Roller Skates Size: Find The Perfect Fit

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The charts here cover the major sizes and apply to each standard size from popular roller skate brands. The best method to achieve a correct Rollerskate sizing form is to have a personalized size recommendation for each product (skip straight to the Roller Skates Size Charts).

Roller Skates Size: Find The Perfect Fit
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Why is the right size skate important?

A good size of roller skates is important to prevent injuries, and accidents and improve your rollerskating experience. Well, you see, the correct size skates are NOT dependent on the normal shoe size. Shoes are based on a foot size scale, while skates are based on foot shape, and legwork and make room for thicker socks. Harder wheels feel heavier than softer wheels and are usually higher over the ankles.

Advanced skaters like figure skaters or dance skaters or professional roller skaters may prefer more control over comfort because they will be wearing their skates for short periods of important routines. But for the typical person, the exact size is important.

The typical skater needs a comfortable ride and usually chooses comfort over control when picking from the 1-13 sizes on the US scheme. US sizes are also used in Canada, while European sizes are referred to as the international size scheme.

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Roller Skate Sizes Table of Content

Kids Roller Skates Size chart

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Skate sizing experts claim that the kid’s size should not be taken to heart. Kids grow fast and might have wide feet before their feet grow long enough. Simply put, wear the size that the kid is comfortable with.

US InternationalFoot Length (In)Foot Length (Cm)
4379.05 23

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Women’s Roller Skates sizing

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Adjustable roller skates size 4 – 7 are the beginning of the skate size for the ladies sizes. They are a very popular because they can accommodate half a size up or down and are also the largest size for children.

USInternationalFoot Length (In)Foot Length (Cm)
737 – 389.524.1
838 – 399.7524.8
1142 – 4310.526.8

Men’s Roller Skates size

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Roller skate size 11 is one of the few sizes that can double for both genders and thus greatly advised against. Wear skates that have been made specifically for your gender.

USInternationalFoot Length (In)Foot Length (Cm)
1144 – 451127.94

Learn more about how to choose the roller skates (video)

How to know YOUR SIZE in Roller Skates? (in 3 steps) by Madame Quad HK

Frequently Asked Questions

Do roller skates fit true to size?

Yes, they do. Any pair of skates are supposed to fit comfortably to the foot length it has been made for. If the skates feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to try another size.

Do you size up?

No, you don’t. You wear the right size. The standard size for you is the size that allows your feet to sit comfortably and seamless power transfer from the legs to the wheels.

Are roller skates the same for men and women?

No. Adult skate size is very focused on control and comfort. Comfort issues consider feet shape and to achieve control, ankle and lower leg structures such as knee circumference are important.

Men and women have different shapes feet and leg structures and this is the primary cause of the differences between models meant for each gender. Generally, men’s sizes are bigger than ladies’ sizes with the same number.

Is roller skate the same as shoe size?

No. Roller skates are based on shoe sizes and feet shape. However, they are not identical to the standard shoe size. For example, a size 10 roller skate is not for the same feet as a size 10 shoe.

A more accurate size guide for adjustable high-top roller skates is similar to a size guide made by popular shoe brands and was originally meant for picking the correct boot size.

This is because some of them are built like boots. Other forms of roller skates, might have no similarity with everyday shoes.

How should roller skates fit?

Your pair of skates should leave some breathing space for your feet. The proper foot size will be able to move the toes when in the correct skate size. A larger size skate will rattle when the feet are shaken in a nonskating position.

If your feet feel stuffy and can’t move any toe on their own or you have a problem tightening the straps, you may have to go one size larger.

Should your toes touch the end of the skates?

For new skates, it is perfectly normal for your toes to touch the end. Just tap your heel into the back of the skates. As your skates get older they will take the shape of your feet and be better fitting.

Should roller skates be bigger?

No, they should be your size according to your measurements and fittings. 

What if my roller skates are too big?

They will be heavier than needed and your feet will slide forward and backward a lot leading to poor control and comfort. Stop wearing them and seek a proper size.

What if my roller skates are too small?

The wheels won’t fit under the ball of your feet and your heel. The skates will take more effort to control and ultimately wear out quickly. Be ready to find a new pair and srup up in size.


Business brands may manufacture a more loose or tight-fitting product depending on the intended purpose of the skates. Also, the edges of the size scale may not be left in stock. Even an Amazon roller skate size 4 might be difficult to come by during specific seasons.

Some experts suggest that you can borrow or use 1-2 sizes above yours if you can’t find your proper size. However, this is strictly for leisure purposes and this size is not supposed to be purchased. You don’t buy it, but you may rent or borrow it.

In that way, you won’t commit to it. And also, you will have to wear multiple layers of skating socks to make up for the extra space in them.

Enjoy skating and always remember that safety first. Leave a comment before sharing this article.

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