Average Finger Size: Find Out Your Finger Size

The average finger size of our bodies is dependent on a few factors. Body frame plays a role in the accurate measurement of finger sizes. A small or lean person would naturally have slim hands. The middle finger and left ring finger are generally measured to determine the size of your finger.

As a rule of thumb, the average ring size properly represents the correct size of the fingers. An actual ring sizing guide is good enough to know your finger size but if you need to know the right measurements, you must not use your accurate ring size. Rings’ actual sizes allow for space for the ring to slide down easily. If you need a tight measurement, you can consider the next lower size on the size range on a sizing guide.

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Children’s Finger Size Chart

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Standard ring sizes don’t have any specific children’s size scales. Age has nothing to do with fingers. However, based on the growth pattern of the human body, these sizes are the typical range for children. 

Age (Years)Circumference (mm)US SizeInternational Size
3 – 844 – 45.53 – 3.54 – 6
4 – 1045.5 – 46.53.5 – 46 – 7
6 – 1245.5 – 483.5 – 4.56 – 8
8 – 1446 – 49.54 – 57 – 9

Women’s Finger Size Chart

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Just like age, gender also does not affect the adult hand size. The range below is the most common adult size among women. The smallest size is similar to the pinky finger of the largest size.

Circumference (mm)US Ring SizeInternational Size

Average Women’s Finger Size Chart

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DigitUS Ring SizeInternational Size
First (Index)816
Little (Pinkie)6.5 13

Men’s Finger Size Chart

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Since gender does not affect ring size or hand size, it is correct to imagine that the ring size scale is split by gender based on sizing tips. If your size doesn’t fall in line with average users and you don’t see your size on any of the gender scales, don’t be afraid to check the scale for other genders.

Circumference (mm)US Ring SizeInternational Size

Average Men’s Finger Size Chart

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DigitUS Ring SizeInternational Size
First (Index)1123
Middle 10.522

How do I know the size of my finger?

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Don’t mistake the word “finger” with the word “digit”. Your thumb is not part of your fingers. If you know your exact ring size, you can use one of our charts to estimate your finger size. Correct ring size is based on finger measurements.

However, if you don’t, you have to measure the size of your finger. Measure at the time of day in which you have used your hands for a few hours. Fingers tend to swell a bit during the day.

1. Wrap a piece of paper or string around the thickest part of the finger you are interested in.

2. Mark the point where the paper or string overlaps.

3. Remove the paper or string from your finger and measure the gap between the two points in millimeters.

Learn more about how to know your finger size (video)

How to Measure your Ring Size at Home by Quick Jewelry Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the size of my other digits apart from my ring finger?

The rule of thumb is that you should find the size of any finger and then use the measurement to find the size of the other fingers. Starting from your thumb to the pinky, each finger is one size smaller than the previous one. A finger on your dominant hand will be about half a size larger than the corresponding finger on your non-dominant hand.

What is the size of a female’s finger?

It is a circumference of about 54 millimeters. This measurement is for the ring finger. The ring finger is used as the primary finger to estimate hand size.

What’s the standard size of men’s finger?

It is a circumference of about 62 millimeters. Once again, this is for the ring finger.

What is the common size for a 15-year-old finger?

Age has nothing to do with finger size. A ten-year-old might have the same finger size as one of his parents. When it comes to finger sizing, teenagers are considered adult size. A 15-year-old has a body frame that is large enough to fit onto the adult size charts perfectly. If you are planning to eyeball the size of children and teenagers, please don’t make the error of lowering the sizes further because of the belief that their hands would be smaller. 

What is the average size of a ring finger?

The most common ring size for women is US sizes 6 to 7. The popular sizes for men are US sizes 8 to 10. In the UK sizes, the ring size for women is letters L to M while for men the average UK sizes are P to T. This translates to a circumference of about 52 millimeters for women and about 60 millimeters for men.

What is the average finger length?

If we pick a random sample of people, the average length of fingers follows a trend. The average thumb is 35 to 65 millimeters long. The index is 50 to 88 millimeters long and the ring finger is 42 to 96 millimeters long. The middle finger is 57 to 100 millimeters long and the pinky is 40 to 74 millimeters long.

Do fingers get bigger with age?

Not exactly. If we are talking about children, then the definite answer is yes. As children grow into puberty and become young adults, every part of their body grows bigger and larger. This translates into thicker and longer fingers when compared to their baby hands. Once they reach adult size though, the changes are not so prominent. The growth hormones of puberty are the only major changes that cause a significant change in the size of our fingers. Once puberty is over, the size of our fingers hovers around a specific size range.

As an adult who is growing into an elderly person, if you have lost weight as you aged, then you will have slender fingers. However, if your weight gain is prominent then your fingers will be larger because of the fat and you will develop thicker fingers. If you maintain a consistent weight, then old age makes the fingers shrink a little because the skin holds less fat. Lastly, The finger itself may not get bigger or smaller, but your knuckle size (the joints of the fingers) usually gets bigger with age.


The perfect size of your finger can be obtained only if you regularly measure over the years. In this article, you can use a printable ring sizer to measure and then compare the ring sizer’s input with a key size. You could also measure it the old fashion way of a piece of paper or piece of string. What matters is that you should measure regularly.

Try to be as accurate as possible when measuring sizes; before venturing entirely into the finger sizing, please do us a little favor no matter the fingertip size of your hand. Share the article with a fellow sizer and leave a comment behind.

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