Sunglasses Size for Kids and Adults, with Frame – Lens – Bridge Sizes

The correct sunglasses size that you need depends heavily on frame measurements. If it’s way too big than typical widths that you can comfortably carry, will be very uncomfortable, especially if your eyes aren’t positioned behind the centers of the lenses. The really small size – smaller frames offer lesser protection in high lighting conditions and beat the entire purpose of wearing sunglasses. Check the Frame Sizes for sunglasses in this size chart

Sunglasses Size for Kids and Adults, with Frame - Lens - Bridge Sizes
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Sunglasses are a form of protective eyewear designed to prevent high-intensity light from disturbing the eyes and possibly damaging it. You can consider sunglasses as the safety armor built for your eyes. Their usage is compulsory in situations whereby the eye is exposed to serious bright or hot light. Situations in which the eyes is at risk.  

How to read and find sunglasses size on your glasses
How to read and find sunglasses size on your glasses

Table of Content of Sunglass Sizes

Size Chart For Sunglass Lenses

Sunglasses for men do not have a noticeable difference from sunglasses for women when we consider size. The difference between gender is in design and aesthetics. The two groups appear different but don’t fit differently. On the other hand, sunglasses for kids are simply the smallest size of glasses and are usually referred to as extra small. Some eyewear brands have a “junior” line aimed at kids. Check the below size-charts for kid’s sunglasses by age and by pupil distance

Marketing SizeMeasurements (Millimeters)
Extra Small (Junior)Below 40
Small40 – 48
Medium49 – 54
Large55 – 58
Extra Large Above 58

Size Chart For Sunglass Temples

Temple size is a measure of the length of the arm of the sunglasses.

Small100 – 120mm
Medium120 – 130mm
Large130 – 140mm
Extra LargeAbove 140mm

Size Chart For Sunglass Bridge (Nose)

Bridge size is the distance between lenses. Bridge size is a measure of how much space there is for your nose. 

Small (Narrow Bridge)14 – 16 mm
Medium17 – 19 mm
Large (Wide Bridge) 20 – 23 mm

Size Chart For Sunglass Entire Frame (Lenses +Bridge)

Extra Small (Junior)Below 121 mm
Small121 – 128 mm
Medium129 – 134 mm
Large135 – 145 mm
Extra LargeAbove 145 mm

Suggested sunglasses Size chart

If you ever have to buy sunglasses and they come with words of generic sizing, there will be four or five options to choose from. Based, on your lens sizes here are the suggested eyeglass frames sizes that we will like you to consider buying. Remember, frame size is eye size + nose bridge. If you know your current frame size or bridge measurements

Suggested Frame SizeYour Eye Size (mm)
Small49 – 54
Regular55 – 57
Large58 – 63

Sunglasses frame size vs hat size chart

How to take your hat size and all about hat size charts, read here

Head Measurement21 1/421 5/82222 3/822 3/422 1/223 7/824 1/424 5/825
Hat size6 3/46 7/877 1/47 3/87 1/27 5/87 3/47 7/88

NOTE: Comparing hat size is only meant to provide a general frame of reference for eyeglass fit

Children’s hat sizes you can find here

How to choose the correct size sunglasses for your child

Child’s Age (Years)Frame Size
0 – 135 to 37
1 – 2.537 to 38
2.5 – 440 – 42
4 – 743 – 45
7 – 1045 – 47
10 – 1647 – 52

Kids’ Sunglasses frame size chart by distance between their pupils

Child’s Pupil Distance(mm)Frame Size
42 to 4837 to 38
48 to 5240 to 42
53 to 5543 to 45
56 to 5845 to 47
58 to 6247 to 52

Frequently Asked Questions on sunglasses sizes

How to measure you sunglasses size explained by Goggles4u Eyeglasses

How do i know my size in sunglasses?

Perhaps you’re thinking of buying your sunglasses online but aren’t sure how to correctly measure yourself for a perfect pair of glasses.  All you need is a ruler, then proceed as follows; 

  • Hold the ruler in line with your temples in front of a mirror.
  • In inches, measure the distance between your temples.

A more detailed how-to measure your glasses size is handled here

Calculate the overall frame width of the glasses you desire now that you’ve measured your face. It is the total width of both the lenses and the bridge. The size of your frame may vary by 3mm from your measurement. Select a frame size that corresponds to your face’s length. 

How Do I Buy The Proper Sunglasses?

Once you are done with picking the proper size for your pair of sunglasses, there is really not much to worry about anymore. Many people consider their face shape. Common face shapes include the oval shape, the triangular shape, the square face shapes, and the round faces. 

Another popular factor is lens color and material. There is a wide variety of colors and lens “technology”. Polarized lenses, acrylic lenses, optical glass lenses and impact resistant lenses are the common types of lenses. As for the color spectrum of lenses, there are color-neutral lenses, dark lenses, and lenses in all the contemporary colors.

The last factor for any pair of glasses is frame styles. Plastic frames, nylon frames, acetate frames, and lightweight aluminum alloy frames are all options for durable frames. Custom frames are also quite popular, but not on the cheap side.

What size sunglasses are considered oversized?

Oversized glasses have a lens width that is above 55 mm and a temple that is above 145 mm. However, depending on the measurements of your face, you may be oversized before you get to sunglasses of these measurements. 

What size sunglasses are in style?

Style is personal and are used to express oneself. This means that there are several sizes an shapes. However the most common size with a large fashion presence is any size that uses a 52mm wide lens.

How many different sunglasses models are there ?

If we consider only the major manufacturers of premium sunglasses, there are a total of 236 models. All these models can be put into four categories of lens darkness.

How many different sunglasses sizes are there ?

There are hundreds of possible sizes. However all this sizes are grouped into five categories. From smallest to largest, the size categories are: Extra small/junior, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

What’s the most famous sunglasses model?

The most iconic manufacturer of sunglasses is Oakley, however the single most famous model is from Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban’s Aviator is the most famous sunglass model ever and the competition is very tough.

What is the most common sunglasses size?

The most common size for men is the lens width of 55mm and temple length of 145mm. The most common size for women is the lens width of 52mm and a temple length of 139mm.

How do I check authenticity of sunglasses?

Authentic sunglasses will be delivered or sold in a branded box that has a label with a bar code and manufacturer information. There will be a booklet or certificate of some sort that came with the sunglasses (in the box). Using the manufacturer’s website or customer service, you can cross-check the bar code and/or product code on the label or certificate.

Sunglasses size explained (video)


All manufacturers of glasses globally use the measurements presented above as the ONLY standards. The manufacturers of premium sunglasses go a bit further and offer custom options. Size is written on the arm of sunglasses and chances are high that your current sunglasses have the size written on an arm piece. Check the arms one by one and then follow the size you see written there.

How well does your sunglasses fit and how about it’s frame measurements? Let us know in the comments, and thanks in advance if you share the article.

Picture in this post by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash . The model is a Rayban Wayfarer, which we handle all sizing info on this page

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