Chinese Size Chart to US sizes: Shoes, Clothes size conversion

Online shoe and clothing ordering may be risky. Measurements differ significantly throughout retailers and regions. Returning the incorrect size might be a significant problem at times (skip straight to the Chinese Size Chart to US).

Chinese size chart to US sizes for shoes and clothes:

In addition to being inexpensive, it is also quite handy. Buying new shoes online spares you a drive to the shop, where you may not even find what you are searching for.

Why is it necessary to see a size chart before purchasing clothing and shoes online?

When shopping online, find the correct size because various nations and businesses offer multiple sizes. Clothing and shoe size conversion tables help you determine what size to purchase or test while browsing an online Chinese store and knowing your size in the US.

This article will provide the correct shoe and clothing sizes for men and women in China and the United States.

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Chinese Size Chart to US Table of Contents

chinese size chart to us
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Sizes Chart Conversions: Chinese Size Chart To US

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As more shoes and clothing are created, understanding Chinese to US sizes becomes more important when purchasing things online.

This detailed resource provides shoe and clothing size charts as well as their US equivalents to assist you in finding the correct sizes for shoes and clothes.

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Women’s Tops And Shirts Chinese size conversion

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US Alfa Sizing Chinese Alfa Sizing US Standard Size Chinese Standard Size Chest MeasurementsWaist MeasurementsHip Measurements
XSS0150/ 76A33 in-34 in (83.82 cm- 86.36 cm)25 in- 27 in (63.5 cm- 68.58 cm)35 in-36 in (88.9 cm- 91.44 cm)
SM2155/ 80A35 in-36 in (88.9 cm- 91.44 cm)28 in- 30 in (71.12 cm- 76.2 cm)37 in-38 in (93.98 cm- 96.52 cm)
ML4160/ 84A37 in-38 in (93.98 cm- 96.52 cm)31 in-33 in (78.74 cm- 83.82 cm)39 in-40 in (99.06 cm- 101.6 cm)
LXL6165/ 88A39 in- 40 in (99.06 cm- 101.6 cm)34 in-35 in (86.36 cm- 88.9 cm)41in- 42 in (104.14 cm- 106.68 cm)
XLXXL8170/92A41in- 42 in (104.14 cm- 106.68 cm)36 in-38 in (91.44 cm- 96.52 cm)43 in-44 in (109.22 cm- 111.76 cm)

Women’s Bottoms And Pants

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Chinese Standard SizesChinese Alpha SizingUS Standard SizeUS Alpha SizingUS W/L Size
32 XSXXS25/30
34 S2XS26/30
36 M4-6S28/31
38 L8-10M30/31
42 XXL16-18XL34/ 32

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Men’s Tops And Shirts Chinese size conversion

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US Alpha SizingChina Alpha SizingChinese Sizes Height/Chest (in)Chinese Sizes Height/Chest (cm)Chest Circum­ference (in)Chest Circumference (cm)
XSS63 in/ 33 in- 34 in160 cm/84 cm-87 cm34 in86.36 cm
SM65 in/ 35 in-43 in165 cm/ 88 cm-90 cm37 in93.98 cm
ML67 in/ 38 in- 39 in170 cm/ 96 cm-98 cm39 in99.06 cm
LXL69 in/ 40 in- 41 in175 in/ 101 in -104 in41 in104.14 cm
XLXXL71 in/ 42 in- 43 in180 cm / 106 cm-109 cm43 in109.22 cm
XXLXXL73 in/ 44 in- 51 in185 cm / 111 cm-130 cm45 in114.3 cm

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Men’s Bottoms And Pants Size conversion China vs US

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Chinese Pants SizeUS Alpha SizingWaist (inches)Waist (cm)Inseam Length (inches)Inseam Length (cm)
40XS28 in71.12 cm30 in76.2 cm
42XS29 in73.66 cm30 in76.2 cm
44S30 in76.2 cm32 in81.28 cm
46S30 in76.2 cm32 in81.28 cm
48M33 in83.82 cm32 in81.28 cm
50M34 in86.36 cm32 in81.28 cm
52L36 in91.44 cm34 in86.36 cm
54L38 in96.52 cm34 in86.36 cm
56XL40 in101.6 cm34 in86.36 cm
Children’s Chinese size-chart to US sizes for clothes and shoes for kids

Chinese Children Clothes Size into US sizes

Various methods of measurement and labeling are used in China to determine children’s clothing sizes. Children’s clothing sizes in China can be determined by their height in centimeters or age (1Y, 2Y, 3Y, 4Y, etc.).

US Children’s Clothes Sizes Chinese Size by AgeChinese Size by Height in cm
1Y1Y – 2Y73 – 80
2Y2Y – 3Y75 – 85
3Y3Y – 4Y85 – 95
4Y4Y – 5Y95 – 105
5Y6Y – 7Y105 – 115
6Y-7Y8Y – 9Y115 – 125
8Y-9Y10Y – 11Y125 – 135
10Y-11Y12Y – 13Y135 – 145
12Y14Y – 15Y145 – 155

Standard Women’s Shoes Size Conversion: Chinese vs US Shoe sizing

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Chinese Shoe Size WomenUS Women Shoe Size
34 3.5
35 4
35.5 5
36 5.5
37 6
38 6.5
39 7
40 7.5
40.5 8
41 8.5
42 9
43 9.5
45 10.5
46 11
47 12
49 13

Standard Men’s Shoes Size from Chinese to US shoe sizes

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Chinese Sizes US Size
39 5.5 
41 6.5 
42 7.5 
43 8
44 8.5 
45 i
47 10 
47.5 11 
48 11.5 

Convert Chinese Shoe Size Chart into Men’s & Women’s shoe size

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Chinese Shoe Sizes US Men’s Shoe Size US Women’s Shoe Size

Chinese Children’s Shoe Size Chart into US sizes

US Kids Shoe SizeChinese Children Shoe SizeFoot Length in inches

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How To Get Your Right Size?

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So, what should a purchaser do to determine measurements and guarantee that all fits? A few pointers will point you on the correct path and ensure you get the proper size every time.

1. Measure Yourself

One thing you should first do is measure yourself. A size 4 in one manufacturer could appear like a size 6 in the other, so use your dimensions instead of your exact shirt size.

For clothing, size your hips, waist, and bust; for shoes, measure your feet. This may be accomplished by using a tape measure across your body and feet.

2. Research Sizing Details

Almost every online clothing company offers a size reference section on their site, which may be a savior if you spend money on goods you can not try.

Ensure you understand the shop’s size regulations before adding items to your online shopping basket.

Although you are a 6 in one brand, it does not imply that you are a 6 in all of them. Certain brands just fit bigger or smaller, so do not depend on the dress size until you have gone through the website’s details and chosen what size will best match your dimensions.

3. Understand The Difference

Whenever it refers to women’s clothing, several retailers specialize in misses sizes, while others specialize in juniors.

Understanding the distinction between the two is critical since it significantly impacts how clothing suits your body. Before you purchase, always verify the kind of size.

4. Write It Down

A size document on your laptop is one method you can purchase online with certainty. If you make it big with a particular manufacturer, input the company and size you use into an essential Text document on a laptop.

Maintain a daily list so that when you go shopping on the internet again, you can open up your copy and determine which size is best for you.

Because dimensions differ greatly throughout the board in terms of fit, knowing whether you are a 4 in one brand and a 6 in the other is helpful because sizes vary greatly throughout the board.

5. Go With The Return Policy

Avoid purchasing items from an online apparel business that does not provide a substantial money-back guarantee.

A decent shop will refund returns, while some will charge you for the return label. In any case, avoid shops that do not accept refunds.

Learn more about how to convert international sizes (video)

How To Handle Aliexpress Clothing Size Differences by Andy Mai Clips

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do convert the Chinese size chart to US?

People used to purchase US apparel may frequently go up 2 to 3 sizes to obtain a roughly equivalent Chinese size fast and effortlessly. Consultation of the charts on this page would be a safer, more dependable approach.

2. How do I know my Chinese size?

You may discover a size chart on the web pages of online shops, which will allow you to determine your Chinese size, or you can convert your size to a standard metric unit used in China.

3. What is Chinese size 42 in the US?

The Chinese size 42 for US men’s shoes is 7.5, whereas it is 9 for women. The measured item determines the Chinese size 42 in the United States. Everything differs for children, men, and women. For instance,

So, before you choose a size, make sure it complements your characteristics.

4. Are Chinese sizes the same as Americans?

No, the Chinese and the Americans use completely different units of measurement, and the Chinese sizes are far larger in number than the American sizes.

For instance, in American sizing, a size 35.5 would be equivalent to a women’s size 5, and a size 49 would be equivalent to a women’s size 15.5.

5. Why are Chinese sizes so small?

Since most people in China are short, petite, or diminutive in stature, Chinese clothing, and shoe sizes are often on the smaller side.

The Chinese measures are designed specifically for Chinese people, giving them access to the measurements that are most suited to their bodies.

Conclusion on Chinese Size Chart to US

It will take some additional effort to obtain the appropriate size guides and have them readily available to your clients. But it’s worth it in the long term.

This little practice may significantly improve customer satisfaction and minimize resources and time wasted on refunds and issues that will surely assist you in growing a profitable online company. 

Furthermore, having the correct sizes for your imported goods might differentiate between a delighted buyer and a stressful customer return.

Convert your clothes sizes and precisely display them, and you’ll discover that your firm is a fantastic match for profit. Leave a comment if you need help finding the right size for yourself. We are ready to help you!

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