24-26 in39-40 in61-66 cm99-102 cm
30L26-28 in41-42 in66-71 cm104-107 cm
32L28-30 in43-44 in71-76 cm109-112 cm
34L30-32 in45-46 in76-81 cm114-117 cm
36L32-34 in47-48 in81-86 cm119-122 cm
38L34-36 in49-50 in86-91 cm124-127 cm
40L36-38 in51-52 in91-97 cm130-132 cm
42L38-40 in53-54 in97-102 cm135-137 cm
44L40-42 in55-56 in102-107 cm140-142 cm
46L42-44 in57-58 in107-112 cm145-147 cm
48L44-46 in59-60 in112-117 cm150-152 cm
50L46-48 in61-62 in117-122 cm155-157 cm
52L48-50 in63-64 in122-127 cm160-163 cm
54L50-52 in65-66 in127-132 cm165-168 cm
56L52-54 in67-68 in132-137 cm170-173 cm
58L54-56 in69-70 in137-142 cm175-178 cm
60L56-58 in71-72 in142-147 cm180-183 cm
62L58-60 in73-74 in147-152 cm185-188 cm
64L60-62 in75-76 in152-157 cm191-193 cm
TABLE: US L-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

M-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26M22-24 in38-39 in56-61 cm97-99 cm
28M24-26 in40-41 in61-66 cm102-104 cm
30M26-28 in42-43 in66-71 cm107-109 cm
32M28-30 in44-45 in71-76 cm112-114 cm
34M30-32 in46-47 in76-81 cm117-119 cm
36M32-34 in48-49 in81-86 cm122-124 cm
38M34-36 in50-51 in86-91 cm127-130 cm
40M36-38 in52-53 in91-97 cm132-135 cm
42M38-40 in54-55 in97-102 cm137-140 cm
44M40-42 in56-57 in102-107 cm142-145 cm
46M42-44 in58-59 in107-112 cm147-150 cm
48M44-46 in60-61 in112-117 cm152-155 cm
50M46-48 in62-63 in117-122 cm157-160 cm
52M48-50 in64-65 in122-127 cm163-165 cm
54M50-52 in66-67 in127-132 cm168-170 cm
56M52-54 in68-69 in132-137 cm173-175 cm
58M54-56 in70-71 in137-142 cm178-180 cm
60M56-58 in72-73 in142-147 cm183-185 cm
62M58-60 in74-75 in147-152 cm188-191 cm
64M60-62 in76-77 in152-157 cm193-196 cm
TABLE: US M-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

N-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26N22-24 in39-40 in56-61 cm99-102 cm
28N24-26 in41-42 in61-66 cm104-107 cm
30N26-28 in43-44 in66-71 cm109-112 cm
32N28-30 in45-46 in71-76 cm114-117 cm
34N30-32 in47-48 in76-81 cm119-122 cm
36N32-34 in49-50 in81-86 cm124-127 cm
38N34-36 in51-52 in86-91 cm130-132 cm
40N36-38 in53-54 in91-97 cm135-137 cm
42N38-40 in55-56 in97-102 cm140-142 cm
44N40-42 in57-58 in102-107 cm145-147 cm
46N42-44 in59-60 in107-112 cm150-152 cm
48N44-46 in61-62 in112-117 cm155-157 cm
50N46-48 in63-64 in117-122 cm160-163 cm
52N48-50 in65-66 in122-127 cm165-168 cm
54N50-52 in67-68 in127-132 cm170-173 cm
56N52-54 in69-70 in132-137 cm175-178 cm
58N54-56 in71-72 in137-142 cm180-183 cm
60N56-58 in73-74 in142-147 cm185-188 cm
62N58-60 in75-76 in147-152 cm191-193 cm
64N60-62 in77-78 in152-157 cm196-198 cm
TABLE: US N-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

O-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26O22-24 in40-41 in56-61 cm102-104 cm
28O24-26 in42-43 in61-66 cm107-109 cm
30O26-28 in44-45 in66-71 cm112-114 cm
32O28-30 in46-47 in71-76 cm117-119 cm
34O30-32 in48-49 in76-81 cm122-124 cm
36O32-34 in50-51 in81-86 cm127-130 cm
38O34-36 in52-53 in86-91 cm132-135 cm
40O36-38 in54-55 in91-97 cm137-140 cm
42O38-40 in56-57 in97-102 cm142-145 cm
44O40-42 in58-59 in102-107 cm147-150 cm
46O42-44 in60-61 in107-112 cm152-155 cm
48O44-46 in62-63 in112-117 cm157-160 cm
50O46-48 in64-65 in117-122 cm163-165 cm
52O48-50 in66-67 in122-127 cm168-170 cm
54O50-52 in68-69 in127-132 cm173-175 cm
56O52-54 in70-71 in132-137 cm178-180 cm
58O54-56 in72-73 in137-142 cm183-185 cm
60O56-58 in74-75 in142-147 cm188-191 cm
62O58-60 in76-77 in147-152 cm193-196 cm
64O60-62 in78-79 in152-157 cm198-201 cm
TABLE: US O-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

P-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26P22-24 in41-42 in56-61 cm104-107 cm
28P24-26 in43-44 in61-66 cm109-112 cm
30P26-28 in45-46 in66-71 cm114-117 cm
32P28-30 in47-48 in71-76 cm119-122 cm
34P30-32 in49-50 in76-81 cm124-127 cm
36P32-34 in51-52 in81-86 cm130-132 cm
38P34-36 in53-54 in86-91 cm135-137 cm
40P36-38 in55-56 in91-97 cm140-142 cm
42P38-40 in57-58 in97-102 cm145-147 cm
44P40-42 in59-60 in102-107 cm150-152 cm
46P42-44 in61-62 in107-112 cm155-157 cm
48P44-46 in63-64 in112-117 cm160-163 cm
50P46-48 in65-66 in117-122 cm165-168 cm
52P48-50 in67-68 in122-127 cm170-173 cm
54P50-52 in69-70 in127-132 cm175-178 cm
56P52-54 in71-72 in132-137 cm180-183 cm
58P54-56 in73-74 in137-142 cm185-188 cm
60P56-58 in75-76 in142-147 cm191-193 cm
62P58-60 in77-78 in147-152 cm196-198 cm
64P60-62 in79-80 in152-157 cm201-203 cm
TABLE: US P-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

R-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26R22-24 in42-43 in56-61 cm107-109 cm
28R24-26 in44-45 in61-66 cm112-114 cm
30R26-28 in46-47 in66-71 cm117-119 cm
32R28-30 in48-49 in71-76 cm122-124 cm
34R30-32 in50-51 in76-81 cm127-130 cm
36R32-34 in52-53 in81-86 cm132-135 cm
38R34-36 in54-55 in86-91 cm137-140 cm
40R36-38 in56-57 in91-97 cm142-145 cm
42R38-40 in58-59 in97-102 cm147-150 cm
44R40-42 in60-61 in102-107 cm152-155 cm
46R42-44 in62-63 in107-112 cm157-160 cm
48R44-46 in64-65 in112-117 cm163-165 cm
50R46-48 in66-67 in117-122 cm168-170 cm
52R48-50 in68-69 in122-127 cm173-175 cm
54R50-52 in70-71 in127-132 cm178-180 cm
56R52-54 in72-73 in132-137 cm183-185 cm
58R54-56 in74-75 in137-142 cm188-191 cm
60R56-58 in76-77 in142-147 cm193-196 cm
62R58-60 in78-79 in147-152 cm198-201 cm
64R60-62 in80-81 in152-157 cm203-206 cm
TABLE: US R-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

S-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26S22-24 in43-44 in56-61 cm109-112 cm
28S24-26 in45-46 in61-66 cm114-117 cm
30S26-28 in47-48 in66-71 cm119-122 cm
32S28-30 in49-50 in71-76 cm124-127 cm
34S30-32 in51-52 in76-81 cm130-132 cm
36S32-34 in53-54 in81-86 cm135-137 cm
38S34-36 in55-56 in86-91 cm140-142 cm
40S36-38 in57-58 in91-97 cm145-147 cm
42S38-40 in59-60 in97-102 cm150-152 cm
44S40-42 in61-62 in102-107 cm155-157 cm
46S42-44 in63-64 in107-112 cm160-163 cm
48S44-46 in65-66 in112-117 cm165-168 cm
50S46-48 in67-68 in117-122 cm170-173 cm
52S48-50 in69-70 in122-127 cm175-178 cm
54S50-52 in71-72 in127-132 cm180-183 cm
56S52-54 in73-74 in132-137 cm185-188 cm
58S54-56 in75-76 in137-142 cm191-193 cm
60S56-58 in77-78 in142-147 cm196-198 cm
62S58-60 in79-80 in147-152 cm201-203 cm
64S60-62 in81-82 in152-157 cm206-208 cm
TABLE: US S-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).

T-cup US Bra Size Chart

US Bra SizeBand,
Under Bust
Over Bust
Under Bust
Over Bust
26T22-24 in44-45 in56-61 cm112-114 cm
28T24-26 in46-47 in61-66 cm117-119 cm
30T26-28 in48-49 in66-71 cm122-124 cm
32T28-30 in50-51 in71-76 cm127-130 cm
34T30-32 in52-53 in76-81 cm132-135 cm
36T32-34 in54-55 in81-86 cm137-140 cm
38T34-36 in56-57 in86-91 cm142-145 cm
40T36-38 in58-59 in91-97 cm147-150 cm
42T38-40 in60-61 in97-102 cm152-155 cm
44T40-42 in62-63 in102-107 cm157-160 cm
46T42-44 in64-65 in107-112 cm163-165 cm
48T44-46 in66-67 in112-117 cm168-170 cm
50T46-48 in68-69 in117-122 cm173-175 cm
52T48-50 in70-71 in122-127 cm178-180 cm
54T50-52 in72-73 in127-132 cm183-185 cm
56T52-54 in74-75 in132-137 cm188-191 cm
58T54-56 in76-77 in137-142 cm193-196 cm
60T56-58 in78-79 in142-147 cm198-201 cm
62T58-60 in80-81 in147-152 cm203-206 cm
64T60-62 in82-83 in152-157 cm208-211 cm
TABLE: US T-cup bra sizes in inches (in) and centimeters (cm).


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