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Bra Size Chart and Conversion table

More than 70% of all women don’t wear the correct size of bra. Wearing the wrong size bra can cause back pain, breast tissue damage, stretch marks, and many more side effects. In online shopping of this essential part of a lady’s garderobe, we set up a clear and useful International Bra size chart.
Measure your bra size in 2 simple steps, check the values in the below charts, and you’re well informed, finding the right bra.
In the Bra Sizes section of you’ll find dedidacted size charts for sport bras, plus size bras, my first bra, great brands and much more.

International Bra Size Conversion table

Size Charts has made conversion tables to convert bra sizes from UK to US sizes, from EU to US sizes, Cm to inches, Japanese, Italian, Spanish bra sizes… all frequently used bra sizes are in place to start converting to your preferred bra size.


Bra Cup Size Chart

Determining the Cup size is measured by measuring your breasts’ fullest part and holding your arms at your sides.

Bra Band Size Chart

The Band Size is determined by measuring the size of your torso directly under your bust. The size you get in inches must be rounded up to the nearest whole number. To get the correct band size, you add 4 inches.

Bra Sister Sizes Chart

Sister sizes are the sizes that surround your current bra size. Sister sizing is not as ideal as the perfect fitting bra, but you may try it if you are shopping and can’t find the bra you like in the size you need.

Breastfeeding Bra Size Chart – find your nursing bra size

A breastfeeding bra size chart will help you a great deal during your breastfeeding journey, which begins from the pregnancy stage. Many changes occur to the breasts during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Did you know, for example,  that breast size doubles or even triples after childbirth then slowly returns to normal size, several months of breastfeeding? Discover all nursing bra sizes…

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