Plus Size Coats Sizing Guide for Men and Women

A coat is an outer garment we wear over other clothes when it’s cold or wet outside. Coats and jackets have been in existence since the 1800s. You can also wear coats and jackets for fashion purposes. Plus-size coats can be a hassle to find online. Fortunately, you can make the process easier by following this plus size coats sizing guide. In this post, you’ll learn how to find the best size for your coat online.

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Plus Size Coats Sizing Guide for Men and Women
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Table of content of Plus Size Coats Sizing Guide

Plus Size Coat Charts

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Women’s Plus Size Coats sizing Chart

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Alpha sizesUSUKEUBust (inches)Bust (cm)
L10144438 – 39 in96.5 – 99 cm
XL12164640 – 41 in101.6 – 104.1 cm
XL14184842 – 43 in105.6 – 109.2 cm
XXL16205044 – 46 in111.8 – 116.8 cm
XXL18225247 – 48 in119.4 – 121.9 cm
3XL20245449 – 50 in124.5 – 127cm
4XL22265650 – 52 in127 – 132 cm
5XL24285853 -54 in134.6 – 137.2 cm

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Men’s Plus Size Coats sizing Chart

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Alpha sizesUSEUChest (inches)Chest (cm)Height (inches)Height (cm)
L405040 – 42101.6 – 106.7 cm68 – 69 in172.7 – 175.3 cm
L425242 – 44106.7 – 111.8 cm69 – 70 in175.3 – 177.8 cm
XL445444 – 45111.8 – 114.3 cm70 – 71 in177.8 – 180.3 cm
XL445644 – 45111.8 – 114.3 cm71 – 72 in180.3 – 182.9 cm
XXL455845 – 46114.3 – 116.8 cm72 – 73 in182.3 – 185.4 cm
XXL466046 – 47116.8 – 119.4 cm73 – 74 in185.4 – 188 cm
3XL476247 – 48119.4 – 121.9 cm74 – 75 in188 – 190.5 cm
3XL486448 – 49121.9 – 124.5 cm75 – 76 in190 – 193 cm
4XL496649 – 50124.5 – 127 cm76 – 77 in193 – 195.6 cm
5XL506850 – 51127 – 129.5 cm77 – 78 in195.6 – 198.1 cm
5XL517051 – 52129.5 – 132.1 cm78 – 79 in198.1 – 200.7 cm
6XL527252 – 53132.1 – 134.6 cm79 – 80 in200.7 – 203.2 cm

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How to Choose the Right Plus Size Coat

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When choosing the best coat or jacket sizes, you need to record your body measurements for comparison with the size charts. So, in this section, we’ll discuss how to take accurate body measurements.

How to take measurements for jackets and coats for women

If you wear the coat or jacket over other garments, you should have them on to ensure the measurements are as accurate as possible. Otherwise, the coat could have a close fit that doesn’t allow you to wear more garments underneath. Ask a friend or loved one to help you take the measurements because you should keep your body straight and relaxed during the process.

  • Bust – This is the most crucial body dimension when choosing coats and jackets. With your body upright, lift your arms and let your partner wrap the tape around the fullest point of your bust. Ensure the tape has enough ease to allow you to wear other garments under the coat without hassle.
  • Height – This is the length of your coat. The ideal length will depend on personal preference. Your jacket could reach anywhere from your knees to your ankles.

How to take measurements for coats and jackets for men

Wear what you normally would before wearing your coat. The essential dimensions include chest and height measurements.

  • Chest – Keeping the tape parallel to the floor, wrap it around the broadest part of the chest. Ensure it goes under the arms and around the back as well.
  • Height – think about how long you want the coat to be. Then, measure from the front of the shoulder down to the lowest point you want for the coat.

The Best Plus Size Coat for You

The size of your coat isn’t the only consideration to make. You should also think about:

Coat Style

There are different coat styles available on the market. You’ll need to determine whether you want something formal or casual. Here are some of the popular plus-size jacket styles:

Coat Color

The next thing to choose is the best color for your jacket. For a formal look, you should select solid colors that will work well with other outfits in your wardrobe. However, if you are going for something casual, you can choose a coat with a mix of beautiful colors to ensure you look attention-grabbing.

Coat Weight

The weight of your jacket will depend on the type of fabric used to make it. If you are looking for a coat to wear when it’s still a bit warm, lightweight jackets will be a good pick. However, if it’s rainy, snowy, or cold, a thick heavy jacket will do.

Plus Size Coats Styling Tips explained (video)

Plus Size Haul: Brightly Colored Coats and How to Wear Them by Glitterandlazers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy plus-size coats and jackets?

Some of the places you can buy plus-size coats online include

How do I know my coat size?

The best way to find the right coat size is to take your body measurements and check them against a size chart.


Choosing the right size coat doesn’t have to be challenging. You’ll be good to go if you take your body measurements and compare them to the size charts. Remember to have the clothes you’ll wear under the coat on as you take the measurements. This will ensure you get a good fit.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below.

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