US Panty Size Chart for Adults and Kids

You may be right to think that getting the best-selling panty brand is all that matters. However, you’ll quickly realize that its size matters so much more (skip straight to the US Panty Size Charts).

What’s the point of getting the most expensive panty but ending up with red, itchy groves on the skin? That feeling is not only irritating but sort of frustrating to realize that you’re going to trash something that you spent some bucks on.

US Panty Size Chart for Adults and Kids
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So you’re left wondering how to always find the right size for your body. You might need to scrap the one-size-fits-all perspective when getting this amazing apparel. Most of all, taking time to know what you need will be your saving grace.

Wondering how to get started? Let’s go!

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Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

US Panty Size Table of Contents


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S28 – 3071.12 – 76.2
M32 – 3481.28 – 86.36
L36 – 3891.44 – 96.52
XL40 – 42101.6 – 106.68
2XL44 – 46111.76 – 116.84
3XL48 – 50121.92 – 127


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SIZEHIPS (inch)HIPS (cm)Panties Size
4/XS34 – 3586.3 – 88.92-4
5/S36 – 3791.4 – 93.94-6
6/M38 – 3996.5 – 99.068-10
7/L40 – 41101.6 – 10412-14
8/XL42 – 43106.7 – 10914 – 16
9/2XL44 – 45111.7 – 114.316 – 18
10/3XL46 – 47116.8 – 119.918 – 20


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42255.930-3813.5 – 17.1
62358.439 – 4917.55 – 22.05
82461.050 – 6722.5 – 30.15
102563.568 – 8430.6 – 37.8
122666.085 – 9538.25 – 42.75
142768.696 – 10743.2 – 48.15
162871.1108 – 11948.6 – 53.55
6-823 – 2458.4 – 60.739 – 6717.55 – 30.15
10-1225 – 2663.5 – 66.0468 – 9530.6 – 42.75
14/1627 – 2868.5 – 7196 – 11943.2 – 53.55


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XS/42255.834 – 4315.3 – 19.35
S/6-823 – 2458.42 – 60.9644 – 6819.8 – 30.6
M/10-1225 – 2663.5 – 66.0469 – 10031.05 – 45
L/14-1627 – 2968.58 – 73.66101 – 12545.45 – 56.25
XL/18-2030 – 3276.2 – 81.28126 – 14656.7 – 65.7

How do you get to measure your panties?

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One tried-and-true trick is to know how to take your measurements. This may go as far as getting a tape measure so you may have your hip and waist measurements.

Remember to take your hip and waist circumferences with your panty on, just to be sure. At the panty store, look for a size that’s closest to your measurements.

As you take your waist measurement, place the tape measure at the narrowest part of your abdomen. This may be at your belly button. Be sure to measure the widest part of your hips and where your butts are fullest. 

Check out this video to see how to measure for women’s panties

How to measure panty size /HOW TO CHOOSE RIGHT SIZE AND COMFORTABL PANTY || Clovia panty haul by Amina Fatmi

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a size 8 panties?

A size 8 panty is an extra large size whose waist measures 35 – 37 inches and has a hip size of between 45 and 47 inches. This size is particularly a preferred panty size across the world for big women and those in postpartum.

Many women swear by this size because it allows enough room for comfort and less pressure. Being a preferred panties size after pregnancy, these panties are available for women who’ve undergone CS section and vaginal delivery. Hence, manufacturers take time to customize these panties by padding them, making them disposable, less messy, and by using very soft fabric.

However, not all size 8 panties are designed for the above-mentioned cases. Some of them are designed to fit big women who may weigh 180 lb or thereabout. These sizes are, therefore, manufactured to be worn under normal circumstances. 

Please note that you don’t have to wear this panties size during your postpartum if you have a small body shape. There are smaller postpartum panties sizes that could fit you too. You simply want a panty that feels comfortable.

Is a size 7 panty large?

Yes. Size 7 is considered large and a preferred panties size after 30. Size 7 measures 30 – 31 inches of waist and about 41 inches of the hip. Size 7 is grouped under 12 – 14 panties sizes.

Since the body tends to add weight because of dormancy stemming from lack of exercise, many women pull this size off after 30. The size is grouped as large for being worn by women weighing between 85 and 107 lb.

These panties are also curated for postpartum women whose size may fall under this category. Moreover, there is a panty size across a period under this size.

These panties are mostly taken out by women who undergo heavy monthlies. Most of them are padded, made of very soft fabric to add some comfort, and disposable.

What size is a size 6 panty?

A size 6 panty is a medium panty size across the US. The panty has a waist measuring 29 inches or thereabout and a hip size of between 38 and 39 inches.

These measurements are the same for many brands across the US. However, it’s important to note that one brand’s medium size may be another’s small or large.

In many cases, it is a preferred panty size after 20, as many girls are transitioning to motherhood over this period.

It’s never enough to say that you’ll go with the most popular panty simply because you’re of average body size. What if you’re a little more plump or thin?

Get a very tight panty and you’ll end up with problems that you didn’t sign up for. Your skin will also not be at its best. Likewise, a saggy panty will make walking uneasy by riding up all the time. 

What size is XL panty?

An XL panty is a size 8 panty. However, take note of the fact that different brands have different sizes for XL panties. An XL panty is mostly size 8 across the US, Europe, and Australia.

This panty size is designed for big men and women. The hip size ranges between 45 and 47 inches while the waist is about 37 inches.

Most people wearing these panties weigh between 135 and 200 lbs with a height of up to 6’0”. In Europe, this size is also known as size 40.

What is the panty size of L in number?

There is no universal “size L” for panties. Panty size will vary depending on the brand, the style, and the cut of the panties.

Generally speaking, though, size L panties will be larger than size M panties, and smaller than size XL panties.

Is it important to keep updating my panty measurements?

The effort will save you from emptying your pocket into something that’s not going to serve you. Your body keeps changing, no matter how much you fail to notice.

A single inch more or less is enough to get a completely off panty size. Hence, take time to go through the same measuring process.

This might also help to unveil your weight gain regardless of how subtle it is.


Hopefully, this underwear size guide will make it easy for you the next time you go to buy panties. With the right size, you’ll be comfortable and confident in whatever style you choose.

Let us know how this chart works for you by asking any questions in the comments, and happy shopping!

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