Ray-Ban Aviator Size Guide

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses are one of the most iconic sunglasses on the globe. Did you know that the original Ray-Ban prototype was made of green-tinted lenses which were plastic? Despite being one of the popular brands, determining one’s Aviator size remains a hard nut to crack. This is where a Ray-Ban aviator size guide comes in to enable you to determine your right frame size and lens option in the correct size.

This article covers all you require to know including how to take measurements in order to find the accurate size and be able to maintain it for some time.

Let’s get going!

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Why is a Ray-Ban Aviator Size Guide Necessary When Shopping for Ray-Ban Aviator?

The Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses were first developed for pilots as an alternative to the fur-lined goggles that they wear. They were basically designed to help reduce or avoid headaches and decreased visibility caused by the glare from the sky. They soon became every pilot’s favorite from the durable materials they are made of and the classic style which made them last longer than the goggles. They are iconic with great lens versions. 

While shopping for the ultimate summer shade from the Ray-Ban glasses range, you might get confused by the different and wide innovative range of frames and current shades. That is where the aviator frame size guide and the Ray-Ban lenses guide come in.

Depending on your color choice and facial features, the Ray-Ban aviator sizes guide will help you determine the best pick from the many Ray-Ban styles, from eyeglass frames to contact lenses.

Ray-ban Aviator Size Guide

You can use the rule of thumb method by following the chart table below.

 The sizes for most lens brands are;

Size Range (mm)User Category
Standard Size Guide
40-46Juniors XS
47-48Adults S

Key points to remember when looking for the correct sunglasses size

Always remember: 

  • Avoid a tight-fitting frame as it will make you develop ‘frame line marks’ on the face. Also, don’t go for the biggest size as it will keep falling off your face
  • Go for a neutral color combination compared to a bold color as it matches most outfits. Your favorite color might match a few outfits
  • Have your frame measurements with you to get the correct frame sizing while shopping
  • If not sure, ask for the medium size frame as it fits most faces. Also, go for a black frame as compared to a colorful frame if in doubt
  • Ask the eyewear retailers for different options on lens type and compare before purchasing
  • You can check out an online optician if you don’t live near a physical one
  • For summer sunglasses, a silver frame with a quirky tint or any frame with shine is the best pick as it reflects light away from you.
Ray-Ban Aviator Size
Girl wearing a perfect sized Ray-Ban Aviator

Key benefits of using the Ray-Ban aviator size guide

Here is a quick summary of the benefits of using a size guide while shopping for everyday glasses or prescription glasses?

  • You get to know your face shape hence getting the right pair of sunglasses especially when in a holiday mood
  • You are able to get single vision glasses that create a sense of visual balance from the wide innovative range of Ray-Ban standard packages
  • You will be able to pick the right frame size
  • You will be sure which color to settle on from a couple of color options.

Common sizes and frames

Some of the common sizes for these glasses include ray-ban wayfarer sizes, bridge size, ray-ban club master sizes, the lens in size medium, and junior size, among others. Just be sure to go for the correct lens size.

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Measurements: What do the numbers on my eyeglasses and sunglasses frame

How do you take measurements in order to get the accurate size for your glasses? Well, this is easy! 

Actually, Genuine Ray-Ban eyewear has the size measurement printed inside the frame.

The most important areas during measurements for glasses are basically the vertical measurement of typical widths i.e lens, bridge, temple length(arm’s length), and lens height. It is also good to know your current frame size beforehand. Below is a look at some of the critical items;

Temple length

Most of the Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses have the size measurements printed on the inside of the left temple (The temple is basically the piece that goes behind your ear).

The size would normally contain three number groups for example 50 20 150. The third number group (150 in this case), is the temple length (the size of the arm length, in millimeters).

Lens width

Still using the example number from above 50-20-150), the first number denotes the lens width. 

This is the height of the lenses at the widest area

Bridge size

Again based on the same number example above, the bridge size. Bridge size is basically the distance between lenses. 

Sunglasses Dimension Measurement procedure

Follow the process below to determine your size

1. Pick any credit card, that is the estimated width of a standard size lens

2. Stand in front of a mirror or use a laptop camera and place the edge of the credit card at the center of your nose

3. Take note of where the other edge ends in relation to your eye. Note down the measurement in millimeters.

  • If the end of the card is equal to your eye end, then go for a standard fit
  • If the credit card surpasses the end of your eye, then go for a small fit
  • If the card does not touch the end of your eye, you are for a large fit

Ray-Ban Aviator Size explained (video)

Ray-Ban Aviator Size review by Shade Review


Whether you are in a holiday mood and you require a timeless pair of sunglasses or you want to change your favorite frames of the iconic Ray-Ban style or even your lens package, then the Ray-Ban Aviator size guide is all you need!

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