Muck Boot size chart for men, women and Kids boots

How will I know the right Muck boot size for me? How do I measure my foot size? How do I pick the right Muck boot for my foot shape? Don’t worry, you will be wearing comfortable boots in no time but let us start with the most important of all. Why must I wear the right size boot?

Wearing Muck boots that are the wrong size can harm your whole body. Your foot is made of up bones, muscles, and tendons that are all connected and hold up your body.

If your Muck boots are too loose they may result in poor support. Loose boots increase the likelihood of tripping and falling. Excited customers with one or more narrow feet may fall victim to this. Muck boots are designed to be used in specific conditions, you might wear a heavy sock or two to fill the space. Most customer service would recommend a pair of wool socks. This pressure can lead to shin splints, misalignment, increased torque on your knees or hips, and, ultimately pain and discomfort. Muck Boot Co. produces rubber boots that are exact in boot sizing. These pairs of boots are usually all-season boots.

Muck boots that are too tight can restrict blood circulation around the feet. These can cause “sleeping feet”; a condition in which your feet feel limp. Boots that are too tight might also cause toe damage because of insufficient blood flow and the squeeze the toe might be feeling. 

How To Choose The Right Size of your Muck Boots?

How do I know my Muck Boot size?

Choosing the right size of adult boots begins with the proper measurement of your feet. The length of your foot is the only measurement that matters. This is because the entire boot is designed to accommodate ½ the size ahead of and behind the marked size. In general, you can buy your exact size without a return policy, and be rest assured that you own a pair of comfortable boots.

This however doesn’t mean you should eyeball your boot size. You should know the accurate sizing of your feet, especially since you may end up wearing thicker socks. Many people will recommend having an extra pair of boots and of pairs of socks. All you need is

  • A4 piece of paper
  • A pencil
  • A cello tape
  • A ruler

Measure the size of your feet for your Muck Boot size

  1. Tape the paper on the floor with one short end touching a wall. This is so that it doesn’t slip.
  2. Wear socks, you want to be wearing the socks you plan to wear in your muck boots.
  3. Firmly place one foot on the paper with your heel just touching the wall. Make sure your standing on both feet.
  4. Trace the outline of your foot. It’s best to have someone help you with this step. Do not allow the pencil to tilt in any direction, it must be straight as you trace the outline.
  5. Using your ruler, measure the longest parts of your outline.
  6. Repeat with your other foot. Take the longest measurement for the next step
  7. Compare your measurements with the muckboot size charts below and pick your size.

There is a simple summary of the measuring procedure. Draw a line behind your heel and another line in front of your longest toe. It is common to have one foot longer than the other, so use the longer foot to measure. Measure the distance between lines in inches or centimeters. Find your measurement on the Muck Boot size guide chart below to figure out the best.

Takedown your measurements in either inches or centimeters, but be ready to convert from one unit to the other. Charts may vary in the units used. And remember that whenever comparing your results with a boot size chart, you’ll want to use the measurement of your larger foot.

Keep in mind that if you’re purchasing a muck boot for a child, it may be helpful to buy a larger size to allow them room to grow.

Muck Boot Size Charts

These charts will help you find your safety/hunting footwear size. As stated earlier, muck boots consider ½ size ahead and below. Your boots will size you even if they are not exactly your size, they just have to be close enough to your size. Some even come with unisex sizing. The downside of not wearing your exact size will be in the comfort factor and the pair of socks.

Size Chart For Men’s Muck Boots

Men’s muck boots are the primary gallore of A- Muck Boot Co. These boots were designed and built to be rugged durable work boots. They serve as effective winter snow boot especially when coupled with the right pair of socks. Here is a simple guide.

Foot length in CmFoot length in InchesMuck boot size US Muck Boot Size UKMuck Boot size Europe
20.8 cm8.2 “32.535.5
21.6 cm8.5 ”43.536.5
22.6 cm8.9 ”54.537.5
23.6 cm9.3 ”65.538.5
24.4 cm9.6 ”76.539.5
25.1 cm9.9 ”87.541
26.2 cm10.3 ”98.543
26.9 cm10.6 ”109.544
27.7 cm10.9 ”1110.545
28.7 cm11.3 ”1211.546
29.5 cm11.6 ”1312.547
30.2 cm11.9 ”1413.548.5
31.0 cm12.2 “1514.549.5
31.8 cm12.5 ”1615.550.5

Size Chart For Women’s Muck Boots

Ladies sometimes need something good enough to protect their feet in astute conditions. Although unisex sizing is now common, the chart below can serve as your guide to a boot fitting experience, so as to avoid an unwanted extra pair of boots.

Foot length in CmFoot length in InchesMuck boot size USMuck boot size UKMuck boot size Europe
20.8 cm8.2 “4234
21.6 cm8.5 ”52.535
22.6 cm8.9 ”63.536
23.6 cm9.3 ”74.537.5
24.4 cm9.6 ”85.538.5
25.1 cm9.9 ”96.540
26.2 cm10.3 ”107.542
26.9 cm10.6 ”118.543.5
27.7 cm10.9 ”129.544

Size Chart For Kids’ Muck Boots

The Muck Boot Co did not forget the children and youths in the manufacturing of kids muck boots. Boot experts have shaped the classic boots kids sizes. The kids size chart below can serve as a guide to core boots that gives a comfortable boot experience

Foot length in CmFoot length in InchesMuck boot size USMuck boot size UKMuck boot size Europe
12.1 cm4.8 “K5420
13 cm5.1 ”K6522
14 cm5.5 ”K7623
14.6 cm5.75 ”K8724
15.6 cm6.2 ”K9825
16.4 cm6.5 ”K10927
17.3 cm6.8 ”K111028
18.1 cm7.2 ”K121129
19 cm7.5 ”K131230
20 cm7.9 ”1Y1331
21 cm8.3 ”2Y1Y32
22 cm8.7 ”3Y2Y33
23 cm9.1 ”4Y3Y34
24 cm9.4 ”5Y4Y35
25 cm9.8 ”6Y5Y36
26 cm10 ”7Y6Y37

Do Muck Boots run true to size?

Muck Boots and shoes are available in whole sizes, but they will stretch to fit half sizes. There is a 15mm toe allowance built into the sizing which makes them fit true to size. Women are advised to order 1 size down from the men’s size shown.

Do muck boots fit wide? Do Muck Boots come in different widths?

Yes. Muck Boots are made to standard widths, but the materials will stretch to fit widths up to a EEE. If you want to understand more about shoe and feet width? read here. For narrow feet, we suggest wearing a thicker sock or putting in an additional sock liner to take up room.

Muck Boot sizing explained (video)

Finding the right-sized Muck Boot explained by FR Clothing & Supply

Muck Boot size chart (Picture)

Muck Boots Size Chart for men and women
Muck Boots Size Chart for men and women


Now that you have known how to measure your foot and determine the right size for your muck boot, feel free to buy any boot design of a muck that you desire.

Here is a tip, if your exact measurement is not on the chart, just pick the next measurement ahead of your size. The extra free space may be taken up by your boot socks. In case you do not wear socks, the space will give your feet free breathing space.

Let us know what is on your mind by leaving a comment and feel free to share this article.

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