Moto Jacket Size Chart And Sizing Guide

The moto jacket is a modern wardrobe essential that every cyclist and motorist needs to have.  It is important though that you get the correct size, and this is where a moto jacket size chart becomes useful.

Some of the key measurements that contribute to a moto jacket chart include natural waist measurements to get the correct waist size, glove size, inseam size, head circumference size, B.Bust measure, caps measure, chest – measure, G.Arm length measure, helmets measure, hip – measure, height measurements, etc.  For helmets, use a helmet sizing chart to find the correct helmet size to match your riding style.

Moto Jacket: Origin and Popularity 

The history of the moto jacket is quite an interesting one. It starts in New York where a man going by the name of Irving Schott planned what is presently known as the cruiser coat or moto jacket. Schott had been making clothing for motorcyclists starting around 1920 and had been making outwear beginning around 1913, yet it was his 1928 make that adjusted the universe of design. 

He named the article of clothing “The Perfecto” after his beloved stogie and sold the main coat for $5.50 at a store of Harley Davidson in New York City.  

The primary cruiser coat was decorated with silver equipment made to assist the motorcyclist when hanging over the handlebars. Up until the 1950’s when dark coats acquired ubiquity, brown was the most well known shading for the moto coats. The coats went past the biker swarm in the 1950’s after Marlon Brando wore a bike coat in the 1953 film The Wild One. The film was based on the 1947 Hollister riots including biker posses who wore the coat style.

Moto Jacket Chart and Measurements

With regards to selecting a cruiser coat, the vast majority will naturally get a coat dependent on their shirt size. While that may work a portion of the time, a decent quality riding coat is frequently a major venture and hence you need it to fit great. Assuming that you take a few minutes to appropriately take a couple of key estimations, you would then be able to utilize those numbers to assist you with choosing the right coat size. This is where a moto jacket chart comes in, to guide you get the correct size.

See below helpful examples of a moto jacket chart for men and women;

Men moto jacket size chart


Women moto jacket size chart


Most cruiser coat makers will have an estimating graph to assist you with sorting out precisely what size you wear. Likewise, remember that not all producers utilize a similar estimating framework. Some might utilize the more conventional small, medium, or huge, others might be founded on chest or a manageable distance, while others might utilize something totally unique. Ordinarily what you find is that most producers will have a diagram that corresponds their estimating to the next measuring frameworks (for example US or European) to assist you with tracking down the right size. For instance, a cruiser coat may fit somewhat free or be somewhat more sympathetic than a road bicycle coat which may have a slimmer/more tight cut.

Buying and Sizing Guide: Measurements

We take the proper fit of riding gear like mot jacket very seriously because as you know the riding gear is a huge component of safety. We want you to buy a moto jacket that is safe to use and this is why this precise guide will help you find a perfectly-fitting moto jacket. 

Use the below sizing guide tips to take measurements even before you start to buy;

Men Size Measurement for a Motorcycle Jacket

The method is the same, but for purposes of clarity it’s wise that we separate some parts for men and women

Chest measurements

Wrap the tape measure around the chest, below the armpit (approximately 2 inches below. Then inhale inhale and read the measurement.

Waist measurements

Wrap the tape measure around the waist, just right below the navel and slightly high up the hip bones. Keep the tape measure steady and read the measurements. 

Women Moto Jacket Size

Chest Size

The method is quite similar to that used for men above. But just note that you will get the best measurement from the center of the chest, i.e below and above the bust line. 

General sizing tips

  • Start by wearing garments of a weight you think you’ll be wearing when using the moto jacket. On the off chance that it is a mid year coat, this would probably be a tee shirt. On the off chance that you are purchasing a coat for winter, you’ll measure over a heavier dress, possibly a warmed vest. If  you are purchasing a game race coat, you may even put on a back defender.
  • You will use material estimating tape. In the event that you don’t have one, then, at that point, snatch something adaptable and non-stretch. Examples include a long belt, a non-stretch piece of rope, an electrical line, and so forth and you can utilize that alongside a standard measuring tape or measuring stick. 
  • Ask someone close to you e.g a companion to help. Stand normally, and request that the partner put the tape around the fullest part of your chest, simply under the arms, and pull the tape around the front. Try not to pull it tight, scarcely take up the leeway and get your perusing. While this is continuing, don’t puff up your chest or break down your chest… simply stand typically.
  • Now do exactly the same thing on your midsection, close to the fullest part, which is regularly over the navel and over the stomach cushions. Once more, don’t suck it in, or stick it out unnaturally. Simply unwind.

Always keep the tape horizontal so that you can get the correct sizing. 

Tummy size

Verify that the midsection size in a coat you pick will be large enough around there too. Coats are cut for the normal individual. Furthermore, for most, the coat will tighten in size starting from the chest to a more modest size in the lower part of .  So when you pick the ideal size coat dependent on your chest, check to ensure the paunch of the coat is large enough for your stomach. Assuming you have a critical paunch, you might observe that a bigger size will be required.

For those that don’t have a tummy, the attack of the lower piece of the coat will presumably be fine. In case you have an athletic form, you might need to take a gander at more energetic coats that have a “drop” that all the more intently coordinates with your own estimations, say” at least 4

Abdomen Size

Most bike pants ride somewhat higher on your midsection, up around your navel. So when you measure your abdomen for bike pants, you’ll need to gauge yourself up higher, just beneath the navel. The special case for this is defensively covered cruiser pants that will fit more like normal pants, in which case you can gauge a piece lower down.

Plus Size Moto Jacket size chart

Check the above size charts starting from size XL and up to find your plus size motorcycle jacket


Most moto jackets will work for most people. Sleeve length might often be less vital since many wear gloves that cover sleeve ends. Motorcycle jackets are often cut short because you don’t want any excessive sleeve length past the elbow when riding. If you commonly have to buy tall clothing, then look for jackets and pants with a tall size selection, because regular jackets will likely be too short. Avoid risky color combinations as this can spoil the good mood of your rides besides causing visual challenges on the roads. 

Most brands have a wide range of moto jacket chart options to cater to different size categories. It means that users such as blind users, users with visual impairments or cognitive disabilities equally have options. For example you can find a youth apparel size chart, commuter size chart, alpha size chart etc. Of courses any size easily falls somewhere within the normal international size S M L XL etc.  Be sure to buy from a maker with excellent customer service. Above all choose according to your body size. So if you are tall for example, go for tall size jackets. If your body size is extra large then pick a larger size. The correct jacket size will no doubt enhance your riding experience, go for it!. Enjoy your shopping experience!

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