Oakley Sunglasses Size and Fitting Guide: Kids, Small to XL size

Oakley does not make one size fits all when it comes to sunglasses. An excellent pair of Oakley is designed to be used in places and conditions where it will be difficult to use sunglasses. Their products are also designed to protect the eyes from all possible threats. Threats that are more than just “the sun”. This makes it an injustice to refer to them as just sunglasses (skip straight to the Oakley Sunglasses Size Chart).

This great product will all be pointless if an intending customer buys the wrong size. Eyeglass size is the only major difference between every model’s varying sizes. Let us show you how simple it is to wear an ultimate Oakley.

Oakley Sunglasses Size and Fitting Guide: Kids, Small to XL size size-charts.com
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Oakley Sunglasses Table of Content

Oakley Sunglasses Size Chart

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Oakley SizeLens Width (mm)
Small40 – 48
Medium49 – 55
Large 55 – 60
Extra LargeAbove 60

Small size Oakley Sunglasses

Asian Fit, XS Oakley sunglasses size or Youth/kids sizes

Frogskins XS Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 125mm
  • Earstem length: 133mm
  • Lens height: 42mm
  • Lens width: 52mm

Fives Squared Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 128mm
  • Earstem length: 133mm
  • Lens height: 34mm
  • Lens width: 54mm

Holbrook XS Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 128mm
  • Earstem length: 128mm
  • Lens height: 40mm
  • Lens width: 53mm

Flak XS Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 134mm
  • Earstem length: 123mm
  • Lens height: 37mm
  • Lens width: 59mm

Medium size Oakley Sunglasses

Gascan Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 131mm
  • Earstem length: 127mm
  • Lens height: 35mm
  • Lens width: 60mm

Holbrook Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 132mm
  • Earstem length: 128mm
  • Lens height: 43mm
  • Lens width: 55mm

Sliver Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 132mm
  • Earstem length: 140mm
  • Lens height: 42mm
  • Lens width: 57mm

Large Size Oakley Sunglasses dimensions

Sutro Dimensions:

  • Frame width: 135mm
  • Earstem length: 140mm
  • Lens height: 57mm
  • Lens width: 138mm (Single shield lens)

XL size Oakley Sunglasses dimension

Holbrook XL Dimensions

  • Frame width: 140mm
  • Earstem length: 137mm
  • Lens height: 45mm
  • Lens width: 59mm

How do I check the authenticity of Oakley Sunglasses?

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An authentic authorized Oakley eyewear has an SKU written on the inside of the temple arm and starts with OO. The OO is followed by a four-digit number which is the frame model.

After the frame model is a dash and a varying digit of numbers to indicate the colorway and lens size (lens width). This number (lens size) is followed by the Oakley icon and a second number, which is the bridge size.

Lastly, you have a three-digit number that ends everything. This three-digit number is the temple size.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many different Oakley sunglasses models are there?

If we ignore all possible alterations to each individual model, there are a total of 1017 different models. 

How many different Oakley sunglasses sizes are there?

There are 4-base curvature lens option sizes for every pair of sunglasses that Oakley mass-produces. This means that every model with a size difference of four different categories.

We can refer to one of the sizes as small. This is the size that is meant for kids and preteens, these are youth-size Oakley eyewear. We can refer to the next size as a medium. The Oakley standard fit is meant for adults with a typical face. Much of Oakley’s Asian sizing products also fall into this category. Then we have what we may call large.

These glasses are made with a larger lens width for a larger face. Sometimes a model might be rimless or have extended lens edges to create what one might call an Extra Large size with a lens width of more than 60mm.

What’s the most famous Oakley sunglasses model?

The most famous model with the PRIZM lens is the Radar EV Path. Meanwhile, the most popular model among traditional square-shaped lenses is Holbrook.

What is the most common Oakley sunglasses size?

The most common size in the Oakley lineup is Medium, the size that is meant for the typical adult. The size is right in the middle of the different sizes and is built for eye sizes of 49mm to 58mm.

What is the biggest Oakley sunglasses size?

The biggest sizes are referred to as XL. They are the larger size of the two sizes meant for adults and are made with an eye size of more than 58mm.

Who wears Oakley sunglasses?

An Oakley pair of glasses are protective products for energetic and active individuals due to their durability and strength. Many athletes including Lance Armstrong, Jarmo Sandelin, and Tony Hawk regularly wear Oakley. The 2008 Winter Olympics is called the Oakley Olympics because 52 medalists wore a pair of Oakleys during the competitions.

The impact protection of the protective lenses of Oakleys makes them popular for a wide range of high-velocity circumstances. Their polarized lenses that do not disturb peripheral vision are another selling point.

Oakleys are the official sunglasses of ATV owners and the primary alternative for athletes who are into cycling, tennis, biking, hiking, skiing, climbing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and roller-skating.

What is the most expensive Oakley?

The most expensive sunglasses in the Oakley lineup is the model referred to as Elite C Six. 

Why are Oakley sunglasses so expensive and are Oakleys worth it?

Oakley’s are definitely worth the cash. They are expensive, but you get the quality. This brings us to the first and most important reason for their price tags. Oakley sunglasses are designed specifically for that particular situation you are buying them for. They are not some sort of general sunglasses. They have been built to be used in each specific scenario.

That is a lot of research and development right there. The second reason is most likely, the prescription aspect. Remember that I said that they have been specifically built to be worn in a specific situation, you can make it more specific by getting them with your prescription lenses in them.

Now you don’t need to have two pairs of glasses, one for the sun and one for the world. An Oakley can literally merge the two together.

Oakley sunglasses sizes explained (video)

Oakley Sunglass Size Guide by SportRx


Once you put on an Oakley you will know where you stand in the grand scale of things. The glasses are designed to sit on the face of the wearer comfortably. If the comfort is missing, you are definitely in the wrong size. If you are in a physical store, you can always try them on before you purchase, but if you are buying online, just follow the size chart above and you should be good.

Leave a comment about your Oakley journey so far, and please share the article to get the right word out there.

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