Keen Shoe Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Men, Women and Kids

When buying Keen shoes, getting the appropriate size is always vital. It not only allows you to receive the correct size at once, saving you from having to wear ill-fitting shoes, but it also helps you avoid the stress of returning the ill-fitting shoes and replacing them with new ones. Keen shoe size is true to size, a bit to the roomy side—no need to size up. Keen shoes come in different widths. (skip straight to the Keen Shoe Size Chart).

Keen, or KEEN, is an Oregon-based American footwear and accessory manufacturer. Martin Keen launched the brand in 2003, best known for its collection of shoes and sandals. However, since its inception in 2003, the firm has grown tremendously in popularity, eventually branching out into safety footwear, accessories, luggage, and cold-weather clothes.

Keen Shoe Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Men, Women and Kids
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Keen manufactures a wide range of footwear for women, men, and children, and sells them in stores and online. Hiking boots, dress shoes, and casual hiking shoes are the footwear options available on the company’s online site. In addition, the company’s famous KEEN sandal options include flexible sandals, durable sandals, kids sandals, leather sandals, comfortable trail sandals, and supportive sandals. There are also sandals for children. The Keens sandals and keen boots also have natural odor control to prevent foot odor after use.

Taking accurate foot measurements and comparing them to the Keen shoe size charts is the best approach to ensure that you get the perfect size when placing an order. The Keen shoe size charts are graphs that show how to size Keen shoes based on the length and width of your feet.

This article includes the Keen shoe size as well as answers to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning Keen shoe sizing on the internet.

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Keen Shoe Size Chart Table of Content

Keen Shoe Size Chart

Keen Men’s Shoe Size Chart

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US Sizing (Numeric sizes)  UK SizingEU SizingFoot size (centimeters)Foot Size (inches)

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Keen Women’s Shoe Size Chart

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US SizingUK SizingEU SizingFoot Length (centimeters)Foot Length (inches)
6.543723 9.1
74.537.523.5 9.3
85.538.524.1 9.5
9.574025.4 10
10.584126.2 10.3
118.54226.7 10.5
1294327.6 10.9

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Keen Baby’s Shoe Size Chart

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US SizingUK SizingEU SizingHeel-to-toe (cm)Heel-to-toe (inches)

Keen Toddler’s Shoe Size Chart

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US SizingUK SizingEU SizingHeel-to-toe (cm)Heel-to-toe (inches)

Keen Kids and youth shoe size (>5 years)  Chart

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US SizingUK Sizing EU Sizing Heel-to-toe (cm) Heel-to-toe (inches)

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How to measure my feet for Keen sizing?

How do i know my Keen shoe size?

How to understand shoe width with more parameters can be found here.
Find out How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.
    Your feet swell during the day, it’s best to measure your feet at their fullest
  2. Stand When Measuring
    In a wheelchair, there’s no pressure on the feet, so standing up is unnecessary.
  3. Wear socks
    In many shoes you most probably wear socks. Make sure you wear socks when you measure your feet.
  4. Be precise
  5. Measure both feet
    Measure your left and right foot separately as they’re not the same length. Take the biggest measurement to determine your shoe Size
  6. Stand on your piece of paper
    Keeping your body weight over your foot, trace a thin line around the outside of your entire foot.
  7. Start drawing
    When drawing the line, hold the pen perpendicular to the ground.
  8. Measure the length of your feet
    Measure vertically down the length of your foot tracing. This is your foot length.
  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    Measure horizontally across the widest part of your foot tracing. This is your foot width.
  10. Determine your shoe size in the conversion charts
    Start from the measurement in inches or centimeters and define your size in the charts for Men, women and kids

Learn more about different Keen shoe models and sizing (video)

Keen Newport H2 Water Shoes by Survival Dispatch

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the size located on a Keen shoe?

Keen shoes, unlike other well-known shoe companies, have their sizes on the inside of the shoe, often fastened with a cloth-like material.

Do Keen shoes run true to size?

Although some collections run half an inch size larger, Keens sizing for shoes is generally true to size, thus, your standard shoe size will often be sufficient to buy KEEN footwear. Wearing a sock with those shoes often compensates for the increased room in the keen style or collection that run with a larger size.

How tight should Keen shoe be?

Your pair of shoes should not be excessively tight on your feet, as this can lead to foot injuries if worn for an extended period. As a result, while walking or jogging, your Keen shoes should fit snugly, be comfortable, and not cause any pain.

Do Keen shoes fit wide?

Keen boots are often wide-fit beyond the standard width, thus, both people with wide feet and those with narrow feet find them comfortable. If your foot width is smaller than your normal size, you can try the size below your normal shoe size. Women’s shoes come only in a ‘B’ width, while men’s feature a ‘D’ width.

Is KEEN an American brand?

Martin Keen launched the American brand Keen in 2003. The companies headquarter were initially located in Alabama but were later relocated to Portland, Oregon.


Was this information on the Keen Shoes sizing chart helpful to you? Remember that taking accurate foot measurements and comparing them to the Keen shoe size guides is the best method to ensure that you get the proper shoes when placing an order.

Keen is an American footwear business known for high-quality footwear for casual, sporting, and formal occasions. However, getting the correct size is critical, as improperly fitting shoes can lead to accidents and injuries. As a result, the article above included the entire Keen shoe size chart as well as answers to some of the most often asked questions about Keen shoes on the internet.

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