Kid’s Plus Size Clothing Guide for Boys and Girls

Shopping for children may be unpleasant at times since they outgrow their clothes quickly and require new ones in a short period. Parents may struggle to keep up with their children’s sizes and may purchase clothing that is either too little or too large for their children. Parents may forfeit the money paid for these clothes if businesses refuse to accept them (skip straight to the Kid’s Plus Size Clothing Size Chart).

When your child is larger than average, shopping for them becomes much more difficult because you cannot rely on the size ranges offered in many places and will need to consult a child’s plus-size clothes size chart.

Kid's Plus Size Clothing Guide for Boys and Girls
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Kid’s Plus Size Clothes sizing table of content

What is kid’s plus size clothing and why is it important to have a good kid’s plus size clothing size chart?

Plus-size clothing for children is clothing designed specifically for larger-size children who require extended sizing. Although children come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and body types, many major retailers keep to standard fabric sizes (American, British, and Australian), which are generally dictated by age. As a result, many parents struggle to find clothing for their children who are older than their peers and are forced to settle for less fashionable options.

An excellent plus size clothing size chart for kids can assist parents select clothes for their children based on their weight, height, and other measurements. It assists parents in saving money spent on incorrectly sized clothing and time spent searching for the correct sizes across various mall retailers.

Parents of plus-sized children can easily shop online for clothes for their children using a good kid’s plus-size clothing store chart, knowing that they will get the right size.

Clothing Haul for Plus-Size Girls (video)

Girls Summer Clothing Haul | Plus Size Kids Clothing Try On | JCPenney by Journey’s Playhouse

Kid’s Plus Size Clothing Size Chart

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Size Girls’ Plus Clothing Size Chart

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Size GirlsInternational SizingUS SizeHeight (in, cm)Chest (in, cm)Waist (in, cm)Hip (in, cm)
7 plusM7½ – 8½49 – 50½in 124-128cm28in 71cm27in 69cm30½in 77cm
8 plusL7½ – 8½51 – 53in 130-135cm29½in 75cm28in 71cm31½in 80cm
10 plusXL10½ – 12½53½ – 55in 136-140cm30½ in 77cm29in 73cm33in 83cm
12 plus2XL10½ – 12½55½-57½in 141-146cm32in 81cm30in 76cm34in 86cm
14 plus3XL14½ – 16½58 – 60in 147-152cm33in 83cm31in 79cm35½in 90cm
16 plus4XL14½ – 16½60 – 62in 152-157cm34½in 88cm32in 81cm36½in 93cm
18 plus5XL17 – 1960 – 62in 152-157cm35½ in 90cm33in 83cm37½in 95cm
20 plus6XL18 – 22½62 – 64in 157-162cm36in 91cm34in 86cm38½in 98cm
26 plus7XL24-2862 – 64in 157-162cm37in 94cm35in 89cm39½in 100cm

Boys’ Plus Size Clothing Size Chart

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Size BoysInternational SizingUS SizeHeight (in, cm)Chest (in, cm)Waist (in, cm)Hip (in, cm)
8 PlusM8H49 – 51in 124-130cm30in 76cm29in 74cm30½in   77cm
10 PlusL10/12H51½-54½in 131-138cm30½in 77cm30in 76cm31½in 77cm
12 PlusXL10/12H55 – 57in 140-145cm31½in 80cm31in 79cm33in 84cm
14 PlusXXL14/16H57½ – 59½in 146-151cm33in 84cm32in 81cm34½in 88cm
16 PlusXXXL14/16H60 – 63in 152-160cm34½in 88cm33½in 85cm36½in 93cm
18 PlusXXXXL18H63½- 65½in 161-166cm36in 91cm34½in 88cm37in 94cm
20 plusXXXXXL20H67-68in 170-172cm37in 94cm35in 89cm39.5in 100cm
26 plusXXXXXXL26H67-68in 170 – 172cm39in 99cm36in 91cm40in 102cm

How to Choose the Right Kid’s Plus Size Clothing

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Clothing sizes vary, and children’s clothing is typically branded according to their age. When it comes to getting the correct fit, it’s far better to consider your child’s height and weight rather than their age. The best method, of course, is to use a measuring tape to take precise measurements of your child’s body.

Children should only have their measures taken over their exposed skin or when wearing skin-tight clothing. Note your child’s height, chest, waist, and occasionally hip measurements for tops and skirts. Measure the waist, height, and hips for bottoms like trousers and jeans. You can then use a size chart to determine the clothing size that corresponds to your child’s dimensions. This section will guide size charts to get the correct size dresses and other clothing for your plus-size children.


You can make use of a stadiometer or a measuring tape to get a child’s height. Children grow tall every day, so it is important to take their precise height right before placing the order for the clothes. It is also crucial to include a few inches (0.2-0.5in) in their precise measurements so that they don’t grow out of the clothes quickly.

Using a stadiometer is the easiest method to get a child’s height, but in the absence of a stadiometer, you can make use of a common measuring tape. Have the child stand against a wall with the heel of their feet brushing the wall. Use a pencil to mark their height against the wall and measure it in centimeters or inches.


Take a measuring tape around the child’s upper trunk to get the chest measurements. For girls, this area may grow faster so it is also vital that you take the measurement right before placing the order for the clothes and leave add a few inches for allowance.


Take the measuring tape around the smallest area before the hips to measure the waist. It may be best to take it around the area the child often wears their pants or underwear to ensure comfort.


The hips also grow at different rates. Take the measuring tape around the widest area after the waist to get the hip measurement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size is XL in children’s clothes?

XL size label means extra large and it varies for boys and girls. It is a size label often found in clothes made for children bigger than average size and the measurements are found in the charts above.

Where to buy plus-size children’s clothes?

You can buy affordable plus-size children’s clothes in the United States from many online brick-and-mortar stores. Many of these stores have catalogs of different styles including cute, beautiful, cool, fun, and freshest styles, allowing your kids to decide what style of clothes they prefer.

Some of these stores include Kohls, Amazon, target, etc. Many brands have recently been dedicated to providing fashionable extended-size clothing for plus-size children.

What is size 26 in children’s clothes?

In children’s clothing, size 26 refers to youngsters who are significantly taller and larger than their peers of the same age. Size 26 is for tall boys who stand between 170-172cm tall. On the other hand, size 26 is for girls who are 157-162cm tall.

What is size 20 in children’s clothes?

In children’s clothing, size 20 refers to children who are larger than their peers but not much taller.

What age is size 20 in children’s clothes?

Children between the ages of 14 and 17 will most likely fit into size 20. Children in size 20 are frequently taller and larger than their peers.


I hope you found the preceding article helpful. Remember that getting your child’s exact measurements is always more trustworthy than buying clothes for them, especially when buying these garments online because they won’t be able to put them on beforehand.

When your child is larger than typical, shopping for them will take more effort because you won’t be able to rely on the regular sizes available in most places. Plus-size clothing for children is clothing designed specifically for children who are larger than other children their age.

A kid’s plus size clothing size chart was included in the article above to assist parents of plus size children in finding clothing for their children based on their particular body measurements.

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