Dog House Size Chart by breed

In this article, we shall focus on the dog house size chart for any sized dog. In fact, depending on the age, gender, and breed your dog will need different sizes of a house. Like a person, a dog needs comfort. Imagine denying your dog the best living conditions? You must be violating its rights.  

A dog needs a room where it can stretch itself and move. However, understanding the right size of the house requires some little help and that is the reason why we have prepared this dog house sizing chart guide. The doghouse dimensions need to be measured in a professional way to ensure that the doghouse size is proportional to the dog size.

Dog House size chart by breed in inches and centimeters

Dog SizeWeight Chest GirthBack LengthDog HeightDog House LengthDog House WidthDog House HeightDog House DoorwayBreed Examples
Extra Small5 – 10 lbs 2.27 – 4.54 kg 11 – 12 inches 27.94 – 30.48 cm 7 – 8 inches 17.78 – 20.32 cm 4 – 6 inches
10-14 cm
14 – 16 inches
36 – 40 cm 
21 – 24 inches
54 – 64 cm 
7 – 11 inches
17 – 28 cm 
4 – 6 inches
10-14 cm
 Bichon, Yorkie, Chihuahua, Shiba Inu, Corgi Shiba Inu, Scottish Terrier 
Small10 – 25 lbs 4.54 – 11.33 kg 15 – 17 inches 38.1 – 43.18 cm 9 – 10 inches 22.86 – 25.4 cm 15 – 17 inches
38 – 43 cm
18 – 20 inches
45 – 50 cm 
27 – 30 inches
66 – 75 cm 
25 – 29 inches
66 – 71 cm
15 – 17 inches
38 – 43 cm
French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Brussels Griffon 
Medium25 – 50 lbs 11.33 – 22.67 kg 19 – 20 inches 48.62 – 50.8 cm 13 – 14 inches 33.02 – 35.56 cm 13 – 15 inches
33 – 38 cm 
26 – 28 inches
66 – 70 cm 
39 – 42 inches
99 – 126 cm 
23 – 26 inches
58 – 66 cm 
13 – 15 inches
33 – 38 cm 
Beagle, Corgi, English Bulldog, Shar Pei
Large50 – 90 lbs 22.67 – 40.82 kg 24 – 26 inches 60.69 – 66.04 cm 17 – 18 inches 43.18 – 45.72 cm 21 – 25 inches 54 – 64 cm 34 – 36 inches 86 – 92 cm 51 – 54 inches 130 – 136 cm 35 – 45 inches 90 – 115 cm 21 – 25 inches 54 – 64 cm Labrador, German Shepherd, Akita
Extra Large90 -150 lbs 40.82 – 68.04 kg 28 – 30 inches 71.12 – 76.2 cm 20 – 21 inches 50.8 – 53.34 cm 25 – 28 inches 64 – 71 cm 40 – 42 inches 102 – 108 cm 60 – 63 inches 155 – 162 cm 43 – 50 inches 110 – 130 cm 25 – 28 inches 64 – 71 cm Newfoundland, St. Bernard, Mastiff

How to measure your dog for a dog house?

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dog sizing how to measure your dog size
Dog sizing how to measure your dog size

You need a measuring tape, and your dog while standing

  1. Measurement A: The length of your dog (in cm or inches) from the tip of its nose to the back of its body, without the tail.
  2. Measurement B: The height of your dog’s leg from floor to shoulder (in cm).
  3. Measurement D: The height of your dog (in cm) from the ground to the top of its head, including the ears if they are erect.

Reasons why you need the right dog house size chart.

To be precise in this dog house sizing chart guide, we shall have a look at the reasons why you need the right dog house size.


During your dog house time, it is important for any owner to always think about its comfort. By providing a cozy house for your dog, you always help ensure that your dog remains happy every time. Who wouldn’t like to have a happy dog?

It should be mind-boggling to any dog owner when he has a dog struggling to stretch. In reality, keeping your dog happy will be your happiness too.


As a matter of fact, your dog house should be constructed somewhere close to your house where you can easily access it at any time. An ideal dog house should have enough space so that the dog can move around with ease. Just think about this!


In fact, like humans, the safety of your dog matters a lot. A small puppy will need extra care to avoid any form of the disease. The health and safety of your dog is greatly important. Imagine taking your dog to the doctor every time? It is not just baffling, but it is also unfair to your dog. Ensure that the size of your dog house is neither too big nor too small.

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Choosing the right size of your dog house.

There are different methods used in the construction of a dog house. In this article, we shall be revealing the best ways of choosing the right size of your dog house.

Asheville NC Humane Method

This is an organization that focuses on pet protection. They created a formula that helps in the construction of a dog house. Here is the formula:

  • Lower side height – An allowance of 3-inch as per your dog.
  • Upperside height – An allowance of 9-inch as per your dog.
  • Length – An allowance of 12-inch as per your dog’s length.
  • Width – An allowance of 18-inch as per your dog’s length.

The advantage of this method is that it is very easy to conduct. You are required to only possess a tape measure at home and you can do it yourself (DIY). With the above formula, I believe that it will be very easy for anyone to construct his own dog house.

However, this formula can only be used by small dog owners and it can’t be convenient for large dog owners.

ABC Method.

This is the most basic formula ever. It proposes that one measures the height of the dog using inches.

The ABC Method.

  • A – Distance from the bottom of the chest to the shoulders.
  • B – Distance from the flank to the dog’s nose.
  • C – Distance from the toes to the head.

The practical formula.

Height – C X 1.25 inches.

Width – B minimum.

Depth – B minimum.

Door – A + 1 inch.

Dog house elevation – A / 2

The advantage of this formula is that it can be applied to any dog breed. It requires one to understand the height and width of the dog clearly. One can measure the size of the dog using a tape measure and this can be done from home. The process of construction is very easy and requires little time to have everything done.

Wood Magazine Method.

This is another easy method that applies to dogs living in extremely colder climates. It requires that you measure the length and height of the dog. The formula is outlined below:

  • Height – Height of the dog multiplied by two.
  • Width – Length of the dog multiplied by three.
  •  Depth – Depth of the dog multiplied by three.

This formula is another very easy formula with very vivid instructions for anyone to implement. It actually works well in areas with very cold climate

In fact, this house will only work for smaller dogs. This is probably the only demerit of this method.

Ontario Humane Society Method.

This is a formula that was created by the Ontario Humane Society. The formula ensures that the dog has enough space.

Floor space = dog’s height multiplied by 36.

Height = 2 inches plus height sitting.

Check more details on the Ontario Humane Society website.

This method provides enough space for the dog, ensuring that the dogs remain happy. However, the method is sometimes not very convenient or practical.

Dog house sizing explained (video)

How to size a dog house? by Steven Barnhartt


In reality, this dog sizing chart guide is meant to help dog owners. There is a very simple method that we have outlined in this guide. Using this manual you will be able to ensure that your dog remains comfortable. We have also outlined the pros and cons of each method. As matter of fact, we have all the formulas outlined.

In fact, there isn’t any dog owner who would wish to have his dog injured?

Follow this dog sizing chart guide and you won’t regret it in the future.

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