Calvin Klein Underwear Size Guide for Men, Women and Kids

Calvin Klein underwear fits true to size. If you’re unsure about which size to get, the charts below to provide the help you need when trying to find your Calvin Klein underwear. You don’t need any special knowledge to use the charts.  All you need is an accurate measurement of various body parts indicated in the chart, and you can look up the local sizing in your country. That’s how it’s done. Convert your measurements easily in the Calvin Klein Underwear Size Charts below.

Calvin Klein Underwear Size Guide for Men, Women and Kids
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Before answering that question of the importance of Calvin Klein Underwear sizing, it is best first to point out where it all started because, people often view Calvin Klein as a brand that’s more focused on providing high-end designer wear, shoes, bags, Calvin Klein men’s classic, black Calvin Klein outfits, and accessories. Little did they know that Calvin Klein is more about comfort, aesthetics, looks, and convenience

They want to give their customers satisfaction, making them feel like royalty. And this extends to their Underwear product line. This is where their sizing charts come into play. You would miss out on the comfort and convenience if you chose underwear sizes that are not exactly your size, especially when buying online. 

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Calvin Klein Underwear Table of Contents

Calvin Klein Women’s Panties size

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SizeNatural WaistHip
XS24.5 – 25.534.5 – 35.5
S26.5 – 27.536.5 – 37.5
M28.5 – 29.538.5 – 39.5
L30.5 – 31.540.5 – 41.5
XL33.5 – 34.543.5 – 44.5

Calvin Klein Women’s Bra chart

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SizeChest Underbust  
XS 30B32A

Calvin Klein Women’s Bralette

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SizeChest Underbust    

Calvin Klein Women’s Plus Size Bras

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Bra Size3436384042444648

Calvin Klein Women’s Plus Size Panties

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Panty Size1X2X3X
Waist36 – 3738 – 3940 – 41
The fullest part of Low hip47 – 4849 – 5051 – 52

Calvin Klein Men’s Tops Size

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Chest3638 – 4042-4446-4850-52
calvin klein boxer size
Calvin Klein boxer size

Calvin Klein Men’s Bottoms size

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Calvin Klein Tall Men’s Underwear

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Chest42-4446 – 4850-5254-5658-60

Calvin Klein Men’s Big Underwear

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Calvin Klein Girl’s Underwear by age and weight

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XS4-521.523-2533-42 lb
S6-6X22.525-25.543-54 lb
M7-823.526-2855-68 lb
L10-1224.528.5-3069-95 lb
XL14-1626.531.5-33.596-120 lb

Calvin Klein Boy’s Underwear by age and weight

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XS4-520-2133-42 lb
S6-722-2343-58 lb
M8-1024-2559-73 lb
L12-1426-2774-100 lb
XL16-1828-30101-126 lb

How to choose Calvin Klein underwear

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Choosing CK underwear that fits is quite easy. The first step is to get your measurements, preferably inches, because most CK underwear charts are denoted in inches. You can take your measurements at home or have an experienced person help you. However, when measuring your waist, underbust for band size and overbust, an ordinary ruler may be ineffective, especially for the cup size.

Once you have your measurements, the second step is to look through the charts for the underwear you want to buy. Your measurement would correlate with one of the sizes indicated on the chart. For example, a woman with 25 inches waist measurements and 35 inches hip measurements would use XS panty size. If you find it difficult to get your size due to a larger range of measurements, use the plus-size Calvin Klein Big & tall size charts. These charts are specifically channeled to provide size guides for customers using the plus sizes.

Learn more about Calvin Klein Underwear (video)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Calvin Klein underwear true to size?

Calvin Klein CK underwear is designed and produced with professional precision. All products in the underwear product line fit true to size.  Once you have your measurements, use the size charts above to view the size that fit. You can equally check CK customer service page for further information and tips on how to get your measurements.

What size is a small in Calvin Klein underwear?

The small size underwear falls between 24 inches to 35 inches for women and 28 to 36 inches for men. Kids small size is within the 22.5 inches range for girls and 22 to 23 for boys. It is best to note that kids’ sizes are age-sensitive. Therefore, the measurement could be slightly different for kids. 

Does Calvin Klein Underwear run small or big?

There is a Calvin Klein underwear that fits everyone perfectly, depending on your body type, waist size, bust size, and measurements. It neither runs big nor small. And they last longer than you could imagine if you follow recommended product care, mainly for the Calvin Klein modern cotton materials.

The sizes are accurate. It is vital to use your natural waistline when taking your measurement: CK makes use of the natural waistline. However, for underwear like bras, it may be possible to have slight difficulty arriving at an accurate measurement, which may affect the choice of sizes.

It is best to test first to see how it fits. You can go a half-inch or an inch lower if it wrinkles and folds. And if there is overflow, you may want to go higher. But in the majority of cases, the sizes are true.

What size is medium in Calvin Klein underwear? 

Generally, medium underwear would fall anywhere from 27 inches to 40 inches.  Medium Bras or Demi bra range from 32C to 38A. In CK Bralette, lined Bralette, or padded bralette, 36A to 34C happens to be the medium sizes. Check the bralette size chart to get a full idea of the conversion. In case you don’t know, the bralette is one of Calvin Klein’s invisible. 


Underwear is worn for comfort, convenience, skincare and health, smartness and to help us look our best. However, any error in measurement and sizing could result in unbearable discomfort, especially if you choose the wrong waist size, band size, or bra style for your body type. CK size charts fill the gap and help you avoid errors in your underwear choices.

If you face any difficulty with the charts above, leave it in the comment and you’ll get a swift response. Also, leave your questions in the comment and they’ll be answered. Finally, remember to share this article with your contact: you may just help someone improve their experience with Calvin Klein Underwear.

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