Santa Suit Size: Get your perfect fitting Santa Claus costume for Christmas

HoHoHo, it’s the time of the year again. In the darkest period of the year, Santa Claus is a light for family, children and friends. If you’re looking for the perfect Santa Costume, …check out the below Santa Suit Size chart. From small sizes to plus size Santa suits.

Santa Suits are different than regular clothing. The jackets are sewn large to accommodate the Belly Padding that gives Santa his jolly round shape. The Santa pants are cut short to tuck into Santa’s tall black Santa Boots. Check for shoes size charts here

Santa Suit Sizing Table of content

Santa Suit Size Chart

Size chart for men

In this size chart you can find all sizes of Santa Costumes, from Medium up until Plus-sized Santa suits

M40-42up to 5’11”42″36″
L42-44up to 5’11”44″40 1/2″
XL44-46up to 5’11”46″42″
2X48-52up to 6’0″52″46″
3X54-56up to 6’4″56″50″
S/M40-42up to 5’11”42″36″
L/XL44-46up to 5’11”46″42″
ONE SIZE40-42up to 5’11”42″36″
STANDARD40-42up to 5’11”42″36″
PLUS48-52up to 6’0″52″46″

Santa Suit Size Chart for Teens and Women

In this size chart you can find all sizes of Santa Costumes, from Kids sizes up until Plus Size Santa suits

Teen S3-5up to 5’5″35″28″36″
Teen M7-9up to 5’7″37″30″39″
Teen L11-13up to 5’9″39″32″42″
Womens S2-4up to 5’8″34″26 1/2″37″
Womens M6-8up to 5’8″37″28 1/2″39″
Womens L10-12up to 5’8″39″30 1/2″42″
Womens XL14-16up to 5’10”42″34″45″
Womens 2X18-20up to 5’10”46″38″48″
Womens 3X22-24up to 5’10”50″44″52″
Womens S/M2-8up to 5’8″37″28 1/2″39″
Womens M/L6-12up to 5’8″39″30 1/2″42″
Womens L/XL10-16up to 5’10”42″34″45″
Womens Standard6-8up to 5’8″37″28 1/2″39″
Womens Plus14-16up to 5’10”42″34″45″

Should I wear Belly Padding?

If you plan on wearing Belly Padding, add 8 inches.

How to measure for a Santa Costume

Find a Tape Measure and start taking your santa suit size.

  1. Wrap a tape measure around your chest.
  2. If your belly is larger than your chest, measure your belly instead.
  3. Measure the thickest part of your body to find the right size jacket.
  4. Next, add 4-6″ for comfort so the Santa Suit doesn’t feel too tight when sitting or moving around.
  5. when you plan to add Belly padding, add another 8 inches to find your correct size in the above size charts

Santa Hats size

Santa Hats mostly come in one size fits all

Santa Gloves Size

Santa Gloves mostly come in 1 size fits all elastic material. Looking for you glove size? check it here.

Santa Belt Size

Santa Claus always wears a thick black (faux) leather belt. They mostly come in one size fits all but also here you find your good size in our international belt sizing charts.

Picture in this post by Jesson Mata on Unsplash

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