Sleeveless Bodysuit Chart And Sizing Guide

Are you planning to replenish your wardrobe with new sleeveless bodysuits? We have conducted deep research and created a sleeveless bodysuit chart and sizing guide to ensure you understand how to get it right. No one will like it if you have to return a sleeveless bodysuit to the vendor just because you had given the wrong body measurements.  

To avoid a scenario where you have to return the sleeveless bodysuit to the vendor, start by getting your correct body measurement using a tape measure from your home (Do it Yourself) or you can visit a tailor.

Sleeveless Bodysuit Chart And Sizing Guide
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V-Neck Women Sleeveless Bodysuit Sizing Guide

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For women who are V-Neck sleeveless bodysuit enthusiasts, you need to start by having the correct chest size, sleeve length, and natural waist size before ordering a V-Neck sleeveless bodysuit online. Below is a sizing chart showing all the accurate measurements to ensure you purchase a super cool sleeveless bodysuit. 

0 to 24 to 68 to 1012 to 1416 to 18
BodyExtra SmallSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Front Length28 inches 71.12 cm28.5 inches 72.39 cm29 inches 73.66 cm29.5 inches 74.93 cm30 inches 76.2 cm
Sleeve Measurement23.5 inches 59.69 cm23.75 inches 60.32524 inches 60.96 cm24.5 inches 62.23 cm25 inches 63.5 cm
Natural Waist27 to 29 inches 68.58 to 73.66 cm29 to 31 inches 73.66 to 78.74 cm32 to 34 inches 81.28 to 86.36 cm35 to 38 inches 88.9 to 96.52 cm39 to 42 inches 99.06 to 106.68 cm
Chest Measurement28 to 30 inches 71.92 to 76.2 cm30 to 32 inches 76.2 to 81.28 cm32 to 34 inches 81.28 to 86.36 cm34 to 37 inches 86.36 to 93.98 cm38 to 42 inches 96.52 to 106.68 cm

Scoop Neck Women Sleeveless Bodysuit Sizing Guide

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For women looking to purchase a scoop neck sleeveless bodysuit, we have detailed size guides with a chart below showing the bust measurement, waist size, sleeve length, and shoulder length. The sizes range from extra-extra large (XXL) to small (S). Please find the scoop neck women’s sleeveless bodysuit size chart below!

SizeBustWaistBodysuit LengthShoulderSleeve
XXL36.8 inches 93.472 cm32 inches 81.28 cm29.3 inches 74.422 cm15.4 inches 39.116 cm24.4 inches 61.976 cm
Extra Large35.2 inches 89.408 cm30.3 inches 76.962 cm28.9 inches 73.406 cm15 inches 38.1 cm24 inches 60.96 cm
Large33.7 inches 85.598 cm28.7 inches 72.898 cm28.5 inches 72.39 cm14.6 inches 37.084 cm23.6 inches 59.944 cm
Medium32.1 inches 81.534 cm27.2 inches 69.088 cm28.1 inches 71.374 cm14.2 inches 36.068 cm23.2 inches 58.928 cm
Small30.5 inches 77.47 cm25.6 inches 65.024 cm27.8 inches 70.612 cm13.8 inches 35.052 cm22.8 inches 57.912 cm

Sleeveless International Size Conversion Chart

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If for example, you are purchasing a sleeveless bodysuit from an online shop in Europe and you live in the United States the sleeveless international size conversion chart will be of super importance to you. Find the different sizes by location in the chart below. 

SizeEuropeUnited KingdomUnited States of America
Extra Small0 to 24 to 632 to 34
Small2 to 46 to 834 to 36
Medium4 to 68 to 1036 to 38
Large6 to 810 to 1238 to 40

Click for more about the Australian sleeve size chart.  

Trying different Bodysuit sizes (video)

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Plus-Size Sleeveless Bodysuit Sizing Guide

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In the table below you will find the measurements of the plus-sized women’s sleeveless bodysuits. 

SizeShoulder Size (IN, CM)Bust Size (IN, CM)Waist Size (IN, CM)Hip Size (IN, CM)Sleeve Length (IN, CM)Length (IN, CM)
Large Plus15.4 inches  39.116 cm35.4 inches 89.916 cm29.5 inches 74.93 cm32.7 inches 83.058 cm7.6 inches 19.304 cm30.4 inches 77.216 cm
X-Large Plus15.9 inches 40.386 cm37.8 inches 96.012 cm31.9 inches 81.026 cm35 inches 88.9 cm7.9 inches 20.066 cm31.2 inches 79.248 cm
XX-Large Plus16.5 inches 41.91 cm40.2 inches 102.108 cm34.3 inches 87.122 cm 37.4 inches  94.996 cm8.1inches 20.574 cm32.1inches 81.534 cm
3X-Large Plus17.1 inches 43.434 cm42.5 inches 107.95 cm36.6 inches 92.964 cm39.8 inches 101.092 cm8.4 inches 21.336 cm33 inches  83.82 cm
4X-Large Plus17.7 inches 44.958 cm44.9 inches 114.046 cm39 inches 99.06 cm 42.1 inches  106.934 cm 8.7 inches  22.098 cm33.8 inches 85.852 cm 

More About How to Style Bodysuits in Outfits explained (video)

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How do I know my Bodysuit size?

How To Take Measurements for a perfect fitting bodysuit size?

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To have a well-fitting bodysuit, you’ll need four key measurements: waist, hip, inseam, and thigh. Take the measurements stated below and write them down. 

Waist size

Measure your natural waist or the place where you want your pant waist to be (usually under your natural waist). 

Hip size

Measure the most expansive area of your hip. 


Measure from the crotch to the ankle’s inside or where you want the pant leg to end. 

Crotch length

Measure from the center back waist, between the legs, to the center front waist to ensure that your design will rise high enough on the waist to accommodate your belly. 

Thigh size

Measure the largest area of the thigh.

Sleeveless Bodysuit Frequently Asked Questions 

Having your wardrobe filled with different styles of sleeveless bodysuits sounds great for any fashion lover. However, a few frequently asked questions need a real-talk rejoinder. Let’s have a look at the different FAQs. 

Is it right, to go to the bathroom in a sleeveless bodysuit? 

Lol, this question creates a dilemma. One may decide to go to the bathroom with or without a sleeveless bodysuit. If you are comfortable going to the bathroom with a sleeveless bodysuit it can be great if, for example, your bathroom is in the master bedroom. 

I am supposed to wear underwear with a sleeveless bodysuit? 

Again, this is a personal decision but can be influenced by the type of sleeveless bodysuit you wear. Ensure that you accurately measure the underwear and the hips to ensure that the waist-hip size matches the sleeveless bodysuit measurement to avoid any panty lines visibility. 

Do you hate panty lines? 

If you probably hate wearing thong-bottomed sleeveless bodysuits or you like wearing underwear along with the sleeveless panty bodysuit be keen with your outfit to avoid panty line disruptions. 

Are you feeling uneasy when swimming? 

Baggy or sleeveless bodysuits with too much fabric can be disgusting when swimming. Ensure the bust in inches, band size, and natural waist size have the correct size. Accurate measurement of the breast cup size for women will also improve comfortability while swimming. 


As a matter of fact, with the correct or actual body measurements, it will be easy to find a body-fit sleeveless bodysuit. There are different types of sleeveless bodysuits, especially for girls and women. Getting the perfect sized bodysuit shouldn’t be baffling, as there are readily available on top e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, and more. 

To be precise, using a tape measure will take you less than 5 minutes to have the band size, bust size, natural waist size, and sleeve length. With correct dimensions, don’t dilly-dally pick up your preferred colors and fill your wardrobe with the latest sleeveless bodysuits. 

If for sure you found this size guide interesting, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! 

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