Beach Towel Size Chart for all Occasions, Couples, Adults and Kids

What size should a beach towel be? Finding the right beach towel size is also necessary as it gives you some quality time; you don’t have to coil to fit in one. The standard beach towel size ranges from 30 by 60 inches (76 by 152 cm) to 35 by 70 inches (89 by 178 cm). Jump to the frequently asked questions section below if you have a specific question about beach towels.

Beach Towel Size Chart for all Occasions, Couples, Adults and Kids
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Wondering why you need a beach towel instead of fixing your bath sheet in the travel suitcase for your vacation? Beach towels have exclusive features to give you a great beach time, for instance, the size, fabrics, and GSM. All these are designed to dry you and dry themselves off. In addition, it feels cozy on the skin compared to bath towels.

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Table of Content of Beach Towel Sizes

What are beach towels, and why is a good size important?

Beach towels are specially made to cover your whole body, shielding you from sand, heat, and stones on the beach. Typically, they allow you to lay comfortably on the sunbed and are more patterned and colored, unlike regular towels. They are also feathery for light travel and quick-drying, so you don’t have to wait for a long duration before using them again.

Beach Towel Size Chart

Beach Towel Size Chart by format

Standard Individual Beach Towel60 by 30 inch 152 by 76 cm
Couples Beach Towel (Small )70 by 35 inch 178 by 90 cm
Couples Beach Towel (Large )78 by 35 inch 198 by 90 cm
Oversized Beach Towel (Small)70 by 38 inch 178 by 96.5 cm
Oversized Beach Towel (Medium)70 by 40 inch 178 by 102 cm
Oversized Towel (Large)75 by 45 inch 190 by 114 cm
Oversized Beach Towel (Large Square)74 by 74 inch 188 by 188 cm
Supersize Square Beach Towel120 by 120 inch 304. 8 by 304.8 cm
Beach towel versus bad sheet size
Beach towel versus bad sheet size

Bath Sheet Vs. Beach Towel Chart

Towel TypeFace TowelGuest TowelHand TowelBeach TowelBath TowelHamman TowelBath Seet
Measurements12 x 12″
30 x 30 cm
16 x 14″
40 x 60 cm
20 x 36″
50 x 90 cm
30 x 60″
90 x 175 cm
27 x 47″
70 x 120 cm
40 x 70 “
100 x 180 cm
36 x 59″
90 x 150 cm

Kid Beach Towel Size Chart

If you’re looking for a baby beach towel, this chart shows beach towel sizes in inches and centimeters. How big are my kids at what age you can learn in the growth chart for boys and growth chart for girls

Hooded Kids Beach Towel Size Chart

Size by ageWidthLengthSide-Pockets
12 – 24 months37 cm 14.6 inch50 cm 19.7 inchNo pockets
3 – 5 years41 cm 16.1 inch58 cm 22.8 inch2 side pockets
5 -7 years46 cm 18.1 inch70 cm 27.6 inch2 side pockets
7 – 11 years56 cm 22.0 inch82 cm 32.2 inch2 side pockets
S – M(Size 10 -12)59 cm 23.2 inch103 cm 40.6 inch2 side pockets
M – L(Size 12 – 16)69 cm 27.1 inch105 cm 41.3 inch2 side pockets
L – XL(Size 18 – 22)78 cm 30.7 inch118 cm 46.5 inch2 side pockets

How To Choose the Right Beach Towel Size

The Best Beach Towel for You

Besides evaluating whether a kid’s or adult’s entire body measurements match the bath towel, you need to consider the following factors when buying the right beach towel size for you or your loved one.

As with many of our size-charts, it starts with taking the measurements of your body, or your children’s body (length or height will do, if you’re on the plus size, you could a waist size as well

1. Thickness

Unlike other types of towels, the beach towel encounters a lot of wear and tear from the sand and stones. It also comes in touch with Chroline and salt water and dries several times before having a proper rinse. While we like the cozy feeling of standard bath towel materials, the best beach towel size is usually light and strong.

So, how do you measure the thickness of a beach towel?

Your towel’s density, thickness, and plushness are usually in grams per square meter(g/m2). So, if you are looking for a lightweight beach towel, you can grab one between 300 to 400 GSM. The medium-weight average beach towel size ranges between 400 to 600 GSM, while the heavier towel is 600 to 900 GSM.

2. Appearance

Unlike an average bath towel, beach towels are designed to complement the relevant environment. Hence, this type of towel uses rich colors and prints to express your personality and make the beach trip worthwhile. You can choose towels with classic stripes, tropical designs, graphics, animal print motifs, or solid colors that match your taste.

3. Function

Every beach item has a unique function, which applies to different beach towels. Suppose you need Vue beach towel size for your child; you can grab hooded baby beach towels with cotton fabric. This will keep them cozy and warm while protecting their heads from the sun and breeze.

You can also grab a Baby Shark-themed design or your choice of customization options online to make it more fun. A towel for couples should be larger than the regular towel size for full cover and relaxing on the beach.

4. Material

Towel fibers determine the absorbency of towels, whether bath sheet towel sets or packable camp towels. You can choose from a soft or breathable fabric such as an average cotton towel or Terry cloth for your beach needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big should a beach towel be?

The perfect beach towel size should cover your entire body regardless of your body type. You can confirm this by comparing the beach towel size in inches or centimeters to your body measurements, for instance, waist, chest, and hips.

What size is an oversized beach towel?

An oversized beach towel ranges from 70 by 40 to 74 by 74 inches in dimension. Depending on your needs, you can also grab a supersize Norwex beach towel size measuring 120 by 120 inches.

How many different shapes of beach towels are there?

Designers create many beach towels. For instance, you can purchase a leaf, round, square, or rectangular beach towel, depending on your style or taste.

What is the largest size beach towel?

The Monster towel is the largest beach towel size, measuring 10 feet by 10 feet. It’s big enough to allow the whole family and friends to lounge near the beach as you enjoy your summer vacation.


Are you looking for a great beach towel for your next trip? Beach towels are a great buy, especially when going for a boat trip, beach vacation, or swimming. To get the right beach towel size, you should compare the above size charts with your loved one’s body measurements.

Having any uncertainties about your beach towel measurements? Drop your question in the comments below, and we will help you get the right towel size for you!

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