Long-Sleeved Bodysuit Size Chart And Sizing Guide

Wearing high-caliber clothing requires you to have the correct accessories. Wearing a long-sleeved bodysuit that doesn’t fit won’t look great either. We have created a long-sleeved bodysuit size chart for the size guide to help you with your decisions. 

Long-Sleeved Bodysuit size Chart

The first thing to do is to take a look at the size chart and place the approximate size of your body. Then you can figure out the correct size for your long-sleeved bodysuit.

Bodysuit size chart for women of regular sizes. 

Long Sleeve Body Suit Sizing Chart (Regular Sizes)
SizeBust MeasurementWaist MeasurementShouldersTorso LengthRecommended Weight
 Bust In InchesBust In CentimetersWaist In InchesWaist In CentimetersInchescentimetersInchescentimetersLbsKgs
XS28.7 – 30.3

S30.6 – 32.378-8226.0-27.666.04-7013.4-13.834.04-35.0527.6-28.370-71.88100-120lb45-54
M32.4- 34.382.3-8728.0-29.571-74.9314.0-14.435.56-36.5828.1-28.971.37-73.41120-135lb54-61
XXL38.3-40.297.3-10233.9-35.486.12-89.9215.7-16.139.88-40.8929.9-30.7 75.95-77.98160-175lb72.5-79

Below is the chart for women of tall sizes.

Note: Sizes differ from brand to brand. I would advise checking the charts on apparel products or in the product description.

Long Sleeve Body Suit Size Chart (Tall Sizes)
SizeBust MeasurementWaist MeasurementShouldersTorso LengthRecommended Weight
 Bust In InchesBust In centimetersWaist In InchesWaist In centimetersInchescentimetersInchescentimetersLbsKgs
XS28.7 – 30.3

S30.6 – 32.378-8226.0-27.666.04-7013.4-13.834.04-35.0530-3276.2-81.28100-120lb45-54
M32.4- 34.382.3-8728.0-29.571-74.9314.0-14.435.56-36.5830.5-32.577.47-82.55120-135lb54-61

Long-sleeve bodysuits are also common for babies. They are often sold in packs and usually come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months. To know the desired measurement, just measure the infant’s height and weight. The height can be measured in inches or centimeters. Here’s a chart for your sizing guide.

Long Sleeve Bodysuit Size Chart (Infant Sizes)
0-3 Months21-2453.3-618-123.6-5.4
3-6 Months24-2661-6612-165.4-7.3
6-9 Months26-2866-71.116-207.3-9.1
9-12 Months28-3071.1-76.220-249.1-10.9

Men also have long-sleeved bodysuits. There are many reasons. For one, long-sleeved bodysuits are comfortable and make you look good. They can be dressed up or down, making them versatile for any occasion. Second, long-sleeved bodysuits protect your clothing from getting dirty or ruined. Lastly, long-sleeved bodysuits can be worn in case of cold. The long sleeves help keep you warm while the bodysuit maintains an optimal body temperature.

Men’s long-sleeve bodysuit sizing guide.

Long Sleeve Bodysuit Size Chart (Men Sizes)
SizeBust MeasurementWaist MeasurementShouldersTorso Length

Tips For Accurate Measurements 

  • Measure your body with a flexible tape measure. If you can measure the circumference of your body at three places, measure them all. If you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string, or a piece of yarn.
  • The usual measurement for sizing is in inches. If your measurements are in centimeters, convert them to inches.
  • If you are in doubt about the proper size, you may choose the larger size. If you are taking the larger size, you don’t have to figure too much about what size to take.
  • For close-fitting clothing such as a long-sleeved bodysuit, wear form-fitting outfits for accurate body measurements.
  • With Bra vs without bra- The trick to this is if you are buying form-fitting clothing type, wear your bra. 
  • Chest measurement vs bust measurement- Bust and chest are of different body measurements. Chest measurement is taken from the point where the lower ribs end to the nipples. Whereas bust measurement is taken from the point where the breast meets the shoulders. When measuring, get the measure at the fullest part. 
  • To measure your natural waist/waist size, place a tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist. Measure your hips and waist to find the lower limit of the natural waist. Tip: You should try to find your natural waist by bending over sideways. If you do this, the crease formed in your body is where your natural waistline will be. The measurement at the waist is done by placing one hand on top of the other at the level of the umbilicus.
  • In measuring the shoulder, the shoulder blade should be pulled down and back, and the shoulder should not be rounded. The shoulder should be relaxed and held in a natural position.


What Is The Common Largest Size for Long-Sleeved Bodysuit?

The long-sleeved bodysuit size chart is from XXS to XXXL. The largest size we saw for a long-sleeve bodysuit is 6XL.

Do Long-Sleeved Bodysuit Have Maternity Sizes? 

 There are no long-sleeved maternity bodysuit sizes. You will have to buy the next size up if you are pregnant or your body is changing.

Are Long-Sleeved Bodysuits Considered As Casual Shirts?

 The long-sleeved bodysuit is not really a casual shirt. It is more like a type of underwear or undershirt. You can wear it for casual occasions, but I would not consider it as a casual shirt.

What Type of Fabric Is Used For Long-Sleeved Bodysuit?

Long-sleeve bodysuits are made of different types of fabrics. There is a blend of cotton and spandex, 100% cotton, and 100% polyester. The type of fabric used will depend on the manufacturer.

Is Size Medium for Long-Sleeved Bodysuit Common Among Teenagers?

Size medium is not really common among teenagers. It would be more common for a teenager to wear a size small or large.


The key to a good fit is to make sure the body of the garment fits well, not too tight or too loose, with no gaping at the armhole. With this simple guide, you will know how to find the right size long-sleeved bodysuit for your height and weight.

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