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The paper industry is broad with a range of paper sizes. The ISO paper format is widely used, and the A-Series international standard paper sizes are popular in a wide range of formats. A4 size paper is the standard paper size format known amongst many, being 210 by 297 mm or 8.3 by 11.7 inches. Check all sizes in the Paper sizes chart with dimensions and measurements

With the ISO A-Series, the width to height ratio is the square root of two and this can be achieved for example, by cutting the type of paper A0 size into two to get A1 paper size. In this case, the consistent aspect ratio is convenient. 

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ISO Standard A Paper Sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 paper size
ISO Standard A Paper Sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 paper size

International Standard For Paper Sizes Chart Explained

Internationally, there are common paper sizes and therefore paper size standards are set to control the size of sheet of paper used as an academic document, writing paper, cards, window envelopes, student notepads, official documents, technical drawings, legal documents, and any other document format. 

 The ISO 216 paper size standard is widely known due to the extensive use of A4 paper sizes. However, it has a series of paper sizes such as A0, A1, A2, A3, A5, and more. It is used globally except in parts of Central and South America e.g. Mexico and North America (the United States and Canada), where they use American paper formats such as “Legal”, “Tabloid”, and “Legal”. To be precise, American systems are different. 

The ISO 269 is the international standard for envelope formats such a C4 envelopes. 

A Series Paper Sizes Chart

This type of paper is defined in ISO 216:2007 international paper sizes standard. The sizes of paper range from A0, the core with the dimensions 841 by 1189 mm (33.1 by 46.8 inches). A0 paper size is the largest size in the ISO A-Series. The ISO paper sizes standard overview of ISO 216:2007 have more paper formats such as A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, and more. 

Please have a look at the different types of papers to the nearest millimeter and inches in the table below. 

SizeMeasurement in MMMeasurement in Inches
A0841 by 1189 mm33.1 by 46.8 inches
A1594 by 841 mm23.4 by 33.1 inches
A2420 by 594 mm16.5 by 23.4 inches
A3297 by 420 mm11.7 by 16.5 inches
A4210 by 297 mm8.3 by 11.7 inches
A5148 by 210 mm5.8 by 8.3 inches
A6105 by 148 mm4.1 by 5.8 inches
A774 by 105 mm2.9 by 4.1 inches
A852 by 74 mm2 by 2.9 inches
A937 by 52 mm1.5 by 2 inches
A1026 by 37 mm1 by 1.5 inches
A1118 by 26 mm0.7 by 1 inch
A1213 by 18 mm0.5 by 0.7 inches
A139 by 13 mm0.4 by 0.5 inches
2A01189 by 1682 mm46.8 by 66.2 inches
4A01682 by 2378 mm66.2 by 93.6 inches
A0+914 by 1292 mm36 by 50.9 inches
A1+609 by 914 mm24 by 36 inches
A3+329 by 483 mm12.9 by 19 inches

B Series Paper Sizes Chart

This type of paper is defined by ISO 216:2007 international paper sizes. B series ISO paper format is not commonly used compared to A series therefore it is less known by many. The geometric mean of the A series gives the B series. The B-series paper size format is commonly used for passports, books, and posters. 

SizeMeasurement in MMMeasurement in Inches
BO1000 by 1414 mm39.4 by 55.7 inches
B1707 by 1000 mm27.8 by 39.4 inches
B2500 by 707 mm19.7 by 27.8 inches
B3353 by 500 mm13.9 by 19.7 inches
B4250 by 353 mm9.8 by 13.9 inches
B5176 by 250 mm6.9 by 9.8  inches
B6125 by 176 mm4.9 by 6.9 inches
B788 by 125 mm3.5 by 4.9 inches
B862 by 88 mm2.4 by 3.5 inches
B944 by 62 mm1.7 by 2.4 inches
B1031 by 44 mm1.2 by 1.7 inches
B1122 by 31 mm0.9 by 1.2 inches
B1215 by 22 mm0.6 by 0.9 inches
B1311 by 15 mm0.4 by 0.6 inches
B0+1118 by 1580 mm44 by 62.2 inches
B1+720 by 102028.3 by 40.0 inches
B2+520 by 720 mm20.5 by 28.3 inches

C Series Paper Sizes Format Explained.

This paper type is defined in ISO 269:1985 international paper sizes. It is used to create a series envelopes of different paper size dimensions. When you take the areas of A and B and find the geometric mean the result is the area of the C series piece of paper. 

For example, C4 equals the geometric mean of A4 and B4, meaning C4 has larger paper sizes than the A4 series and is slightly smaller compared to the B4 series. 

SizeMeasurement in MMMeasurement in Inches
C0917 by1297 mm36.1 by 51 inches
C1648 by 917 mm25.5 by 36.1 inches
C2458 by 648 mm18 by 25.5 inches
C3324 by 458 mm12.8 by 18 inches
C4229 by 324 mm9 by 12.8 inches
C5162 by 229 mm6.4 by 9 inches
C6114 by 162 mm4.5 by 6.4 inches
C781 by 114 mm3.2 by 4.5 inches
C857 by 81 mm2.2 by 3.2 inches
C940 by 57 mm1.6 by 2.2 inches
C1028 by 40 mm1.1 by 1.6 inches

International Envelopes Format 

The international envelope formats are defined in ISO 269:1985 international paper sizes. The C4 series is used to create the different envelope formats even for window envelopes. It is important to note that A4 paper sizes fit perfectly in C4 envelopes. 

SizeSize in MMSize in Inches
DL220 by 110 mm8.7 by 4.3 inches
B4353 by 250 mm13.9 by 9.8 inches
B5250 by 176 mm9.8 by 6.9 inches
B6176 by 125 mm6.9 by 4.9 inches
C3458 by 324 mm18 by 12.8 inches
C4324 by 229 mm12.8 by 9 inches
C5229 by 162 mm9 by 6.4 inches
C6/C5229 by 114 mm9 by 4.5 inches
C6162 by 114 mm6.4 by 4.5 inches
C7/C6162 by 81 mm6.4 by 3.2 inches
C7114 by 81 mm4.5 by 3.2 inches
E4400 by 280 mm15.7 by 11 inches

Untrimmed Paper Size Format 

The untrimmed paper size format is currently defined in ISO 217:2013 international paper sizes. The A and B paper series are trimmed paper sizes. The untrimmed paper sizes are larger than their corresponding A and B series formats. The ISO RA0 paper format has 860 by 1220 mm (33.8 by 48 inches) which represents an area of 1.05 m² while the ISO SRA0 paper format has 900 by 1280 mm (35.4 by 50.4 inches) which represents an area of 1.15 m². The commonly used untrimmed paper formats are RA0 to RA4 and SRA0 to SRA4

SRA and RA Size in Inches and CM.

SizeSize in InchesSize in MM
RA033.8 by 48 inches860 by 1220 mm
RA124 by 33.8 inches610 BY 860 mm
RA216.9 by 24 inches430 by 610 mm
RA312 by 16.9 inches305 by 430 mm
RA48.5 by 12 inches215 by 305 mm
SRA035.4 by 50.4 inches900 by 1280 mm
SRA125.2 by 35.4 inches640 by 900 mm
SRA217.7 by 25.2 inches450 by 640 mm
SRA312.6 by 17.7 inches320 by 450 mm
SRA48.9 by 12.6 inches225 by 320 mm
SRA1+26 by 36.2 inches660 by 920 mm
SRA2+18.9 by 25.6 inches480 by 650 mm
SRA3+12.6 by 18.1 inches320 by 460 mm
SRA3++12.6 by 18.3 inches320 by 464 mm
A0U34.6 by 48.4 inches880 by 1230 mm
A1U24.6 by 34.6 inches625 by 880 mm
A2U17.7 by 24.6 inches450 by 625 mm
A3U13 by 17.7 inches330 by 450 mm
A4U9.4 by 13 inches240 by 330 mm

Video explaining international paper sizes (ISO)

ISO Paper Sizes Explained (What is A4, B4 etc sizes?) by Whatium


In this guide, we have vividly put together the different international standards for paper format. There is a wider range of international paper sizes which have been regularly updated by scientists since the 20th century. To be precise, the German scientist has worked round the clock to ensure we have a standard international paper sizes chart. The traditional sizes have been faced out except for American paper size format used in the American systems. 

Having understood the different series of paper sizes don’t hesitate to ask any questions by leaving a comment below. 

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