Average 2 Car Garage Size: What is the size of a 2 car garage?

A  garage is a useful addition to any house because it can be used as additional storage space, a craft room, a workout area, and a small extra living space, in addition to being a place to keep your cars and protect them from inclement weather (skip straight to the Average Garage 2 car garage size dimensions).

What Is the Standard Size of a Two-Car Garage?

The minimum standard dimensions of a two-car garage are 18 feet by 20 feet. Just two vehicles will fit in your garage with this. Additional popular sizes include 20 x 20, 22 x 22, and 20 x 22. Opening the doors to your car is much more convenient in some of these sizes.

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Average 2 Car Garage Size: What is the size of a 2 car garage? size-charts.com
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Most people construct a new garage because the existing one is inadequate, outdated, or unable to resist the region’s harsh weather. Others construct one because they lack one in their residences and require additional space to store their vehicles or other items.

Regardless of the reason you require a garage, there are a few things you should think about before proceeding. The zoning regulations in your area, the cost of building a new garage, garage builders’ fees the usage of the garage, the type of garage doors,  garage style, the size of the automobile, and the size of the garage are some of the most crucial factors to take into account.

average 2 car garage size: what is a 2 car garage size?
average 2 car garage size: what is a 2 car garage size? Image Source: Sheds Unlimited

The post below provides measurements for an average garage size for 2 cars and solutions to some of the most frequently asked queries on the internet. This as a size guiding tool will help you create your perfect garage size.

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Table of Content of Average 2 Car Garage Size

Average Garage 2 car garage size dimensions

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2-Car Garage SizeLength (metres)Length (feet)Width (metres)Width (feet)Depth (metres)  Depth (feet)
Minimum 2-Car Garage6.10206.10207.3224
Extra Small Standard 2-Car Garage6.10206.71227.9226
Small-Standard 2-Car Garage6.71226.71227.9226
Medium-Standard 2-Car Garage6.71227.32248.5328
Large-Standard 2-Car Garage7.32247.32248.5328
Large 2-Car Garage7.322412.19409.1430
Extra Large 2-Car Garage8.532812.19409.1430

How to Measure a Space for A Two Car Garage

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The chore of measuring the area needed for a two-car garage is crucial. Since everyone wants to park their cars securely and damage-free. Space issues are undesirable issues. Whenever you construct a garage, ensure you have enough room for all of your vehicles to be parked securely.

To begin with, it is important to gauge the available space based on the size of your automobiles. Measure the space’s length and width to determine the ideal measurement.

To determine the size you need, you must first measure the dimensions of your automobiles and add the additional space you desire; for example, if you want to include some space for exercise equipment or storage boxes, you may add a few extra feet.

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2 Car Garage Dimensions | Minimum, Average, and Ideal Garage Sizes by Sheds Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do 2-car Garage Sizes Vary?

Due to the wide range of car sizes, 2-Car Garage sizes must vary. Some homeowners build their 2-car garages as spacious as possible to guarantee that, if they purchase larger vehicles, their garages will still have room for them.

Additionally, there are different sizes because some homeowners like to have extra room in their garages for other things. Some have an additional room for laundry, some have space for storage boxes, and some have a place for exercise equipment.

What are the Standard Garage Dimensions for 2 cars?

The typical size of a 2-car garage is 22 feet by 24 feet. This can typically hold two automobiles easily and provide enough for a few boxes if you have smaller cars. But of course, you can make your bigger when building your custom garage. 

The good thing about building your dream garage is you can use custom sizes, you can also include a cabinet, and design your garage walls and garage floors. You can also install any feature such as an automatic garage door opener although this will come with additional cost.

What are the Minimum Dimensions For a 2-Car garage?

The minimum dimensions for a 2-car garage are 18 feet by 20 feet. If you want more space without increasing the size of your garage, you can build a two-story garage.

How big is a 2 1/2 car garage?

A conventional two-car garage with a 2 1/2-car designation typically has additional room. These garages are generally built with minimum proportions of 24 feet wide by 26 feet deep (24′ x 26′), based on standard sizes.

Since there isn’t such a thing as “half a car,” this garage design isn’t a typical garage construction. Larger cars like SUVs or recreational vehicles like mopeds, golf carts, and tractors, can have many inches of clearance and are simply referred to as double garages.

What is the door length of a standard 2-car garage?

The normal garage door size is 16 feet by 8 feet, whereas the minimum size for a two-car garage door is 12 feet by 8 feet. With this garage door width, automobiles, SUVs, and pickup trucks may easily fit through without folding in their side mirrors. 

Garage door installation can sometimes be tricky as there is an assortment of garage doors on the market such as steel, wooden, automatic, and so on.

Rather than installing a single-car garage door, many people prefer to install double doors as they are easier to use when parking cars.

What is the square footage of an average 2-car garage?

A typical two-car garage has an average square footage of 18 feet by 20 feet or 360 square feet. In American suburban homes, two-car garages are the most prevalent. You must be prepared if you’re considering adding a 2-car garage to your house.

What is the best width of a 2-car garage?

A car’s width is typically between 6 and 6.5 feet of space. You will need about 20-foot width of the minimum garage size if you provide a few extra feet on either side to enter and exit a vehicle. If there is room on your property and your township approves wide garages, we advise going at least 24′ wide.

When your automobile is parked inside the garage, you will appreciate the extra width for entering and exiting the vehicle. A 22′ broad garage would still provide you a little more room to work with if you can’t go 24′ wide.

How long should your 2-car garage be?

That all depends again on the size of your vehicle and what you hope to do inside the two-car garage besides parking. Remember that if you do decide to include extra space in the garage, it will increase extra storage space for other items besides your car.


We hope you found the preceding post on 2-car garage size to be useful. Your home’s value could go up if you build a garage to shelter your car from bad weather. Additionally, it can be used as additional storage, a craft room, or a workout area. It’s important to consider its size before you begin. In addition to providing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet, the post above included dimensions for a 2-car garage.

Always remember to gauge the available space according to the size of your vehicles. To choose the optimum size, measure the length and width of the area. The dimensions of a two-car garage should be 20 feet by 20 feet. A typical two-car garage has an average square footage of 18 feet by 20 feet, or 360 square feet, and a standard garage door measures 16 feet by 8 feet. The normal width of an automobile is between 6 and 6.5 feet. Again, the size of your vehicle and what you intend to do within the two-car garage in addition to parking determine the length of a two-car garage.

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